The Search Is Over: Here’s How To Live A Life You’re Ecstatic About

Do you have a lot going for you in your life, yet you still feel that there’s a gaping emptiness inside?

Maybe you feel that you should count your blessings, but instead you can’t help but focus more on why you feel so unfulfilled and unhappy.

Sure, you have some moments of real delight. You’re able to enjoy moments in your life, but when you wake up in the morning there’s just something missing.

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Maybe you’ve amassed an impressive list of accomplishments or accoutrements.

Maybe you are very successful in your career, with peers who look up to you and aspire to be like you.

You might have your financial affairs in order, with more than enough to retire and take care of those around you.

Or you could simply have a comfortable living—not lacking anything.

And yet, there’s this hole you can’t ignore.

Will you ever be satisfied?

What Is Really Driving Your Life? (On The Outside Is NOT Where It’s At)

If the world of celebrity is any indication, outward success does not equal inward fulfillment.

It’s often the painful opposite.

Suicide, drug abuse, and relationship disasters abound amongst the “elite.”

You might also have heard of the famous study that shows lottery winners return to their baseline state of happiness within a few years of receiving their prize money.

Clearly, you’re not filled up by what you get “out there.”

As long as you constantly look for a sense of fulfillment from the outer world, you will be disappointed.

What you might not realize is that having an outward focus simply means you’re living in your head.

And the head is not where your true self is, or where true fulfillment lies.

The Liberating News: You Can Call Off The Search Party

Life is supposed to be happening for you, and you’re meant to feel totally and completely fulfilled.

This may be hard to believe from where you stand now. Is there something wrong with you that you haven’t been able to feel this?

The reality is that you came into this world feeling completely fulfilled. There was nothing you needed—except love—to feel whole.

When we are searching for fulfillment, we are really yearning for a feeling of all-encompassing love.

What we’ve forgotten, through years of negative conditioning and misuse of our energy, is that love is always THERE—it’s just buried beneath the layers of gunk our mind-centered way of living has brought us.

It’s Time To Get Off The Road To Nowhere—Here’s How

If you’re not having the outcomes you want and not getting what you want in life, it’s because you’re living in your head.

Your energetic life force is not in your head, it’s in your body.

When you’re anchored in the energy of your body, you instantly connect with a boundless sense of fulfillment—and then you can actually direct your energy to creating what you want in life.

See, when you’re chasing fulfillment “out there,” you’re looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places, and it’s exhausting. You’re essentially on a fruitless search that only leaves you drained and in despair.

This is why people who apparently “have it all” can be terribly depressed. They may end up self imploding, losing everything they apparently built.

Energy Is The Only Real Superpower (And It’s Already Inside You)

People ask me all the time how I manage to do all I do. It would not be possible if I wasn’t anchored in my body and using my energy the way I do. Here’s a little secret—I’ve learned how to pull energy from outside my body.

It’s my superpower, but not because I have something special you don’t. We ALL have access to this power, because energy is all ONE source.

I can teach you how to tap into this superpower in little ways that add up to increased vitality and fulfillment. What I want to help you do is to create an unwavering connection with the universe where you are in the flow.

In my program, Energy For Life, I’ll teach you secret ways to build energy and nourish yourself in everyday life—as you’re sitting at a stoplight, brushing your teeth, pulling into your garage, or cooking dinner.

You’ll learn why affirmations and gratitude journals alone don’t work—you need to take it to the body and strengthen the energy circuits to truly create more great stuff in your life.

You’re going to learn how to cultivate a different felt sense of self that is not anchored “out there.” This sense of self is rooted within you, the core self that is with you your entire life and with you wherever you go, independent of external circumstances.

True fulfillment is being more than okay no matter what happens to you because you know life is happening THROUGH you. As long as you’re living in your head, you will not be able to create a life you love.

In Energy For Life, you’ll learn to live fully anchored in your body—through specific lifestyle changes, breathing techniques, and body exercises that finally bring you the fulfillment you’ve fruitlessly been searching for out there.

True Fulfillment Starts Here

Imagine waking up each morning feeling that life is happening for you and that you have everything you need. This is your birthright, and it’s what I’ll teach you to live every day in Energy For Life.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. If life keeps knocking you down with one challenge after another, you don’t want to hear that it’s all a lesson. You’re tired of lessons!

Energy For Life is about getting to that growth WITHOUT the pain that’s usually required for learning:

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