If “Nice” People Don’t Do It For You, You’re Not Doomed—You Just Need To Make One Powerful Change

You know the story all too well:

You’re single for a while, wondering when love will ever come. Then, after you’ve nearly given up hope, it happens: you meet someone who sets your heart on fire.

The chemistry is so good, you can’t sleep. You lose weight without trying. There’s a spring in your step, and you have more energy than you did when you were 10.

You think to yourself, “This is it.”

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Finally, finally, somebody gets you and wants you. You’re attracted emotionally, intellectually, physically. You can’t believe your luck.

Whatever you do, you Don’t. Want. To. Mess. This. Up.

So you get busy.

You Do Everything You Can To Make Mr. Or Ms. Right Happy

Suddenly, everything else in your life takes a backseat to mission “make them love me.” To make them think they’ve hit the jackpot with you. To never, ever think about leaving you.

You do nice little things. You surprise them with tickets to their favorite band. You run errands, you cook, you give massages.

And as you’re working your little buns off, you’re too busy to notice that some things about your new love are a little, well, off.

Maybe it’s an off-putting comment about your weight. Or the gruff way he treated the waiter when he brought the wrong order. Or her tendency to belittle your best efforts (“That’s nice, honey. Maybe next time you can slow down a little so it doesn’t look so slap-dash.”)

Over time, there may be signs you can’t ignore: psychological issues, addictions, abuse. But you make excuses. You’ve invested so much, you’re not about to give up now.

You don’t want to admit it, but your relationship is toxic. You feel bad more often than not. But you live off of the wonderful moments when he or she makes you feel on cloud 9, when you wish time would stop.

Inevitably, You Crash And Burn—And The Pain Is Great

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your once-adoring lover decides you’re no longer worth staying with. The pain is intense when they end the relationship, and you go through withdrawal symptoms.

Or you may be in a long and drawn-out battle where you keep “trying,” until your spirit is so trampled upon that you forget who you are.

Somewhere along the way, you decide you’ve had ENOUGH.

You decide that things must change, and you vow to give the “good ones” a chance.

There’s only one small problem.

You’re afraid you’re incapable of being attracted to healthy people. You worry that you’re somehow programmed to fall in love with partners who will ultimately make you suffer.

In fact, seemingly decent, honest, kind people are downright…boring to you.

I Have Bad News And Good News: In A Way, You’re Right

You ARE programmed to attract only unhealthy partners.

Somewhere in your life, you learned to associate pain with love. You learned to believe you had to work hard for any scrap of affection.

Maybe you learned it from your parents, or your ancestors, or your early relationships.

But here’s the very good news:

This programming is NOT you. If you learned it from someone else, it’s someone ELSE’S story and stuff—not yours.

And yes, those people you learned it from, learned it from someone else, too.

It’s up to you to break the cycle.

You can do it. I know you can, because if you’ve gotten this far in this message, you’re open to new possibilities. You’ve recognized yourself, which means you’re self aware.

The only thing missing is self love.

Make The Shift That Transforms Your Ability To Attract Healthy Love

When you don’t have self love, you automatically attract people who also can’t love you. And they can’t love you because—you guessed it—they don’t love themselves.

They are victims of their own negative programming.

But you don’t need to be.

When you learn to cultivate self love, something miraculous happens. You raise your energetic frequency.

See, everything is energy, and everything vibrates at a certain frequency. People who don’t love themselves vibrate at a low frequency.

Picture a circle divided in half horizontally. The people who have self love and are vibrating at a high frequency (the upper-half of the circle) cannot attract those vibrating at a low frequency (bottom half)—and vice versa.

Change your frequency vibration from low to high, and you instantly have access to a whole other pool of people!

My program Self Love For True Love teaches you how to be deeply, wildly attracted to the “good ones” by shifting your heart from low frequency to high frequency.

I know that at this point, it’s hard for you to imagine anything like this—that you could be incredibly attracted to someone who is actually good for you. There’s a simple reason for this.

Since you’ve never experienced a passionate relationship that is ultimately healthy, you simply don’t know what it looks like…yet!

Through guided exercises and exploratory questionnaires, you’ll undergo my HeartShift change reaction process:

  • You’ll get completely clear on what your heart truly desires (the same wants and needs you’ve been dismissing and minimizing in your toxic relationships)
  • You’ll let go of the people and situations that don’t serve you (including any past emotional ties still lingering within you)
  • You’ll learn to forgive yourself and step into the energy of the present so you can create your beautiful new future filled with healthy love

Once you initiate the HeartShift through the program, and you start getting even just a taste of what’s possible for you—you’ll SEE firsthand just how different healthy love looks and feels.

Your whole being—body, mind, and heart—will be newly attuned to attract a positive romantic relationship.

Another big reason you can’t envision healthy, romantic love is because after struggling so much in relationships, you’ve created a “story” about why you’re not cut out for an easy, fulfilling relationship.

In Self Love For True Love, you’ll understand just how much this old story is holding you back. And that’s just what it is—an old story. As you move through the program, you’ll stop defining yourself—and driving your life—by a narrative that is not really you. Instead, you’ll step into the story you were born to live:

Start Attracting Healthy Love Now

Once you discover your innate lovableness, you will ONLY be attracted to the person who will make painful relationships a thing of your past.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. I love helping people move on from the pain of toxic relationships and discover, often in amazement, that they are perfectly capable of attracting healthy love:

“I’ve been a client of Marcy Neumann for many months and find it hard to describe what she does for me. She is part earth-mother, part genius, part new-age healer, part psychologist, part adviser & coach and all magnificent. She has a way of getting to the root of the matter/issue without a bunch of “stuff” getting in the way. Marcy is intuitive and somehow seems to get deeply inside my head and body to work on whatever needs work at that particular time. The process is always painless, often fun and always amazing.”

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