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Ken Page

For a long time on my journey to healthy, lasting love, I was deeply afraid.

I spent years…no, decades—looking for love and not finding it. Way into my fifties, I was essentially single. I even started a support group for chronically-single psychotherapists!

Deeper Dating

The Powerful Path to Authentic Love

Learn to uncover and appreciate your greatest gifts in order to find your perfect partner and set your soul free.


My worst fear—and bitterest secret belief—was that I somehow just wasn’t built to find love.

Whatever the “it” needed to find sexy, spiritual, wonderful love, just wasn’t an “it” I was blessed with. Mostly, my romantic history consisted of an epic amount of failures in finding love. And trust me, I’m not exaggerating. I was one of the worst daters I knew.

But I really wanted love. And so I became a student of my errors; a student of the insights I learned with the help of many wise teachers. And that journey led me right into the deepest parts of my being; orphaned parts that I thought I had to hide in order to find love.

I discovered that those parts—my core gifts—were in fact the great key to finding real, beautiful, and healthy love with that one special person who would love and appreciate me exactly as I am. I had been looking in the wrong place the whole time! I was searching for love from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

And with that understanding, everything began to change. Over time, I found beautiful, kind, sexy, wonderful love. The kind of love that—deep down—I thought I’d never find.

My deep inner work to excavate these core gifts finally brought me the relationship I once thought I could never dream of having—and catapulted me into my true life’s purpose.

Now, my work is to bring you the same unparalleled joy. This work brings me to awe, like witnessing a vast night sky: That the truest path to real love also heals our entire lives.

The real search for love isn’t about becoming more attractive. Or confident. Or seductive. It’s about embracing the magic of our authenticity. And then sharing it with bravery, generosity—and discrimination.

Which is also the recipe for the life we dream of.

It’s one of the great privileges of my life to share what I’ve learned about this path.

These techniques work. They have worked for me and countless other people. And they work because they’re not games or gimmicks.

The true path to finding love is one of the greatest adventures of healing you’ll ever take.

And I’m so looking forward to sharing this life-changing map with you.

Love is waiting. Your gifts are waiting.

Let’s embark on this greatest of adventures.


Ken Page

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • Host of the Deeper Dating Podcast
  • Author of Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy
  • Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, The Advocate, WPIX-TV News,, ChristianMingle, JDate and more
  • Popular contributor to Psychology Today with articles receiving millions of reads
  • The only openly-gay dating and relationship expert with an established track record for client success, Ken lives in Long Beach, NY with his husband and children

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