When to Give up on a Relationship & Know If You’re Settling for Mr. Nice Instead of Mr. Right

So often, we find ourselves willing to take a chance with that less-than-perfect guy, but too often end up discovering their fatal flaw later on down the line that ruins the relationship.

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You may end up believing that everyone you want, doesn’t want you, and everyone who wants you is someone you don’t want. This leads to a perpetual cycle of self doubt and creates a willingness to settle for someone who isn’t right for you. There’s a connection, but it’s not the deep, all-encompassing love you’ve always dreamed of.

How do you know when to give up on a relationship, or know when you’re settling?

Signs That You’re Settling

How do you know if you’re settling? When should you give up on a relationship?

According to dating expert, Evan Marc Katz, it really boils down to your feelings within the relationship. Do you feel like you’re “in love” but you struggle to relax around your mate? Are you constantly worried he’ll pass judgement on you? Do you feel like you can’t let your guard down? These are all feelings that indicate you’re settling for someone who can never make you happy. You’re choosing chemistry over compatibility.

Sad couple frustrated by their issues

Rather, choose true compatibility over chemistry. Appraise a man based on his ability to make you insanely happy in the long-run, not based on fleeting emotions you’re having in the moment. If you choose compatibility, you’ll be less likely to be asking yourself when to give up on a relationship.

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