Is The Romance Gone? You May Be Ignoring Or Dismissing The One Tool That Could Ignite The Spark And Bring You Closer Than Anything Else You’ve Tried

Has the magic and spark gone out of your love?

Maybe you don’t feel that rush of excitement when your partner walks into a room anymore, and you’ve come to accept this as “normal.”

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Or maybe you can’t seem to talk with your partner without snarkiness, contempt or blame.

You used to laugh together, but now now you mostly discuss problems.

You used to write romantic cards and sexy texts, but now it’s as if you’ve forgotten how to charm each other.

What went wrong?

Is it your partner’s fault that things have changed?

He doesn’t make time for me.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to make her happy.

He doesn’t listen, or doesn’t care.

She isn’t the woman I married. We used to have so much fun together and now it’s just nag, nag, nag.

And your sex life?

That was the first to go.

And there you blame your partner, too.

She never wants to have sex anymore. She works too much and is always complaining she’s too tired or not into it.

When we make love it’s always the same routine and I’m always rushing to get it over with. I just don’t enjoy it anymore.

How can I get in the mood when he’s been a jerk to me all day? I can’t open up to him if I don’t feel close.

She says she wants to me to open up and talk about my feelings, but why should I when she rejects me all the time?

As far as sex is concerned, it may be “on hold” until you can communicate better, stop bickering or treat each other with more love and consideration FIRST.

And those aspects aren’t usually easy to fix.

And this belief could be the very reason you’re stuck in a passionless or even contentious relationship.

Because the truth is, sex isn’t just an after-thought or a side-benefit of a great relationship. Done properly and skillfully, it can actually be a critical PILLAR and the very catalyst that can transform a relationship.

Learn How It Can Transform Your Relationship

Why Do Broken Relationships Feel Like So Much Work?

When a relationship has lost its spark or has become tense, “working on it” can be a time-consuming and arduous process. Talking, counseling, self-help books, obligatory date nights…it really begins to feel like a drag.

It doesn’t help that most couples blame each other for whatever has gone wrong.

They label their partner a “narcissist,” “stubborn” or even “clueless.”

All this blame puts your partner on the defensive, making him or her less likely to be vulnerable, honest and open-minded about making changes.

Then, the more your partner pulls away, the less you are willing to compromise, too.

Pretty soon, you’re both miserable and digging in your heels about who’s right and who’s wrong.

It gets worse from there…

Maybe you’ve even started to wonder if you’d be happier if you were with a different partner, someone who understood what you needed and made time for you.

I’ve seen a lot of this happening today. Couples in stagnant or troubled relationships think the answer to their problems is having an affair or experimenting with alternative lifestyles.

That’s where the situation has the potential for really going off the rails!

Here’s the thing: A lot of couples lose their loving connection NOT because their partner is unwilling to listen or be more considerate. They lose their connection because they’re not doing the very thing that can keep them close through the ups and downs of life. They stop having passionate, gratifying sex and as a result, they lose touch with their own sexuality and with each other.

If you think sex is a “chore” or “boring” you are probably suffering from this very problem. It’s a common problem because most couples don’t have the skills that make sex feel ecstatic, pleasurable and transformative.

It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality.

This is what the ancients in China knew, too. This is why 3,000 years ago, they researched, tested and embraced a way to harness the power of great sex to keep their love relationships strong, their health vibrant and their mental acuity sharp.

These are secrets that only the wealthy and ruling classes were privy to long ago, because they held such transformative power, but today these very same secrets are available to modern couples and are as effective as they were centuries ago.

If you mastered these ancient principles and applied them to your own relationship, you could actually use the power of your sexuality to get closer to your partner AND improve your overall wellbeing and vitality. It can become a practice you both crave and look forward to. And, it has the side benefit of making your love strong and resilient. Here’s how…

How To Re-Ignite the Spark Using Skillful Sex

Why Healthy Sexuality And Masterful Skills Matter For The Longevity Of Your Relationship

In recent years, scientific advances have brought Western medicine closer and closer to a basic principle: that body, mind and emotions are inseparable.

