Stop Asking “Why Am I Not Happy” And Start Living A Life You’re Ecstatic About

“Why am I not happy?”—Do you struggle to answer this question?

There are so many great things in your life, but rather than counting your blessings, you often find yourself feeling unfulfilled. Even when you achieve your goals, they don’t seem to satisfy you, and beneath it all, you feel unhappy.

Like something is missing. And you can’t ignore it. But you don’t know what it is.

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You’re stuck pursuing things you think will make you happy, only to find out they don’t, bringing you back to that same question. “Why am I not happy?”

Your career is going well, your financial affairs are in order, you set goals and accomplish them, but you still ask yourself, “Will I ever be satisfied?”

Understand What’s Driving Your Life From The Inside, And Stop Looking Outside

For many people, the reason they struggle to find true happiness isn’t because they’re actually missing something; it’s because they’re looking for fulfillment from the outside world.

Here at Flourish, we work with world-class authors and experts. One such expert, Dr. Sue Morter, a Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary, explains that as long as you constantly look for a sense of fulfillment from the outer world, you will be disappointed and you’ll continue wondering, “Why am I not happy?” That’s because when we are searching for fulfillment, we are really yearning for a feeling of all-encompassing love.

But we get stuck trying to find that love in things, people, money, and experiences. These cannot possibly provide us the love we seek. This is why we are never satisfied.

Stop Searching—You’ve Found What You’re Looking For

Happy woman with hair blowing in wind

Dr. Sue further reveals that love is what creates our ability to feel whole. Love is ALWAYS present, but it gets lost. How?

Love gets lost through the misuse of energy when we get sucked into a mind-centered way of living. In other words, when we are “stuck in our head” we can never feel fully happy.

Energy is your superpower…and you can learn how to create what you want in life by channeling the energy from your body, rather than your head, to lead you to total love and fulfillment.

Learn How To Harness Your Energy Into Total Happiness And Fulfillment

The key to creating the universal connection you need to be happy and fulfilled comes from within yourself.

Harnessing your energy for life will allow you to nourish yourself in everyday life, and wake up each morning feeling happy about who you are, your choices, and all the promises of the road ahead.

Dr. Sue’s visionary model and techniques ignite an entirely new approach to living in creative genius and personal freedom through capturing and enhancing high-frequency energy patterns in the body. And now Dr. Sue has partnered with Flourish, so she can extend her model and techniques to as many people as possible.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • cultivate a different sense of self that is internally focused instead of outwardly focused
  • nourish your inner-peace, so no matter what happens, you feel that it’s ok
  • create miracles and live a life you’re ecstatic about
  • use your body as your anchor through lifestyle changes
  • use breathing techniques and exercises to harness your energy

Don’t wait another day asking yourself “Why am I not happy?”—start living a life you’re ecstatic about.

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