Jane Nelsen and Mary Tamborksi

Parenting Tools That Get Your Kids To Cooperate While Instilling Confidence And Capability
Jane Nelsen and Mary Tamborski

As mothers of several children (Jane has 7 and Mary has 3), we know first hand the stresses and demands of parenting.

The job never ends. Your kids always seem to need something. You have a house to run, a job to do, appointments to schedule, activities to chauffeur, toys to pick up, food to cook….

Positive Discipline Made Easy

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Promote Good Behavior And Long Term Success

Get your kids to cooperate while instilling confidence and capability. In this step-by-step guide, learn the most effective parenting tools to eliminate stress, yelling and parental burnout, while fostering long term success.


With all these tasks and responsibilities, how are you supposed to stay calm when your kid has a meltdown in Target. Or when your son is late for school again and you have to get to work?

You had kids because you had a dream of a family life that seems so very different from the day to day demands and responsibilities you are constantly managing.

You want a house of joy, cooperation, teamwork and laughter.

But instead it’s nagging, fighting, power struggles and lots and lots of deep breaths.

When I (Jane) was a young mom, I realized I needed help. I wanted the close-knit family that I envisioned when I was first pregnant, and I DIDN’T want to be the yelling, punishing, burned out mom I became.

That’s why I went out to learn from the best of the best minds in philosophy and education, and developed a new approach to parenting. I decided to take a college class on Child Development and was so fortunate to discover a totally new approach to parenting. An approach that wasn’t punitive OR permissive. One built on respect, kindness and positive discipline. An approach that fostered cooperation while also instilling confidence and long term skills to allow my kids to thrive in adulthood.

As I practiced this new approach (based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs), I was so thrilled with the results that I wanted to share it with others. A continued my studies and received a B.A. in Child Development, a M.A in Counseling and Guidance, and an Ed.D in Educational Psychology. I was fortunate to work in a school district where we received a grant to implement this approach with parents and teachers. In addition to my own successes, I collected many success stories from parents and teachers.

Since then Positive Discipline has been taught worldwide to millions (really, this is no exaggeration!) of parents, educators and coaches. I’ve published numerous bestsellers, and raised several parent educators themselves, including my daughter Mary, a licensed family and marriage counselor and respected author in her own right.

Together, we want to provide parents with more than a philosophy of good parenting. Philosophies are nice, but they don’t help you when your son has hit your daughter and she’s screaming bloody murder.

You need tools. You need to know exactly what to say and do to get your kids to do their chores, to get out the door on time, to get off their devices, to make good choices under pressure, to be respectful and kind.

Over the last 4 (and counting) decades, we’ve developed over 50 tools together to arm parents with the information and practical skills they need to raise happy kids today, and well-adjusted, healthy, capable adults tomorrow.

We are absolutely tickled pink to be able to offer our guidance to you and the rest of the Flourish community. We hope our tools and practices help you realize your dream as a proud parent of a thriving, joyful family.



Jane Nelsen and Mary Tamborski

Professional Credentials

Dr. Jane Nelsen's Professional Credentials

  • Best selling author of 18 parenting books that are the cornerstone of many school and educator training programs worldwide
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, college professor, early learning educator and student counselor
  • B.S. in Child Development and Early Education, M.A. in Counseling and Guidance, and Ed.D in Educational Philosophy
  • Mother of 7 wonderful children, grandmother of 22 and great-grandmother (!) to 11.
Professional Credentials

Mary Tamborski's Professional Credentials

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, Certified Positive Discipline Therapist
  • Over a decade of experience counseling children and families
  • Author of several Positive Discipline titles, most notably The Positive Discipline Parenting Tools
  • Mother of three rambunctious, totally delightful boys

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