Free Yourself from Dissatisfaction, Stress, and Fatigue… And Create The Life You Were Born To Live

Learn Simple, Proven Techniques to Finally Release Pain, Stop Troublesome Patterns, and Unlock Boundless Energy
A complete, holistic solution that generates lasting wellness, relationship satisfaction, and creative fulfillment for the rest of your life

Imagine waking up each morning with a heart-felt sense of aliveness and joy.

Anything feels possible…

You have boundless energy the moment you get out of bed and your feet hit the floor.

Your body feels light, agile, and relaxed. Your head is clear and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. No aches, no pains, no brain fog.

Dr. Sue Morter

International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, and Quantum Field visionary

Creative ideas flow from within you, and you look forward to all the things you want to try, experience, and achieve. There’s nothing that dampens your enthusiasm, because you trust that you can handle anything.

You’re giddy with the pleasure that even simple things bring you: a morning walk on a sunny day, a beautiful song, the way the stars twinkle on a clear summer night.

You’re free from needless worry and anxiety, because you are rooted in a fundamental truth about your life: everything has a way of working out. You see evidence of this all the time. It gives you a sense of peace that permeates your soul, even when life throws you curveballs.

The world feels like a friendly place.

You see setbacks as opportunities, and challenges as catalysts for greater wisdom in the future.

You rely on, and trust, your intuition, so you make decisions with confidence. When things don’t work out, you’re not phased. You recalibrate and remain optimistic, knowing that the Universe is always conspiring for your greater good.

You trust yourself and you trust life, and this makes you feel grounded, vibrant, WHOLE.

You feel whole because there’s nothing more you feel you need to do, acquire, or achieve, in order to feel fulfilled.

You love your life!

You Want To Love Your Life, But What Does It Take To Get There?

You want to love your life, you really do.

Maybe you’ve been trying to figure out how to get to that place of pure contentment for a while, perhaps years. Decades, even.

What will it finally take to get there?

Will you have to leave your current relationship?

Meet and fall in love with the right person?

Figure out a better career? Make more money? Get out of debt?

Be cured of your aches and pains? Get more sleep?

Lose those extra pounds?

Move to a nicer neighborhood, a bigger city, or a more rural town?

Make better friends?

Actually, none of these life changes will give you that sense of fulfillment and joy you crave.

Why? Because unconditional joy is always available to you, but not because life is going your way, or because you have everything you want, or because someone told you they love you. Unconditional joy is a byproduct of living from your true (essential) self.

When you’re living true to your essential self, you love your life.

You don’t need any THING to be true to yourself, you don’t need anyone’s approval, and you certainly don’t need more time, money, or status. All you need are some simple techniques you can do in minutes a day, working with your body and your breath.

But first, you need to get out of your head.

What Happens When We Rely On Logic And Reasoning (Our Head) To Get Us Unconditional Joy

When you rely on logic and reasoning (your HEAD) to solve the “problem” of how to find joy and fulfillment in life, you create more dissatisfaction, stress, and overwhelm.

Don’t believe me?

Think about the last time you started thinking about your life and your “problems,” how to solve them, and how to be happier.

Woman Looking Up Smiling

Maybe your problem is that you aren’t financially as secure as you’d like. Or that you hate your job but need the salary. Or that you are having relationship problems, or are worried about your children, or your aging parents.

What goes through your head when you think of ways of “solving” a problem? Is it something like this:

“What should I do now? What if I don’t do it that way? What if I decide sooner rather than later? Should I wait? Will I be too late? What if it all falls apart? What if it works? What will I need to change about my life if that happens?”

You go around and around, analyze and ponder. You ask friends what they think. You read articles and books. You get conflicting advice, which annoys and confuses you.

You second-guess yourself: “What if I’m wrong? What if I fail? What will people think? How will I feel about myself?”

Look, once you get aboard this train of thought, it’s hard to disembark. Your mind is made for problem solving, but being in the space of solving problems won’t give you fulfillment. It only exhausts you and drains you of energy.

