There’s Something Within You That Has The Ability To Supercharge Your Life, And You Don’t Even Realize It

What do you think are the keys to looking and feeling better?

Is it exercise? You know that getting your heart rate up a few times a week or doing strength training is good for your body.

Is it eating right? If you are what you eat, it makes sense to eat foods that are full of nutrients and not packed with processed ingredients.

What about scheduling time for fun? Vacations, hobbies, and gathering with friends should surely be good for you.

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Rest has to top the list, right? If you’re not getting enough sleep, it has a domino effect on the rest of your day.

If you’re like a lot of my clients and patients, you’ve tried to “do” a lot of things above to feel and look better. Maybe you’ve also tried affirmations, read self-help books, and cut out unnecessary clutter from your life.

While ALL these actions are worthwhile, what if I told you that there’s ONE thing you’re overlooking—one thing that, all at once, dramatically increases your sense of wellbeing, skyrockets your energy level, and actually REDUCES your biological age?

The Secret Is Right In Front Of You, And You Don’t Even Know It

What I’m about to tell you may seem too easy. After all, it’s free and it’s something anyone can do. And we’ve been conditioned to think that if something’s free and readily available to anyone, it’s really not going to make much of a difference.

But trust me on this one. As a medical practitioner I’ve invested over 30 years of my life on this subject because I believe so strongly that it has the unique power to transform your life quickly and predictably:

It’s sex.

But not just any kind of sex: skillful sex on a regular basis. And by skillful sex, I mean moves most people are never taught—a very specific set of techniques that were developed over 3000 years ago which have stood the test of time.


If you’re a woman going through a challenging time in your life or your relationship, sex may be the last thing you think about. It’s the thing you don’t have TIME to think about, not to mention energy to do it.

Besides, isn’t it frivolous to squander time away on something you don’t seriously NEED? Maybe there was a time in your life when you WERE getting it on, and you’re content—or at least resigned—to keep it in your past. There are more important things to take care of now, right?


In fact, you can’t afford NOT to think about sex.

(By the way, I mention women specifically because research has proven that sex is the #1 relationship need for men. It’s not that they’re horny animals, it’s that they are wired to use sex as a means to better their lives, release tension, and connect with their partners.)

Take Heart And Learn The Surprising Truth: It’s Not You, It’s The Sex

Relationship tension. Lack of energy. Chronic disease. Stress and anxiety. Not finding a partner. Diminished productivity. Staying stuck. Aches and pains.

You may have blamed yourself for any of these situations. You may have blamed a partner. You may have attributed your string of bad luck to family influence or your genes, or just plain bad timing.

I’m guessing you never thought sex could be used to transform and heal. On the other hand, you may have blamed bad sex or a lack of it altogether for your predicament.

That’s only partly true.

See, most women have less sex or stop having it when other things aren’t working in their lives. They think sex is supposed to be the “icing” on the cake. (For most men, on the other hand, sex is the entire cake and the reason to eat it.)

But in reality, sex is the very ingredient that holds everything together and sustains it from the inside out. Men intuitively know this, which is why they have a bad rap for prioritizing sex.

Sex, done right and regularly, is as important to your health and wellbeing as eating whole foods and getting fresh air. It’s as nurturing as having a good night’s sleep.

Lack Of Good Sex Brings You Down, In More Ways Than One

The problem is that because people don’t think that sex is as essential as drinking water, they often let it slip—or reserve sex for when other things in life are working.

This is more common in women, although men can be just as guilty of avoiding intimacy by avoiding sex.

Passionate Couple Kissing

Man or woman, if you’ve been frustrated by partners who DON’T make sex a priority, take heart…

Sex isn’t just something that happens when a relationship is going great, it’s actually a very powerful tool that results in transformational benefits. Good sex allows you to:

  • Reconnect with your partner when you’ve had problems
  • Re-express your love for each other, fueling the CRAVING for each other
  • Build resilience in your body—having a knock-on effect in every area of your life
  • Let your body naturally heal itself of even chronic ailments
  • Dramatically reduce worry, stress and anxiety—naturally
  • Get in tune with your own sexuality so you are more likely to attract the right partner

These may sound like far-reaching claims, but they’re exactly what I’ve seen played out in the lives of the thousands of people I’ve worked with in over 60 countries.

As a specialist in Chinese medicine, I discovered that when I would teach patients the sexual secrets of the ancient Chinese, there was a direct correlation to increased satisfaction in their physical and emotional health, along with a dramatic turnaround in their relationships.

As a sex educator, I’ve had the privilege of helping the most public people (millionaires, high-level corporate executives) in the most private areas of their lives. And I can tell you this: When we get naked, everyone has very similar hang-ups, frustrations, and woes.

And anyone can use the sexual techniques of ancient Chinese teachings to elevate their sex life—and their entire life—beyond their wildest imagination.

But if all this hasn’t convinced you, this benefit of great sex usually will:

Sex Is The Ultimate Anti-Aging Technique (And It’s Your Birthright)

If you think sex is just something you had more of when you were younger, well, there’s a reason for that—the more you had, the younger it actually MADE you.

Sex actually keeps you young—emotionally and physically. It keeps your relationship “young” by continuing to fuel it with the desire, longing, and excitement you thought only happened at the beginning of a relationship. There’s a biological basis for this—sex creates the same chemical changes in your blood that occurred when you first got together.

