What If You Could Have Direct Influence Over Your Destiny And Your Health? Discoveries In Quantum Science Reveal It’s Possible. Here’s How…

Imagine for a moment that you have greater agency over your life than you do now.

There is an ease and flow to your life.

You don’t have to muddle through uncertainty because you know in your gut what the right choice is. You don’t have regrets because you know you’re doing what is best in any given moment, and if circumstances change, you can pivot without losing momentum.

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You decide the direction of your life and you trust your decisions. The opportunities that show up for you are in alignment with your values and desires.

You relax, knowing that in the end, things just seem to work out for you despite any temporary challenges or setbacks. As a matter of fact, you’re delighted at how often things turn out even better than you imagine.

Your life feels whole and complete. Nothing is missing. You don’t worry much. You know who you are and what’s next for you.

And you feel great! You feel better in your body than you have in years.

You have a zest for life and the energy to do whatever you set your mind to. You impress yourself with everything you’ve managed to accomplish this week, this month, this year. And it just keeps getting better.

Life is certainly working for you, not against you.

It’s as if there’s a kind of magic going on in the background, propelling you toward greater wisdom, health, and fulfillment.

And in a sense, there is.

What’s the magic, you ask?

Keep reading and find out…

The Secret To Life Going Your Way: Luck, Choices, Or Something Else?

You may know certain people who seem to magically be able to manifest almost anything they want in life.

They have great relationships, amazing careers, and enjoy good health and vitality. They have good fortune and fulfillment with very little effort or struggle.

Then there are those who are constantly dealing with some crisis or another: break-ups or divorce, illness or injury, not being able to get ahead financially, job loss and legal problems. They’re good people, but they seem to attract all the bad luck.

Maybe your life is more like the latter—not as marvelous as you’d like. Maybe it’s filled with challenges and problems. There’s always something you’re struggling with and some dilemma you’re working to solve.

So much of what you’ve tried in the past has gotten you nowhere. You’re starting to wonder if it’s even possible to change the course of your life.

But what about those people whose lives seem so fortunate and blessed? Do some people just have more control of their destiny? Make better choices? Or is there possibly another force at play?

One answer to this question may lie in what science has discovered in recent decades about the nature of reality and how our thoughts and intentions affect our destiny and wellbeing.

It turns out that we have greater control over our destiny and health than we originally believed.

Quantum Science Shows That We Have An Influence Over Reality

In the last century, scientists started studying the very foundation of everything: the subatomic particle. Subatomic particles are the tiniest particles from which all of matter is composed, smaller than molecules and atoms. They’re so small, that until recently we didn’t have the technology to see or study these particles.

The study of these subatomic elements is referred to as quantum science.

Researchers thought that if we could learn about the characteristics of these particles, we could use that information to better manage our physical lives. (Study title: “Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention”— McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, 2003)

To perform the study, they set up two kinds of instruments: one to measure whether this subatomic particle was made of matter, and one to measure whether it was a wave (pure energy). When they used the instrument to test whether this particle was made of matter, they got a positive reading. When they set up the other instrument to test whether it was a wave, they also got a positive reading.

In other words, their intention determined the outcome. If they were expecting it to be matter, it was matter. If they were expecting it to be a wave, it was a wave.

The nature of reality changed by the mere act of observation.

Their conclusion was that at the intersection of the smallest, most fundamental building blocks of matter and energy, humans have an influence over reality, based on intention.

In other words, we find what we’re looking for—good or bad.

We have a thought and the quantum (subatomic) particle behaves in response to what we’re thinking. We look for matter and we see matter; we look for a wave and we see a wave.

This put all the findings of linear (Newtonian) physics on its side. It’s not that what we knew before was wrong, it’s just that it was incomplete information.

How does this relate to you and your life?

You are made of the same energy and subatomic particles that make up the whole of the universe, just in a concentrated form. That means that on a fundamental level, what you think, expect, and intend has an influence on what transpires in your life.

Quantum science is proving to you on a scientific level that you can change your life by changing your intention, your thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly—changing your energy and the way it flows through your life.

But what about your health?

Quantum Science Shows We Have An Influence Over Our Genes And Health, Too

Science has revealed that we have an influence over reality through our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. There have also been studies done that show that our thoughts and environment have an influence over our own DNA.

The study of the process called epigenetics has proven that we can turn certain genes on and off by altering our environment. That means we no longer need to be destined to the same genetic fate as our parents, because we can choose to alter the EXPRESSION of our genes through diet, lifestyle, and the way in which we focus our mind.

Your parents may have diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, but that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily stuck with the same fate. You can change your health by changing your behavior and environment.

In another study, DNA strands were placed in a vacuum and observed through instruments. When researchers projected negative thoughts at the DNA, the strands coiled tighter and contracted. When they projected pleasant, positive thoughts, the DNA strands elongated and stretched open.

There were several conclusions drawn from that study, but the most astounding is the idea that we have the ability to influence our cells and body by the way we think and the quality of the energy that we embody.

What’s fascinating in all of this is that we’ve developed technology to measure things on such a subtle level that we’re starting to come into contact with a more spiritual conversation through a scientific realm.

We’re starting to see that everything is connected: our beliefs, our health, our destiny, and the energy we manifest into our daily lives.

A Path Toward Greater Mastery Over Your Life Experience

For 30 years, I’ve been a healthcare practitioner teaching patients, doctors, and students integrative approaches to wellness based on the principles of quantum science and energy medicine.

I’ve shown tens of thousands of people how to manifest more of what they want in their lives through simple breathing and body movement techniques that clear away the “gunk” that’s energetically blocking them from experiencing their wholeness and magnificence.

“Gunk” is all the negative beliefs, fears, and habits that were generated after certain emotionally-charged experiences, often when we were small children.

This gunk blocks our life force energy from flowing smoothly and robustly through our bodies.

When that energy is flowing, we feel rested and whole. If the energy is blocked due to the gunk, we feel exhausted and think that life is unfair—that it works for other people but not for us. That sense of unfairness creates even more negative thoughts and beliefs, which—as quantum science has shown—affects how life shows up for us.

This doesn’t mean you’ve been approaching your life wrong, it simply means you’ve been operating with incomplete information. You’re not in touch with the wholeness of your being yet.

When you do get in touch with your wholeness, you’ll start to see that you have great mastery over your life experience and your health.

How can you get in touch with your wholeness?

That’s where my program, Energy For Life, comes in.

Energy For Life will teach you techniques to get in touch with your wholeness by learning to listen to your gut (intuition), so you can trust your decisions and trust life. You’ll discover skills and exercises that will help you develop a highway of communication between your rational mind and your subconscious.

You’ll get the secrets to optimizing your external environment through better nutrition and energy-producing body movement exercises, so you can positively affect your genetic expression and enjoy robust health and vitality for years to come.

You’ll also learn how to channel your breath to move energy properly throughout your body, so you can get that “zest for life” that keeps you inspired and motivated every day.

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Quantum science has revealed that we have greater agency over our life and health than we ever thought possible. Energy For Life shows you practical ways to harness the principles behind quantum science to bring more joy, vitality, and love into your life every day.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

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