Katherine Woodward Thomas

Release your inner barriers and create a true miracle in your love life
Katherine Woodward Thomas

Are you ready to create a miracle in your love life?

It’s easier than you think, and I’d love to show you how!

I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of smart, successful, creative, bright and competent people… people just like you, who are conscious, caring individuals and who have done impressive and meaningful things in life—and yet who remain frustrated (and frankly, confused!) as to why finding love has been so challenging.

Calling in “The One”: The Keys To Creating A Miracle In Your Love Life

Finally Become Magnetic To Healthy, Happy Love

Are you beginning to wonder if you’ll ever fall in love and get married? Have you been disappointed too many times? Here’s the real reason you haven’t attracted the right person yet, and the breakthrough process that can help you clear the subconscious barriers that are keeping you from connecting with The One.


Believe me, I know the struggle. I’ve been there, too.

For years, I longed to be in a committed, loving relationship with someone I adored and who adored me back, and with whom I could create a happy family of our own.

Yet, by the time I reached my fortieth birthday—in spite of being a psychotherapist who was helping others to have happy, successful and satisfying unions every day, I was a true-blue, card-carrying member of the fastest-growing group in America—the “never marrieds.”

I was mortified.

I kept trying to figure it out. Maybe men didn’t like strong, mission-driven women. Maybe I was too nice and not “bitchy” enough. Maybe I’d waited too long to take my quest for love seriously because by now, it seemed that all the good ones really were already taken.

I had no problem meeting men. But the men who liked me always turned out to be unavailable in one way or another. It was uncanny. Married men, alcoholic men, commitment phobic men, engaged men… even gay men who wanted to explore found me utterly fascinating. If it was an impossible love, I was a magnet for it.

And hard as I tried to have the story go another way (the endless hours in therapy talking about my relationship “issues,” the countless self-help books read and the many relationship seminars attended) at the end of the day… it just seemed like it was my fate to be alone.

Covertly, I worried that there might be something wrong with me. When someone asked the dreaded question, “Why aren’t you married?” I’d murmur something about never having met the right person. Yet, all the while secretly wondering if maybe I’d never actually been the right person.

Yet, soon after my 41st birthday, I was fortunate enough to learn about the power of setting intentions. Inspired by yet another failed love affair that my heart was still hurting from, I gathered my courage and set a bold intention that I would be engaged by my 42nd birthday!

Now, that would be a true miracle because my 42nd birthday was only 8 months away and I had no prospects for a husband, let alone a great one!

When I called a friend to share my intention, I was relieved that she did not laugh at me.

What she did do, however was say something that changed my life forever.

“Katherine,” she said, “I will hold your intention with and for you, if you give me permission to hold you accountable for being who you’d need to be to manifest it.”


That brilliant response was the start of what has now become the internationally celebrated Calling in “The One” process.

In response to my friend, rather than running out to try to find love, I became willing to first go within to discover and release all of the inner barriers I may have unknowingly built against it!

And by finally looking to discover myself as the source of my painful patterns in love, I suddenly began to see clearly all of the subtle yet pervasive ways I was unknowingly keeping it at bay.

That’s when I finally understood there is a huge chasm between wanting love and actually being ready to receive a loving relationship into your life.

As I began to take responsibility at a whole new level for my covert attitudes, misguided loyalties, deep-seated ambivalence, faulty beliefs and hidden agendas, I found myself becoming more and more open and available to authentic connection.

And, not surprisingly, I started attracting a whole new caliber of potential partners into my life.

Better yet… within just a few weeks, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop sipping tea across from a man I’d dated 6 years earlier who I’d not seen in all that time, and who for years I’d thought of as “the one that got away.”

We were engaged two months before my 42nd birthday, married the next year and then I gave birth to our daughter the following year.

After all of those years of searching, hoping, praying for love, I was finally home.

After our wedding, I looked to see what I’d done to manifest this miracle, and I saw that I’d engaged a very specific process which could easily be duplicated by others. That’s when I began teaching this process to my single friends and clients.

It worked! And now, many thousands of miracles later, I’m hoping to share this magical process with you so that you can be my next success story!

Learning how to identify and release your own hidden obstacles and become magnetic to love is actually quite simple. And once you do it, you will be amazed at how quickly your love life can and will transform, as the miracle of love magically finds its way to your doorstep.

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • New York Times bestselling author of Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life
  • Teacher to hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the world in her virtual and in-person learning communities
  • Internationally recognized leader and seasoned inspirational speaker in the field of conscious relationships
  • Interviewed by Maria Shriver in the Architects of Change series for her innovative ideas that are moving culture forward.
  • Featured in The Today Show, Good Day L.A., The Mike & Juliet Morning Show, CNN, The BBC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The London Times, The Telegraph, People Magazine, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and many, many others.
  • Long-time member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group founded by Deepak Chopra, and the Association for Transformational Leaders founded by Jack Canfield and friends.

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