So, if you feel that “your best years have passed you by,” you don’t know what you’re missing! Committing to having great, regular sex is like turning back the hands of time.

For example, you can actually lower your biological age by bringing more stamina into your body through sexual play.

The vitality that keeps us alive is intertwined with sexual strength. The more vitality generated in the bedroom, the more that’s available to live your life.

Satsfied Couple Laughing

It’s a vicious cycle, but in the most positive way: Start making great sex a habit, and you start feeling more alive, more inspired, more energized. This in turn makes you want even more great sex. And the more you have, the better you feel.

It all has to do with a wonderful thing called “chi.”

In Chinese medicine, chi is the vital life force that flows through the body. It’s what makes your body “work” like it should. If chi is unbalanced, your body lets you know—through fatigue, pain, and even full-blown illness. An experienced acupuncturist like me uses needles to manipulate chi through certain meridians or “points” in your body.

But I’ll tell you that properly skillful sex can be as powerful as acupuncture for balancing chi. Likewise, poor sex works AGAINST your chi balance.

If you waste your chi (vital life force) in the bedroom with unskilled sex, the weaker you become generally. While sexual ecstasy inspires the body to function at its best, sexual frustration propels people into old age.

Note I said “unskilled” sex. SKILLED sex is what we’re after here:

The Kind of Sex That Takes Years Off You

The Definition Of “Great” Sex Isn’t What You Think It Is

When you’re having a fantastic intimate life with your partner, mountains turn into molehills. You appreciate the goodness life brings you, your outlook brightens, and your body feels more vital.

If you think these statements aren’t true, you have never had great sex on a regular basis.

What do I mean by “great sex”? Most people think that as long as they can make their partner reach orgasm quickly or often enough, they are skilled in the bedroom. What I’m advocating isn’t that. That’s because I’m not a conventional sex educator.

What I mean by “skilled” is the kind of lovemaking that takes desire and sensation to a new level altogether, for both partners. It’s using touch and technique in a way you’ve never imagined before, so that both partners experience unabridged lust that leads to a near-transcendent experience of love and pleasure. At the same time, you’re also building overall strength which leads to better health while enhancing vitality and longevity.

I teach skills that have been researched, tested and put into practice for millennia by royals and the governing class of ancient China in order to maintain superior physical and relational health. That’s how what I teach is different than what other sex therapists teach, and why it’s so transformational both in and out of the bedroom.

This is what I mean when I say that done right and often, great sex has the power to amaze you by transforming your life. It’s not rocket science, and it’s something everyone can learn—but few people choose to, or even know that these techniques exist.

Sadly, I believe this is a major factor in the astounding divorce rate, the number of children growing up in separate homes, and the alarming prevalence of stress-related illness.

I’m so convinced of this, that I’ve poured everything I’ve researched and taught about skillful sex into Passion Play—a complete manual based on time-tested ancient principles that are needed more than ever today.

Passion Play is the sex advice for people who think they don’t need sex advice. And thinking you don’t need it, as I mentioned above, is a dangerous, unfortunate place to be.

Because, simply put, if you’re not having great, regular sex, you’re not living your life the way you’re meant to. You’re not enjoying all the incredible benefits good sex brings—from increased energy and focus to a never-ending honeymoon with your partner.

30 years after discovering the methods within Passion Play, I’m still as passionate about their value—and even more so after seeing how these techniques have single-handedly achieved so much for my patients.

When you click the button below, you’ll get the Passion Play eBook as well as an audio version I’ve recorded—so you can learn these ancient secrets the way you want.

You’ll also receive a bonus video and an eye-opening exploration of the top 10 questions I get about sex—along with the answers I’d give you if you came to my office for a consultation. You’ll learn:

  • A lifestyle strategy that has been shown to increase sexual arousal and frequency in women, as well as overall health and wellbeing
  • The vicious cycle that makes men close down emotionally and women close down sexually—and how to rekindle the flame of connection and desire
  • Specific movements that can build an almost unbearable sense of yearning and anticipation in a woman during the act of intercourse
  • A foreplay technique that can help a man maintain his erection longer while also helping a woman achieve orgasm more easily
  • How to balance your chi when you’re single (it has to do with your masculine and feminine energy) in order to finally attract healthy, happy love
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It pains me to know that people like you keep trying a bunch of different “lifestyle” fixes to achieve the wellbeing that great sex automatically gives you.

And when I say “great sex,” it’s not what most people think of. Truly great sex is built on ancient practices that use sex as a tool to create harmony, love, and strength—in your body AND your relationship. This is what you’ll learn in my program.

When you go through Passion Play, it’s like unlocking a secret superpower you’ve had within you all along—one that has the power to heal you and regenerate you, without it costing you a penny. The only investment you make is learning the skills. The great sex takes care of the rest.

The information you’ll learn in Passion Play truly has the power to unlock transformative power within you.


Felice Dunas

P.S. Don’t have the time or energy for your sex life?

When you learn how to have regular, skillful sex, you actually feel an upsurge of energy, drive, and focus. To my patient’s happy surprise, they’ve found that, suddenly, they feel they have more hours in the day to do everything they want:

Feel More Energetic—In And Out of The Bedroom

Fall Deeply In Love All Over Again

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