Feeling Stuck In “What If’s” And Dreading Worst-Case Scenarios? A Simple Technique To Stop Worrying And Get Your Life Back

Think back to the last time some issue weighed heavily on your mind.

Something negative happened, and it triggered a flood of anxious thoughts.

Suddenly, you were distracted by worry. You couldn’t concentrate at work. You found yourself spacing out while trying to read or watch something on TV. You had a hard time following conversations, because your mind would wander back to your problem.

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You’d go around in circles in your mind:

What should I do?

Can I try this?

What if it doesn’t work?

Will it make things worse?

What if it’s a disaster?

What if I can’t fix it?

What if it doesn’t get better?

Let’s face it. Worrying sucks.

It robs you of any possibility of happiness and peace of mind.

It affects the quality of your sleep, so you wake up groggy. You’re too tired to exercise. You eat junk food because you have no energy to care. You’re crabby and short-tempered and say the wrong thing to people you care about.

Worrying can affect your health, relationships and wellbeing.

It’s like you’re “going through the motions” until the problem gets resolved, which means that your life is on hold until then.

If you can relate, or if you’re going through this right now, then you’re going to want to keep reading, because I’m going to reveal a simple technique that will help you stop worrying and get your life back.

The 3 Talents Of The Mind (Starting With Worry!)

Why is it so easy to worry?

It’s because our minds are built to seek out problems and figure out how to solve them. Whenever we feel upset, the first thing our mind does is try to figure out WHY we’re upset.

Why did that person say that? Why is this happening? Why can’t things go a different way?

The other thing our mind is good at is pulling forward other experiences from our past that are energetically similar to the current situation.

You’re reminded of a time last year when this person did the same thing to you. Or you remember a time from childhood when things went awry and you felt similarly mortified and embarrassed.

Pretty soon, the mind starts to pile up all sorts of evidence of why it’s necessary to work on the problem-at-hand and find a solution, quick, before whatever happened before happens again.

That starts the cycle of worrying, second-guessing, and going-around-in-circles obsessing.

It’s exhausting!

But it’s not the circumstance, or whatever is happening, that’s wearing you out.

What’s exhausting you is NOT the fact that your friend told an untruth, or that your boss skipped over you for a promotion, or that your doctor said she saw something suspicious in your last blood test.

It’s the STORY you make up about it in your mind that’s making you worry. And, it’s the MEANING you’re making behind what happened that’s particularly draining.

Is your friend betraying you? Does your boss think you’re slacking off? Does the suspicious result mean you’re terminally ill with something?

These made-up scenarios are perfect fodder for worry.

Which leads me to another great talent of the mind: it’s good at going straight to the worst-case scenario, almost every time.

No wonder you can’t find peace of mind.

Using The Heart—And Inner Wisdom—To Solve Problems

Using your mind to solve personal problems may work sometimes, but it can also lead to excessive worry and burn-out.

The mind is a good tool for solving complex, large-scale problems, but it’s not the best tool for developing inner wisdom.

Inner wisdom is a felt-sense of what will work and what won’t, and what’s in alignment with your true self and what isn’t. Inner wisdom is based on the body’s inherent intelligence, not the capabilities of the mind. It’s a product of our subconscious Essential Self, which is privy to much more information than our conscious mind.

Using the mind to resolve personal problems takes a lot of energy, because it analyzes, goes in circles, and imagines many different outcomes.

Rather, if you could drop into your body, and use your heart—or inner wisdom—to resolve an issue, relief would be almost immediate. You wouldn’t have to think about it for days. You’d FEEL IT instantly.

When you’re centered in your body, you come from a place of wisdom and love, and can more easily discern whether something is worthy of your attention, or not. You can discern whether you should act, or whether it’s better to hang back and observe.

You’d know the answer and you’d make your decision.

Your body would relax, and your mind would be free to focus on other things. You’d be free from mental chatter and could go back to focusing on whatever you were working on in the moment.

You’d be free to move forward and live your life, without having to coming back to that source of worry, which has a way of zapping your energy and creativity. Here’s how to do that:

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Act On The Best-Case Scenario, Re-Calibrate, Repeat

There’s another technique that can help you eliminate worry.

I call this technique “Expand and Anchor.”

There is a greater version of life that is always available to us. When a question presents itself, assume the best-case outcome. Assume the decision will come back in your favor, that you’ll get what you hope for, and it will be better than you can imagine. That’s what it means to “expand.”

It’s the opposite of contracting into a space of few choices and narrow outcomes.

When you live from the best-case scenario, you are saying yes to life and to possibility.

Once you expand to imagining the best-case scenario, you then “anchor” in that belief, until something happens to challenge your assumption. Don’t let yourself slide back into pondering what might happen IF…

However, when something doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, no big deal. You recalibrate, and make decisions based on the best-case scenario again from that point. And then repeat as necessary.

You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll find evidence for the idea that:

Things usually work out.
Life operates in your favor.

And that you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about something that will never happen anyway.

When We Live From Our Hearts, The Whole Of The Universe Acts In Our Favor

I often hear from clients about how hard it is to stay in the heart and operate from inner wisdom instead of returning to the mind, where worry and fretting is inevitable.

The reason we can’t stay in our hearts is because we’ve spent our lives building the circuitry to live in our heads.

It takes practice to return to the wisdom of the body and to become centered in wisdom and love. But once you can do that, and can live from your heart instead of from your mind, the whole of the Universe acts in your favor.

You experience strange and delightful coincidences, wonderful opportunities show up, and things just work out better than you imagined.

But before that can happen, you need to know how to access the wisdom of the body.

That’s where my program, Energy For Life, is so valuable.

In Module 1 of my video program, you’ll learn how to recall your energy and center yourself in your body through powerful but simple breathing techniques. This is a technique you can do anywhere—in the car, at your desk, or while standing in line at the checkout stand.

You’ll learn how to drop down into your body so that you can get out of your head, and save your energy for more important matters, such as cellular healing and generating creativity.

In Module 2, you’ll discover why it’s so devastating to talk ourselves out of being upset. You’ll learn how to slow down the mental chatter, so that your essential self can rise up and calm your thinking mind in order for you to access your inner wisdom.

You’ll also learn body movement exercises that can help the flow of energy travel smoothly throughout your body, enabling you to feel more vitality and wellbeing, as well as helping you de-stress and relax.

Your breath and your body are powerful instruments against worry and anxiety. You only need to learn how to use both properly to gain the peace and joy that is your birthright.

How to Cultivate Peace of Mind

If you’re stuck on a thought or a worry, it’s because energy is stuck in your body. Your life is a reflection of your consciousness. Let me show you how to unlock the energy that is available to you, so you can live your life with optimism and joy.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. In all my travels, in all my experiences, I see that people all over the world have one thing in common: our pain stems from living in our heads. We create stories, imagine meanings, and go to the worst-case scenario, to our detriment.

Let me show you a way out of this painful loop, and show you a process that will increase your inner wisdom and ease the pain of worrying and over-thinking.

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