Here’s why…

Being In The Mode Of Problem-Solving Drains You Of Creativity, Energy And Healing

If you’re like most people, when you see certain obstacles in your life getting in the way of comfort and happiness, you get to work to “thinking” your way past the obstacles. That only seems to bring up more questions and dilemmas.

Instead of solving anything, you’re stuck—in worry and analysis—about what to do and how to do it.

You get wrapped up in your thoughts and disconnected from your body. You’re unaware that you’re hunching your shoulders, slouching, or sitting too much. All that bad posture tweaks something in your back and now you’re dealing with lower back pain.

Woman In Sitting In Field

You might also suffer with tension headaches and stiff joints.

Then you can’t sleep well at night, which makes you sleepy during the day when you have to be alert and on your game. That’s annoying!

You don’t have time to eat right, so you grab whatever looks good. You mindlessly snack on junk food to keep hunger and cravings at bay, or rely on caffeinated drinks to push you through the second half of the afternoon.

Instead of being in “healing mode,” your body struggles to keep up with stress, bad food, and the lack of sleep.

Maybe that’s why you’re always coming down with some sniffle or fighting some new pain, which makes it even more difficult for you to stay focused and clear.

All this is starting to make you feel old.

Yes, you really do want to love your life.

Instead, you’re uninspired, unmotivated, fatigued, and “going through the motions” most of the time.

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than this? More than just solving the next problem…working so hard just to keep your head above water…hoping to catch up on sleep and rest on weekends?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there definitely is. And it starts with getting out of our head and into the magnificence of your body and trusting it’s divine intelligence.

Life Is Supposed To Flow. It’s Meant To Work For You, Not Against You.

Life is not supposed to feel like a struggle.

Life is supposed to flow. It’s supposed to be in your favor and working for you, not against you.

Every single thing that happens in your life is in service of your highest self, even if you can’t see it at the time. Setbacks are opportunities to observe, re-calibrate, and do better in the future. Tragedies are opportunities for self-compassion and forgiveness.

Our bodies are meant to heal from within when we’re sick or injured. We aren’t meant to suffer with chronic illness and lingering pain year after year.

That’s because everything in creation is made of energy. Our bodies, like everything we see around us, are just a concentrated form of the same energy that exists everywhere in the universe.

Smiling Woman Wearing Glasses

The energy that powers our bodies is meant to flow easily and unhindered from the top of our head, back down to the earth, and around again, to help us heal and create and love. This flow is supposed to energize our life experience, and if we’re not experiencing that energy, it’s because something is blocking it.

The energy flow that normally should be coursing throughout our bodies is being blocked by worry, past trauma, fear, and recurring negative thoughts.

I call this energy-blocking, stuck-in-your-head stuff “GUNK.”

This gunk prevents our bodies from gaining access to the energy to fully heal, so we are often fighting some ache or illness. It blocks us from tapping into our our natural vitality and exuberance, so we feel tired and uninspired.

It prevents us from sensing our body’s intelligence and wisdom, so we don’t know how to listen to our intuition or know in our gut what’s right or wrong for us. We get involved in relationships that aren’t right, or invest time in flash-in-the-pan projects that aren’t as interesting and fulfilling as we’d hoped.

If you can relate, it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong. You’ve just had incomplete information about the nature of life, which is this:

You already have everything within you that you need to feel joyful and well in this very moment. If you don’t, it’s because you’re not in touch with the wholeness of your being.

When you can come into the wholeness of your being, you’ll develop a highway of communication between your conscious mind and your subconscious wisdom.

You’ll know “in your gut” what you should do, or stop doing.

You’ll have an intuitive sense about the quality of the people who show up in your life.

You’ll free up energy that has, up until now, been drained in the pursuit of “problem-solving” and worrying.

You’ll feel more creative, alive, AWAKE.

Your mysterious aches and pains will fade, and you’ll feel good in your body and delight in life again.

And you’ll start to see just how much mastery you have over ALL of your life experiences.

I know, because that’s exactly what happened to me almost two decades ago.

How I Freed Myself From Disillusionment And Pain By Experiencing The Wholeness Of My Being

About fifteen years into my career as a doctor, my life appeared enviable from the outside. I had a thriving private healthcare practice, a beautiful house, an expensive car. I could afford to take my friends on awesome vacations with me.

