Is The Past Holding You Hostage? Here’s 2 Reasons Why You Feel Stuck Even Though You Really Want Change

Imagine if, one year from now, your life was exactly the way it is now.

Does that give you a jolt of pain, fear, or sadness?

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Maybe you’re stuck because you want to lose weight, but you just can’t seem to do it.

Or you’re not making any headway in your finances, and you’re worried about your future.

It could be that you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t bring you joy, and you feel trapped.

Or you’re in a relationship that feels more like a prison than a sanctuary.

Maybe, you’re in no relationship at all, and the thought of being single yet another year is just too hard to contemplate.

If you’re feeling stuck now, as if your life isn’t the way you want it, you should feel a little scared.

What’s keeping you from making a fresh start?

Something To Consider: Maybe Part of You Doesn’t Want To Change

When I’ve worked with clients who feel stuck, they become incredulous or even upset when I tell them that perhaps they really don’t want to change.

How can this be? How can you NOT want something that is good for you?

The answer is that change is hard. While you may want some things in your life to be different, you don’t want to go through all the growing pains to get there.

And part of this involves releasing certain situations and people. In order to move into the future, we have to let go of the past.

When you cling to the past, you cling to everything that keeps that “stuck” energy alive in you.

This is what’s actually happening when you are clinging to painful people and situations. You are feeding your past, and it is preventing you from moving forward with its dead weight.

Clinging To Hope Is Also Clinging To The Past

Another way we stay stuck in the past is to fixate on how we want things to be different in the future.

“I’ll never let myself be in that kind of relationship again,” and, “When I meet my Prince I’ll finally figure everything else out,” are two examples of hopeful thinking that works against us.

It may appear that this kind of “hoping” is tied to the future, but it isn’t really.

It’s really about resisting and avoiding the past and present instead of forgiving yourself and opening up to positive potential.

This robs you of your ability to move forward and create what is ready to serve your highest good right now, which is always waiting for you and is already here.

So, in truth, hopeful thinking leaves you with one promise and one promise only…a broken heart.

Hopeful thinking like this is based on fantasy, and fantasy is NOT connected to the present.

The present is where you need to be—first and foremost—before you can impact your future.

Having a positive vision for the future is about allowing things to unfold while still honoring the present:

“I’m going to make sure I love myself before I ask anyone else to,” puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you access to the ONLY place you can ever make change—the here and now!

Learn How To Create Real Change In Your Life, Right Now

There is a powerful source of energy that is completely unavailable to you when you are tethered to the past.

It is the power of creation. And it is an energy that is filled with all potential, all possibilities, and all ability. It is in fact, “ALL THAT IS!”

Tapping into this power requires one thing: letting go of the past.

My program, Self Love For True Love, is all about letting go and stepping into the possibilities that are only available to you when you’re present and open to change energy.

In Self Love For True Love, you’ll get specific steps, exercises, and in-depth questionnaires—the same methods I’ve used on countless clients to help them get unstuck and soar into their incredible futures.

These methods are much more effective than hoping that things can be different, because I lead you through a different way of thinking about the past and the present than what you’ve been doing.

You’ll see how much of your forward-motion change energy you’re holding back when you engage in certain behaviors and beliefs.

This is also way more effective than simply telling yourself that you made a mistake, or that your ex ruined your life, or that your last job put you on the wrong career track.

Ruminating on how your life went wrong is NOT an effective way of “letting go.” If you find yourself doing that often, you will benefit from the process I offer in Self Love For True Love.

I really don’t want you to be stuck in the same place at this time next year.

I know that when I began this journey 15 years ago, the idea of continuing just as things were was simply intolerable to me. I HAD to change.

But I also realized I had to stop wishing and hoping. Instead, I needed to let go of people and situations that were keeping me in the past and AWAY from the creative energy I needed to expand into my true potential.

Once I did—once I truly let go—opportunities unfolded right at my feet, and life became an unbelievable, breathtaking adventure. I can’t wait to guide you through the same expansive unfolding into you:

Step Into Your Beautiful Future Now

There’s so, so much waiting for you when you let go. It’s only jarring at first. But like diving into a cool pool, you’ll soon find yourself enveloped in a whole new world.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. Letting go of those things and people that are feeding the energy of making you feel small and separate from your true being is the greatest gift of Self Love.

If you’ve ever wondered what self love really is and how to get it, read this:

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