It Only Takes A Few Seconds To Step Into Peaceful Presence

Do you wake up in the morning and immediately feel a sense of dread as you run through your to-do list?

Do you sometimes catch yourself not even being present in the moment? Your body’s there, but your mind is off somewhere else.

Perhaps you get in the car and arrive at your destination, but you have no memory of what happened between point A and point B—you were off fantasizing as your body did the driving.

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What about when you take a walk, exercise, or even travel? Are you really taking the experience in, or are you just going through the motions?

Do you reach for your smartphone even before you’ve gotten out of bed and then cycle aimlessly through your news feed and emails?

If you can relate to any of the above, welcome to the club.

Distraction and lack of presence are commonplace in today’s world. It’s all too easy to live in our heads.

Disembodied Head Syndrome: Where’s The Rest Of You?

When you’re living in your head, you completely cut yourself off from the vast wisdom and energy of your body.

Your body is an incredible machine—not just housing your organs but your feelings, which are essentially your compass in life.

When you disconnect from your body by going up into your head—thinking, fretting, planning, deciding, analyzing—you disconnect from yourself.

It may seem as if the intellect can guide us to experience life, but the feelings in your body are where true experience exists.

Just think of what happens when you fall in love. Can you make yourself fall in love just by telling yourself all the good reasons you should love someone?

Not at all. The opposite is also true: when you are in love, it’s hard to conceptualize and describe the feeling of love—it’s something you simply have to experience.

And experience is always in your body, where the limits and constraints of the mind do not exist.

Stepping Into The Full Experience Of You

In essence, when you live in your head you deprive yourself of the experience of life—and you miss out on the wisdom of your body.

That’s why it doesn’t feel good you when you catch yourself thinking about some drama in your life while you’re playing with your children.

And it’s why you don’t get any new answers when you’re analyzing a certain situation for the tenth time.

Now, when you’ve been used to living in your head for so long, it may seem impossible to stop.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through years of therapy or do a shamanic ritual or meditate in silence for 10 days.

Instead, there’s a very simple yet highly effective way to instantly anchor into your body and experience immediate presence and peace.

Do it once and you’ll immediately notice the power of this move.

Practice it and make it a habit, and you’ll soon find yourself truly living your life rather than passing through it.

You just have to get over the funny name.

1, 2, 3: Do The Mula Bandha With Me

I say Mula Bandha, and you say hula what?

Mula Bandha is a sanskrit term meaning “root lock.” It’s about locking the consciousness down in the body instead of letting it shoot up into the head where we live all the time.

We want to learn how to pull ourselves down into the body, and the mula bandha is where it’s at. The way you do mula bandha is you contract the tissues deep in the pelvic bowl.

“What?” you say. “How do I do that?”

Simple. You just squeeze.

You squeeze everything you’ve got “down there.” It’s the muscles in the base of the pelvic bowl—a squeezing and a lifting of the perineum. It might include the sphincter muscles, the gluteal muscles, and the abdominal muscles

If you contract them all, eventually you’ll want to release those outer layers and keep this inner aspect of the tissues constricted.

What this does is allow the energy to be drawn down here. See, when we’re in our minds, we’re allowing all our precious energy to run amok. That’s why living in our heads makes us feel so drained and depleted.

By doing the Mula Bandha, you instantly become present while harnessing energy instead of fettering it away.

It’s such a powerful technique that it’s one of my foundational teachings. And even dedicated yoga practitioners find that it breathes new life into their existing practice. What’s more, you can do Mula Bandha anywhere, and nobody will notice. Consider it your secret weapon in stressful situations or even when you’re sitting in traffic!

Simple Practices For Daily Vibrant Living

Mula Bandha is not the only way to get centered in your body, but it’s a great place to start.

In my video program Energy For Life, I’ll demonstrate the Mula Bandha and many other exercises for getting out of your head and into your body.

When you combine these with the breathwork in the program, you have a myriad of powerful tools available to you whenever you need them. That means that you’re also less likely to engage in behaviors that don’t work when you’re stressed—like mindlessly reaching for a chocolate bar or checking your email for the 12th time.

If you’ve tried everything to cope with stress, anxiety, and worry, you’ll be amazed at the shortcut to peace and presence your body can give you.

Knowing how to drop into your body and live there more and more each day will make you feel more alive and add more hours to your day—simply because you’re not using up precious energy through your mind.

Built into the program are calisthenic exercises you can do anytime and anywhere which will further anchor you into your body, as well as breathing techniques that can bring you into a state of calm, no matter what’s going on in your life.

Once you master this new way of being—of living in your body—you’ll see that you’ve been making life much harder than it needs to be.

Make Life So Much Easier

You’re here to experience life to the fullest. Thinking your way through life is never the answer. Feeling fully alive is waiting for you in your wondrous body.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. In my program Energy For Life, I’ll teach you a key move to do with the Mula Bandha: squeezing the heart.

These two exercises combined are very powerful. When you learn to do them, you’ll feel so good you won’t let a day go by without them.

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