Are Your Programmed Beliefs Keeping You From Love? Here’s How To Take Charge Of Your Love Destiny

Clients often find me after they’ve done everything they can to find true love.

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They’ve dated different people and tried to make relationships work, but they feel they’re up against an invisible wall.

This wall mocks them. They want to believe love is just on the other side, yet no matter how much they try, they can’t get over there.

Is this you?

Does it feel like life is playing some kind of cruel game with you?

You look around at happy couples and wonder what they have—or know—that you don’t.

Let me answer this. It’s not what they have or what they know.

It’s what they BELIEVE.

What You Believe Is What You See—And Will Keep Seeing

People who are “lucky in love” might not even realize that they hold specific beliefs that are creating the love life they’re enjoying. Yet all you have to do is look at the results they’re getting.

And the same is true for you.

If you want to know what your underlying beliefs are about anything, just look at what’s happening in your life right now.

In this case, if you’re single and frustrated because true love just isn’t happening, then I can guarantee that you have an underlying belief that’s keeping you from attracting Soulmate love.

Beliefs either feed and connect with the love you are yearning, or they separate you from it. Beliefs can lead you to your “Promised Land,” or take you away from it.

Your beliefs will undermine all your best efforts. This is why you can spend years going out on dates and coming up empty, or struggling in your relationships even though you think you’re trying everything to make them work.

Limiting Beliefs: What They Are And How They Hurt You

A limiting belief is one that literally limits you. It’s also limiting in itself.

For instance, let’s look at some examples of these beliefs from my clients. Maybe some of these beliefs are similar to yours right now:

You can never really trust a man.

You can never figure women out.

Most men are emotionally vacant unless they are gay.

Women only want you for your money.

Relationships end up robbing your freedom.

Notice how each of these beliefs is limited because it is very narrow-minded. In order to believe men can’t be trusted, you have to be operating from a very limited perspective. How can it possibly be that the billions of men on this planet are all untrustworthy?

Perhaps somewhere in your life, you came to believe that only gay men can connect emotionally. Or that if you get involved with someone, you’ll lose your identity.

As a result, your life experience is mirroring these unsubstantiated, limiting beliefs. You can’t find heterosexual men who are capable of intimacy. Or you always end up feeling smothered in relationships. These experiences then further serve to confirm your underlying belief!

But it’s not your fault.

Where Your Beliefs Come From

Your beliefs are the product of your programming.

They have been formed and influenced by your families, your culture, your society, your religion, your friends and even the media. In other words, your beliefs are the accumulation of all your life experiences as you have viewed them through the “eyes of others.”

That’s right, your beliefs did not even come from you. They were handed down to you, you absorbed them, and you have been living them out by conditioning.

How does it feel to know that someone else has been running your love life?

Doesn’t it make sense then that it may be time to let go of some of those old, worn out, not-even-yours beliefs that are standing in the way of your happiness?

What has been holding you back from really letting go of these beliefs?

The One Thing That Keeps Limiting Beliefs Alive—Fear

The inability to let go of anything—including beliefs—and move forward is caused by fear. Fear of giving something up that you believe has been serving you in some way.

You may not even be able to determine just how it has been serving you, but trust me, it has, even if only to keep you in pain.

That’s why it’s so difficult to let go of it.

Maybe your fear allows you to keep blaming someone else so you can stay the victim. Maybe fear is protecting you from just not having to take the risk of moving forward.

The good news is that you don’t have to know exactly why you’re holding on to certain beliefs in order to

let them go.

That’s right! You don’t need to know the “why,” but you do need to experience a HeartShift in order to let the beliefs go.

Letting limiting beliefs go throws open the door of possibility for you—attracting healthy partners you would never have been able to meet before. And when you do meet the right person for you, you’ll no longer be limited in your ability to create true love.

Experience A HeartShift And Finally Let Go

Programs and beliefs created from limited beliefs have a particular energy vibration—and this vibration is keeping you from connecting with your SoulMate.

Let go of the belief, and you change the vibration!

This is how you create the energy of intimacy.

The more that you learn about yourself—your true inner self—the more intimacy you will be able to experience with another. And the more familiar you are with this energy, the more you will be able to recognize this ability in someone else.

Then the magic happens: as your energy vibrates at a higher frequency, it rises up to meet that of your Soulmate—the person who is capable of connecting deeply and intimately with you.

That’s why, when I work with clients who are exhausted from trying to find their Soulmate, the first thing we do is focus on letting go of limiting beliefs.

And this is one of the things I’ll teach you how to do in Self Love For True Love. Through this program, I’ll lovingly guide you through exercises and questions that will help you identify the negative programming you’ve been operating from so far.

You’ll open your eyes to the beliefs you’ve been clinging to that are keeping you in a very narrow, limited space—devoid of real possibility of finding true love.

You’ll also learn to separate other people’s expectations and desires from your own so you can raise your vibration, lead a life that is authentic to your heart, and finally connect with the person who has been waiting to love ALL of you.

Then, the program will show you how to align your beliefs with your dreams so that you are always moving towards them. Through this, you will experience my signature HeartShift that allows everything in your life to propel you toward your destiny.

Here’s what one client said about her own HeartShift:

“Marcy is the person you want to work with if you’re interested in finding what’s standing in your way. Marcy gently guided me through difficult memories, dreams, physical manifestations, and situations in order that I might understand the real motivators in my life—these things that were no longer constructive and certainly did not serve my best interest any longer. Discovering these things led to a new approach and outlook on life, and a new sense of happiness, joy and purpose. I am forever grateful and honored.”

Find Love And Joy Now

I can’t wait to show you what’s on the other side of the wall.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. Your limiting beliefs—whatever they are—constrict your ability to be open-hearted, open-minded, and capable of loving yourself for who you are as well as loving another for who they are. Once you experience your HeartShift and release the beliefs, you will usher in a whole new way of being and loving.

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