Susan Stiffelman

Strengthen the connection in your relationship and watch problems melt away
Susan Stiffelman

You have your kids under your roof for only a short time, but hopefully they’re in your life for a lifetime.

Yet the day-to-day of parenting can seem so hard, fraught with guilt, and laden with regret.

I’m here to help change all that for you so that your time with your children is special and irreplaceable, for them—and for you.

Parenting Without Bargains, Battles or Bribes

The Secret That Inspires Your Child To Naturally Cooperate

If some days feel like one power struggle after another with your child, and you sometimes feel that you’ve failed as a parent, here’s the simple solution to create more harmony, fun, and peace in your household.


For over 30 years, I’ve worked with families to create greater harmony and deeper connection between parents and children.

I believe that children need to know that they can depend on their parents to guide them through the ups and downs of their lives. Just as a captain is able to navigate rough and stormy seas, parents are meant to function as their child’s best source of comfort and direction by confidently steering the ship!

To that end, I offer strategies to help parents manage their reactions regardless of how their kids are behaving, so they can position themselves as the calm, confident “captain of the ship” that children cooperate with, confide in, are comforted by and respect.

I am not a philosopher—I won’t give you airy theories that sound right on paper but that are simply impractical to implement. I won’t teach you to behave as if you’re not triggered. Instead, I deal with reactivity at its root. That means you’ll learn to get underneath why you “lose it” with your kids (we all do), and how to nip it in the bud so that your emotions don’t get the best of you.

This is not about training yourself to memorize lines. Life just isn’t like that. You simply can’t script everything. I’m more interested in empowering parents to look at what’s derailing their ability to stay available and sturdy in the heat of the moment.

At the same time, you’ll learn to see that there are good reasons for your child’s behavior, too. When you step back and ask, “How does this behavior make sense?” and you bring compassion to both yourself and your children, they realize they’re in the presence of a parent who can help them understand themselves better.

The biggest bonus? You end up strengthening the connection you have with your child, and that connection is everything. Because when connection is strong, most other problems melt away.


Susan Stiffelman

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, educational therapist, and highly lauded speaker.
  • Author of Parenting Without Power Struggles: Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids While Staying Cool, Calm and Connected and Parenting With Presence: Practices for Raising Conscious, Confident, Caring Kids (an Eckhart Tolle Edition).
  • Featured on The Today Show, and in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal
  • Presented workshops at organizations like Google, parenting groups from Senegal to Paris, and countless educational institutions

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