Because of this essential unity of all aspects of our lives, our sexuality is affected by our physical health, our thoughts and our emotions. In turn, sexuality has a profound and powerful impact on our bodies, minds, emotions and relationships.

By analogy, imagine a table with four legs. One leg represents sexuality, the others represent mind, body and feelings. Pushing any of the legs moves the table as a whole, since no single leg can change positions without altering the position of the others.

Hence, every sexual experience affects all other aspects of the individual. Now imagine that a second table is attached to the first. This represents a partner or mate. A change in any one leg will now affect the position of both tables. In other words, what happens to one partner will affect the mind, body, emotions and sexuality of the other partner as well. If you are married or in a love relationship, you probably know this to be true.

Having a healthy and vibrant sex life affects much more than just the romantic part of your relationship. It affects how you feel about yourself, your physical health and your emotions.

I’ve seen evidence of this after working with thousands of individuals in the 30+ years I’ve practiced as a Chinese medicine practitioner and sex educator.

After following specific prescriptions for sex and sexuality, my patients would report that:

  • chronic tension would dissolve
  • energy and vitality would increase
  • sexual skill and satisfaction would skyrocket
  • and intimacy, harmony and love would blossom whether they were in a monogamous relationship or single and dating

These weren’t prescriptions for just more sex, or the same kind of sex they’d been having together. These were instructions for activities and skills they’d never even imagined, let alone tried before. These were skills that were invented and perfected by the ancients and not openly shared with the modern Western world.

I was very pleased to hear that my patients were experiencing the benefits from these ancient secrets. It was apparent to me that a healthier and more satisfying sex life produces healthier bodies, hearts and souls.

Further, when the sex was done correctly and skillfully, relationships thrived.

The Most Complete, In-Depth Guide For Individuals And Couples To Develop Their Skills Using Ancient, Time-Tested Principles And Techniques

I knew this revelation and fact was something I wanted to share with as many individuals and couples as possible, because the implications of this were enormous. Skillful sex and healthy sexuality could not only make people healthier, it could strengthen relationships and keep families together.

That’s why I developed the Passion Play program.

Passion Play is a program that teaches you how to develop healthy sexuality, improve foreplay and intercourse and use energetic healing with ancient, time-tested principles.

But these principles weren’t invented by me. These are principles that were researched, studied and put into continuous practice for more than 3,000 years by those in leadership and power positions in ancient China.

I’ve put together only the most relevant, pragmatic and effective information from this body of work into this program.

Learn More About Passion Play

Passion Play will help you develop the skills and techniques to have more pleasurable and healing lovemaking, including specific examples on how to do foreplay and intercourse correctly.

It will show you how to balance your energetic centers, including your masculine and feminine qualities, for increasing the attraction your partner feels as well as improved wellbeing and health.

You’ll also learn:

  • A formula for resolving conflict and breathing new life and passion into the relationship, using the ancient principles of yin and yang energy
  • Lifestyle and diet choices that enhance your physical energy, so you want to have sex much more often and with greater anticipation
  • Specific movements that can build an almost unbearable sense of yearning and anticipation in a woman during the act of intercourse
  • And much more…

You’ll see how you can reverse the effects of time on your relationship and feel that spark and lust for your partner again and vice-versa. All it takes is the right information, an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

Try Out All The Strategies And Techniques Risk-Free For A Week

You can get the Passion Play program now and try ALL the materials for a full 7 days RISK-FREE. Read the book, listen to the audio, try out the exercises and techniques with or without a partner. I am confident you’ll be amazed at the breadth and scope of valuable information you’ll get with Passion Play.

If not, simply let me know within those 7 days and I’ll refund your money in full.

I’m certain you’ve never seen a more time-tested, life-changing collection of tips, advice and strategies pertaining to sex and sexuality. It’s all here and you can begin testing it for yourself risk-free in minutes:

Begin Your Transformation Today


Felice Dunas

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