In reality, however, I was exactly like the person I’ve been describing: overworked, overstressed, and in pain. I used to get migraine headaches that were so extreme that I’d lay in bed all day, unable to move. Even though I was a doctor and helped countless people with their medical problems, I couldn’t seem to solve this particular problem for myself.

Smiling Woman Green Dress

I had worked so hard for so long to “have it all,” but I couldn’t help wonder, “Is this all there is?”

I became very disillusioned. Despite doing everything that society tells us we should do in order to be happy and successful, something was still missing. I didn’t feel my best and I lacked enthusiasm about my life.

Disillusionment is a powerful thing. It has the capacity to open us up to change, and it gives us an opportunity to step into the truth of who we really are.

It certainly served me well, because I began to seek ways to lessen the stress and overwhelm in my life.

That’s when I started to meditate.

One day, while meditating, I entered an amazing transcendent state. I became aware of realms of being that were grander than anything else that I had ever experienced. I became a brilliant ray of light suspended above the earth. I was pure energy.

This experience gave me the most beautiful sensation of complete fulfillment I’d ever known. There was nowhere that I needed to be and nowhere I wanted to go. I had nothing to accomplish, nothing to strive for or solve.

I was whole. I was complete.

I knew that in that moment, I was experiencing the truth about life, which is that all of life is energy, and if energy isn’t flowing properly through our body, we cannot experience it in our lives.

For a long time, I wanted so much to re-experience that transcendent state, but couldn’t.

That’s what led me to doing extensive research in the realm of ancient wisdom, quantum science, and timeless spirituality. What I discovered about the nature of life changed my life.

I saw that true fulfillment and wellness didn’t show up as a result of rationalizing my way through my problems. Rather, it came from using my body’s inherent wisdom and connecting to my essential self.

When I was able to do that, I was free from pain and from struggle. My migraines went away. I felt utterly at peace with my life.

I used these same techniques and principles that I used to connect to my essential self in order to help my patients ease their chronic pain and emotional burdens, as well. I was doing work that my soul felt called to do, and I had boundless energy to do it.

Since then, through books, seminars, and workshops, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people feel more energetic, well, and whole.

And I am confident that I can help you, too.

Introducing Energy For Life, A Program That Can Help You Get Back The Natural Energy, Vitality, And Enthusiasm For Life That Is Your Birthright

The techniques and principles that I taught to my private practice patients, and later to thousands all over the world, not only brought them a greater sense of joy and fulfillment, but it also had the added benefit of easing their aches and pains and increasing overall physical health.

People reported that they slept better and were able to get off medications because their anxiety and worry abated.

They were able to enjoy their work more and tap into their creativity easier, because they freed up intellectual skills they were previously exhausting in order to solve emotional problems.

They could attract relationships and friendships that were more congruent with their values, because they knew how to listen and trust their intuition about people.

They were able to relax during vacations and leisure time, because there wasn’t a constant sense of urgency or dread preventing them from enjoying a well-deserved rest.

You can experience all these benefits too, if you can stop spending your energy on all the wrong things and learn how to integrate your body, mind, and spirit to create more joy, fulfillment, and health in your life.

That’s where my program, Energy For Life, can help.

Energy For Life is a 9 hour video program I created especially for Flourish that shows you how to use the principles of energy medicine, quantum science, and the wisdom of your body to help you feel energized and free from physical and emotional suffering.

You’ll feel joy without relying on something positive happening, and you’ll feel love without having to hear someone tell you they love you. You’ll tap into your own vital force of creativity, so you’ll no longer need to feel afraid of the future or regretful of the past.

You won’t waste energy deliberating, because you’ll know immediately in your gut when something is “off” or when it is right, and you’ll act with confidence. You’ll feel courageous and optimistic, because you’ll trust yourself and you’ll trust life.

You’ll speak your truth with compassion, without worrying about what someone is going to think.

With what you’ll learn about the nature of reality, you’ll have a collaborative approach to life instead of a reactive approach. That means you’ll know how to create the experiences you wish to have, instead of being a victim of the random circumstances that are shaping your experience.

