Felice Dunas, Ph.D.

Using ancient Chinese principles in sexual skill to transform relationships and deepen connection
Felice Dunas

Great sex doesn’t just happen.

Yet we tend to think it should. We believe that because sex is about the body and we all have bodies, then it should just “work.”

Technically, it does.

Passion Play

Ancient Secrets for a Lifetime of Sensational Sex

Discover time-tested skills to transform both your relationship and your overall wellbeing. You’ll discover new heights of pleasure and a sense of youthful vibrancy that will revitalize your entire life.


But as human beings who long for connection as much as procreation, it only works when you bring much more than the body into the equation.

The ancients knew this intimately. They knew the inherent power of the sensuality and sexuality within each and every one of us. Driven by the desire to restore the body to full health and also reach heights of pleasure, they developed and codified a system of sexual secrets.

I was fortunate to discover this wealth of wisdom early on in my life, giving birth to the career I’ve cherished for well over three decades.

As one of the pioneers of Chinese Medicine in the United States, I work at an intriguing crossroads: acupuncture science and ancient secrets.

Combine these two, and you get a prescription for health and pleasure.

The ancient Chinese knew that lots of sex—done skillfully—was a gateway to total wellbeing.

And that’s exactly what I discovered in my private practice. When patients would come in with a physical ailment, I would also teach them how to make the most of their sex life.

To everyone’s delight, their presenting symptoms would diminish or disappear altogether.

The beauty of this is that you don’t need to make a major overhaul. Change just one little thing, and you can be having the best sex of your life—even if you’ve struggled through years of low libido, pain, or even trauma.

I urge you to be open to this. Because when you expand your thinking, you multiply your pleasure. Let’s start here: become aware that you have access to this huge, powerful untapped resource—and it’s free. Your sensuality and sexuality are treasures always available to you, whether you’re single or with a partner.

I’m passionate about this work because I believe that the consequences of this knowledge are far-reaching. Better sex means fewer divorces, and that means children are spared from the effects of it.

The irony is that I don’t really teach about sex, I teach about self. When you explore this work, you are finding your truth.

The truth is that you have limitless capacity for pleasure, healing, and joy. Through discovering the sensuality and sexuality ever present in your body, you find that the possibility for ecstatic living is always within you. And when you create a relationship from this place, you experience the deepest connection.


Felice Dunas

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • In clinical practice since 1970
  • Leader and founder of the acupuncture industry in the United States
  • Doctorate in Clinical Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology from Samra University, the US-based sister school to the Medical College of Shanghai
  • Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in Medical Sociology/International Health Care
  • Personal development coach for corporate and medical-industry executives
  • Featured in Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Glamour, Marie Claire, Prevention, Men’s Health, Brides, Spa, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and many others

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