Marcy Neumann

Self love and energy healing for ultimate transformation
Marcy Neumann

My story may sound familiar to you.

I was stuck in a life I didn’t know was that bad… not until it started manifesting itself in various ways like early arthritis, digestive problems, recurring panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety, headaches and so many other health problems that I couldn’t even begin to list them all here.

Self Love For True Love

Step Into All The Wonder, Opportunity, And LOVE That Has Been Waiting For You All Along

Discover your full potential in life so you can live from your authentic desires rather than what someone else wants for you. Nobody on this planet is quite like you—here’s how to relish the unique gifts and experiences you were born for.


I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I knew I had to change something, and I knew that change was going to have to come from deep within.

There was one little problem: I didn’t know which way to turn. How would I keep from falling back into old habits, thought patterns, or beliefs? How would I know any progress I made would actually last?

The first thing I did was get help, support, and mentoring to create the drastic changes I needed in my life.

Through much trial and error, failures and successes, I realized I had developed a system that worked. But more than a system, it was a whole lifestyle. A Self Love lifestyle.

I integrated this system into my practice, and today I’ve helped thousands of clients find their solid Self Love base, find their freedom, find their authentic selves, their purpose, happiness and tools to help them in real world situations.

My process is called HeartShifting, and it’s a recalibration of energy.

This energy shifting leads to an unshakeable, solid, lasting Self Love that not only gets you the life you want, you deserve, and you were born to live…but it sustains you and keeps you centered and coming back to your authentic self.

I am living proof that HeartShifting works, and I want to help you get it.

When you learn to build a Self-Love lifestyle, you live in a higher vibrational energy frequency, and when that happens, you live a life full of love, happiness and light.

It’s my mission and life purpose to deliver these teachings of love and transform lives through energy healing education, development of empowerment skills and tools to create a self-love mindset and lifestyle.

Love is all there is and self-love is the greatest love of all.


Marcy Neumann

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • Professional Energy Healer
  • Integrative Intuitive Counselor
  • Spiritualist Minister and Public Speaker
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master

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