Here’s More Of What You’ll Discover Through This Transformative Program:

  • What to do when you find yourself sabotaging your life through fear, doubt, and endless second-guessing, so you can finally free yourself to live the life you were always meant to live, and be the person you were always meant to be
  • The Bus Stop Conversation: an allegory that shows you how to reframe life’s difficult or unforgivable circumstances, so you can face the future with greater ease and optimism
  • A simple strategy to stop excessive worry and release your mind from obsessive, negative thinking patterns in order to experience more peace and contentment daily
  • What scientific research on DNA strands and the influence of thoughts teaches us about the nature of reality and our control over our own destiny
  • How to use the breath to become more present to the magnificence of our body, gather back the energy we need to function properly in life, and experience greater peace and contentment in mere minutes
  • The role of forgiveness in creating a sense of wholeness and vitality, and why forgiving others who have hurt you helps gives you the power to create more agency in your life
  • How to work with chakras to send healing energy to certain parts of your body and bring balance back into your life
  • The Flow-to-the-Ocean Analogy: how to view your life experience so you’re no longer just “coping” or a “victim of circumstance,” but actually in charge of what happens in your life
  • Specific body movement exercises for any fitness level that can help activate and enliven the dormant energies in your body, so you can reduce pain and stress, increase your vitality, and feel better emotionally and physically
  • Movement practices you can do at your desk, in your car, or while waiting in line at the grocery store that revitalize you and promote healing
  • A breathing exercise to help you get back to sleep if you have insomnia in the middle of the night
  • The optimum time to eat your biggest meal of the day, so you’re maximizing your energy potential instead of sabotaging it, with the added benefit of weight loss
  • 3 tips that enhance and personalize your meditation practice and make it more of an enjoyable habit than an occasional chore
  • The story of 69 four-leaf clovers: my beautiful and inspiring story of death, grief, hope, and unconditional love that will remind you of what’s truly important in life

What we’ll cover in each module

Module 1

Module 1

Life Is Supposed To Flow

  • The single most common reason most people experience pain, exhaustion, and lack of inspiration to create the life of their dreams, and what you can do to rejuvenate if you’re feeling maxed out and stressed.
  • How energy is supposed to flow around and through your body and how to clear the emotional “gunk” that is blocking that energy flow and keeping you stuck, tired, and in pain.
  • The incredible personal experience Dr. Sue Morter had 15 years ago that led her to discovering the principles that changed her life and have since changed the lives of thousands of people who have followed her work.
Module 2

Module 2

The Role Of The Conscious And Subconscious Mind

  • Mula Bandha and central channel breathing: how to use your breath and body in order to experience a greater version of yourself, lessen stress, and generate physical healing.
  • The “protective personality”: the part of your mind that is constantly scanning for ways to protect you from hurt and can sabotage your life. If you sometimes feel that there’s no one there for you, that there’s no abundance, and you don’t have what it takes to get what you want, then you’ll want to learn how to expose and dissolve this subconscious mechanism in order to live life to the fullest.
  • How to open the channel of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, so you can cultivate your intuition in order to lessen worry and enjoy life more.
Module 3

Module 3

Reframing Life’s Challenges Into Possibility And Magnificence

  • How to use forgiveness to release the gunk that is keeping you energetically blocked from feeling a true sense of yourself.
  • The Bus Stop Conversation: a way to reframe life’s difficult and unforgiveable circumstances and see your life as having greater meaning beyond what you’ve previously imagined.
  • How to work with chakras to energize different aspects of your body and enhance creativity.
Module 4

Module 4

Physical And Emotional Nourishment

  • Strategies for feeling loved and nourished using our own internal resources, instead of relying on something or someone to make us feel cared for and pampered.
  • The model of consciousness: how to stop feeling victimized by life and develop powerful coping skills to handle any challenge.
  • What to eat and drink in order to restore your vitality, create the optimum environment for healing, and eliminate sluggishness.
Module 5

