Enjoy The Ecstatic Feeling Of Falling Head Over Heels—Anytime You Want

Do you love falling in love?

One day, you’re feeling ho-hum about your life—going through the motions and maybe not entirely sure where you’re going.

The next, you meet someone who seems to have grabbed deep inside your soul and switched you on.

There’s a spring in your step, a purpose to your life, and just a feeling of being completely alive.

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Just what did this person do to you—and, more importantly, do you have to wait to meet a special someone in order to experience so much energy, hope, and joy?

It all seems so out of your control. But the truth is that even though it may seem like someone outside of you is responsible for you feeling one way or another, they’re simply igniting the energy already within you.

Yes, like a dormant volcano, all those “in love” feelings are always within you—waiting to be tapped into…by you! But how?

Love Is Always A Choice—Not Luck Of The Draw

Everything in the universe—including every emotion—is energy. And all energy has a certain vibrational frequency.

The vibrational frequency of love is very high, which is why falling in love feels like you’re on cloud nine.

By contrast, depression has a very low vibration, which is why it’s hard to get out of bed when you’re feeling down.

The wonderful thing is that vibrational frequency works like a radio station, and YOU get to choose the channel. Want proof? Sometimes, it’s accidental.

Have you ever noticed that even when you’re depressed, you might catch yourself laughing because of something funny someone said? In that moment, you literally tuned out of the “depression” channel and into the “laughter” channel.

The Love Channel Is Always “On” And Waiting For You To Tune In

While it may seem like someone has the power to make you feel feelings of love, those feelings are always available on command—24/7—when you tune in to the frequency of love.

You may wonder why you’ve only been able to access this haphazardly—or maybe only a few times in your life.

Well, as a doctor of energy medicine, I’ve been delving into this topic for decades. What I’ve found is that if you’re not feeling boundless energy and loving feelings whenever you want, it means you need to build more circuitry for love in your body.

Circuitry is what allows energy—including love—to move within you.

And this can literally happen all the time if you make LOVE your default frequency. The bonus is that when you do this, not only do you feel totally alive, but everything in your life begins to unfold in miraculous ways—all of which will make you feel even more in love with your life!

The Longing For Love Is Really A Longing For YOU

Maybe you’ve been single for years, and your heart hurts because you don’t have someone special to share your life with.

Maybe you’ve been with a partner for decades, but there’s a painful disconnection between the two of you.

Whenever you’re wishing for more love, it’s actually a message from the core of who you are. See, your authentic self is totally love.

And so, anytime you catch yourself wanting someone outside of you to bring you more love, it’s time to turn inward and fire up the flames of love already within you.

Take your eyes off what’s going on in your life and tune into the frequency of love, and magic starts happening.

People start showing up who actually want to create a healthy relationship with you.

Your partner starts being more romantic and more attentive.

And it all starts because YOU chose love first.

Build The Right Circuits And Feel More In Love Than Ever

When you focus on building circuits for love within yourself, you do something incredible—you create a fantastic relationship with yourself.

And that’s the MOST ATTRACTIVE thing anyone can do.

Think about it: YOU are the person you’ll spend the most time within your whole life. If you’re thrilled to pieces about being with YOU, then you have everything—and a great relationship is the icing on the cake.

What’s more, people who generate love for themselves are attracted to other people who do the same. They don’t need someone else to fill them up and make them feel good, which is why they usually create healthy, functional relationships.

When you’re out in the world filled up with your own love, you beam with purpose, passion, and possibility. You WANT a partner, but you don’t NEED one to feel amazing. People immediately get that being with you is going to expand their experience of joy.

It’s so opposite of what people usually do—which is to come into relationships from a place of neediness. From this place, you’re going to attract another person desperate for the love they’re not tapping into for themselves.

But when two people come together already filled up on the frequency of love, the relationship is like nothing else on Earth—and feels a million times better than what falling in love has felt to you so far.

As a doctor specializing in energy medicine, I teach people how to heal themselves and create ecstatic states of being simply by tuning in to the powerful energy already in their bodies.

And in my program, Energy For Life, I’ll show you how to live in love all the time, no matter what’s happening around you—and whether you have a partner or not. You’ll learn the same tools, techniques, and exercises I teach to my private clients and in my seminars—and the same methods I use to build more love circuitry in my own body.

You’ll learn the Heart-Coherence breath—a simple technique that allows you to come into a state of union and activates the “falling in love” feeling so you can have the life you’re meant to be living.

Waiting to fall in love is no fun. But Energy For Life is not only going to transform the way you live your life, but I’ve also made the program as enjoyable to do as possible—because I know that when things are fun, we tend to stick to them!

Feel In Love All The Time

It’s not pie-in-the-sky thinking to want to feel in love all the time. It’s what you’re meant to experience in this life—we all are! I can’t wait to show you how.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

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