Dr. Sue Morter

International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, and Quantum Field visionary
Sue Morter

Every once in a while, our paths happen upon exactly the right thing that we need at exactly the right time, and our lives open up into an entirely new realm.

We find answers to questions we weren’t even aware that we had, and life just gets better all around.

I feel that this has happened for both you and I in this very moment.

Energy For Life

Create a Flow of Abundance, Wellbeing, and Utter Magic

An all-in-one video program bridging quantum science, breathing techniques, and simple body exercises that will connect you with your power to experience life beyond your wildest dreams.


As a doctor for over thirty years, I’ve been listening to patients and treating them using only natural means to achieve great results. Yet I myself had debilitating headaches and emotional pain often keeping me from getting out of bed.

Then in 2000, I began having personally transformative experiences through ancient meditation practices, and my life and professional world changed forever.

I began to see a profound paradigm shift that, if we implement it, changes how we look at every aspect of our life. We see that most of the “problems” we have are actually not problems at all; rather, they are invitations for us to see our own greatness.

I know, it may sound crazy to think that the very things that are profoundly painful, intimidating, or overwhelming to us could actually be serving something amazing in our lives. I would have never believed it myself, but I have found it to be true.

As I began to live from this new perspective, my life and health dramatically changed for the better. I couldn’t help but share this with my patients and clients, and their lives began transforming dramatically too.

Now it’s your turn.

When we know how to recognize our authentic, deep heartfelt desire, and we have the proper channeling for our life’s energy flow and our nervous system is firing on all circuits to manifest our desire, the power of nature—of the entire universe—steps up to support our dreams of having a better life, including more energy, vitality, love and passion for living.

That’s just a portion of what you’ll find in my program. It’s a reflection of my greatest passion in life—to share with humanity what makes us tick and how to master our full life experience for great joy and abundance. Because I more than believe that we can generate a better life for ourselves, I know it to be true.

Perhaps at this time you feel like you could really use a new direction and a tremendous amount of “how to” support to create a better life for yourself beyond the regular “trying to make it all happen for yourself” level of thinking. And, perhaps this is the universe saying to you, “OK, here’s a better way!”

I invite you to explore a new way of thinking, being, and living that will shift how you look at your own power to create, heal, and love, forever. And I look forward to “meeting” you soon!

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine
  • Quantum Field visionary
  • International speaker
  • Over 30 years experience both as a doctor and a group facilitator
  • Member of the Transformational Leadership Council
  • Founder of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science

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