Module 5

Cultivating Joy In The Body

  • Conscious body movement exercises you can do in minutes a day that will activate your energy circuits and restore flow through your body, awaken your creativity, and allow you to feel younger and more optimistic every day.
  • What to do to prevent lower back sprain, twisted ankles, and other movements designed to help you prevent injuries if you’re not used to exerting your muscles and joints.
Module 6

Module 6

Cultivating Rest

  • A breathing exercise to do in the middle of the night if you wake up and can’t get back to sleep, that allows you to calm the mind, connect with your soul, and leaves you more energized in the morning than getting a full night’s sleep.
  • How to rest your digestive system so that you can optimize your energy with the added benefit of weight loss, if you need it.
  • 3 ways to approach meditation, based on your learning style, so you can get the full benefits of calming the mind and develop a habit that’s pleasant and easy.
Module 7

Module 7

Cultivating Love

  • 2 practices you can do today that get you into a felt state of love, so you can feel love without needing to be IN love or needing to hear anyone tell you they love you.
  • How to deal with the difficult people in your life and be unconditionally loving to yourself at the same time.
  • The story of the miracle of the 69 four-leaf clovers—how Sue found delight and joy around the most difficult time in her life and the lesson it has for all of us.
Module 8

Module 8


  • The window shade analogy that will help you drop into your wisdom center and stay connected to the body and the circuits you’ve built through this program.
  • “Expansion and Anchoring”: a 2-step technique to lessen rumination and worry and experience life from a place of grace and optimism, instead of anxiety.
  • How quantum science has shown that we have access to greater potential and possibility in our life than we previously thought, and how to operate in the world so that the things you’re dreaming of can land vibrationally in your life.
Bonus Module

Bonus Module

A Review of Techniques and Practices

  • A review of the techniques and practices covered in this program, including the 4 anchor points, coming back to subject, central channel breathing, Mula Bandha, calling your energy back to yourself, clearing with muscle testing, Buddha belly breathing, and more.

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My Risk-Free Promise

Tap Into The Vital Life Force Already Inside You

9+ hours of enlightening video trainings

A bonus workbook of dietary, meditative and lifestyle practices

3 bonus trainings for mediation and energy movement

Streaming or downloadable format

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Find Out How Connecting To Your Essential Self Can Help You Experience A Greater Version Of Life

There’s more to health and wellness than what we’ve been taught, and there’s a reason for that.

Our culture is very externally oriented. We are taught that in order to be happy and fulfilled, we have to achieve and acquire…better status, a higher-paying job, the bigger house, the better car, the more perfect partner. We are told that in order to be feel energized and well, we have to take this supplement or that pill or subject ourselves to sweating through strenuous workouts, starve ourselves, or eat unappetizing food.

Or, we look to our minds to problem-solve our way to a sense of wholeness and joy, and it doesn’t work very well, either. We get lost in questions, debates, and what-ifs, and expend a lot of precious energy in worry and second-guessing. The energy that could be used for healing and creativity is squandered in ruminating and worrying.

We are like surfers, trying to paddle frantically toward shore when all we have to do is relax and ride the next big wave, which was always behind us, ready to take us home with no effort and in half the time.

When we learn to connect to our essential self, we can ride that big wave of life and go anywhere our soul wants. When we are connected to our essential self, we know how to tap into our intuition, so we can make decisions without fear. Our body has energy to heal, so we’re free of unnecessary pain and suffering. Instead of feeling bogged down with “gunk,” we have boundless energy and optimism, and can create anything we want to create in life.

Energy For Life will show you how to master the skills and techniques that will eliminate the “gunk” which blocks healing, transformative energy from flowing freely throughout your body.

You deserve to have the energy and vitality you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve to feel younger this year than you did a year ago. You deserve to feel optimistic about your future and to get up every morning filled with a sense of possibility and enthusiasm for life.

Let me show you how to awaken to a greater version of yourself and of life, so you can live to your full potential and be the person you were always meant to be.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

Tap Into The Vital Life Force Already Inside You

9+ hours of enlightening video trainings

A bonus workbook of dietary, meditative and lifestyle practices

3 bonus trainings for mediation and energy movement

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Only $199.97 (best value!)
or 5 payments of $44.97