What’s The Secret To Loving Your Life And Feeling Good In Your Body? It Starts With This…

What would your day look like if you absolutely loved your life? Imagine it…

You bound out of bed each morning, energized, joyful, and ready to start the day. You feel really good from your head down to your toes—light, agile, and youthful.

You can’t wait to go on your morning walk or hit the gym because your body is brimming with energy and vitality. Every day, you feel stronger and healthier.

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Everything gives you immense pleasure, even the little things: the sun on your face, the warmth and aroma of a cup of tea, the song that plays on the radio.

You’re easily inspired and new ideas flow effortlessly. You can’t wait to put them into action. You don’t worry or feel anxious about the outcome, because even when you experience setbacks, you’re confident that life will ultimately work out in your favor.

You aren’t stressed. You’re patient and relaxed. You trust yourself. You trust life!

You feel whole—meaning, there’s nothing more you need to be, achieve, or do in order to feel completely at ease and fulfilled.

Ahhh…Doesn’t that all sound magnificent?

For most of us, this is a way of being that we strive for, but rarely achieve for long. So much gets in the way that we think we have to deal with, or solve first.

Maybe we’re in a bad job, an abusive relationship, feel isolated, or have health problems.

But it’s not our life circumstances that are stopping us from feeling vital and joyful.

It’s something else…

You’ll Love Your Life When…

What will it take for you to love your life?

Maybe you figure you’ll feel happier when you can:

  • get the right remedy for your aches and pains
  • make more money, pay off your debt, so you can work less and play more
  • have a loving relationship or better friendships
  • lose some weight
  • get more exercise
  • switch careers
  • move to a better location

It would seem that happiness and vitality is right around the corner, except it isn’t, because there’s always going to be something you need to solve, work on, or worry about.

Once one problem gets resolved, another one pops up immediately. Isn’t that the way it seems?

Instead of loving your life and feeling fulfilled, you’re constantly in your head, looking for reasons you’re not quite there…YET.

Your mind loves to seek out and analyze what’s wrong with your life. You wonder if you should make real changes, and when. You worry that the changes will make things worse. You imagine all the ways in which you can fail. You pick apart each option, looking for the right answer, going around in circles, ending right back where you started.

All this thinking and pondering, for years or decades, and has it brought you closer to bliss? Nope. You still feel stuck and unfulfilled.

Life Isn’t Supposed To Feel Like A Struggle—And You’re Not Supposed To Try So Hard

You haven’t “solved” the problem of loving your life, despite all that thinking.

Meanwhile, with each passing day, you feel more drained and less well. Maybe you’re getting backaches and headaches. Maybe you’re sinking into lethargy and depression. Maybe you’re starting to wonder if there’s ever going to be more to life than just getting by.

Ironically, it’s not your life circumstances that are zapping you of energy and vitality.

What’s draining you is the very process of going around and around in your head with all that analyzing, worrying, pondering, and reasoning.

Here’s a truth: life isn’t supposed to feel like a struggle.

Life is supposed to flow.

It’s supposed to work for us, not against us.

That’s because everything is made of energy, including our bodies, which are just a concentrated form of the same energy that makes up the whole of the universe. The energy of life flows through us and around us, and is available to us at any moment to help us heal and to give us vitality for living.

We’re meant to be energetic in our life experience, and if we’re not experiencing that energy, it’s because something is blocking it.

When we’re tired and uninspired, it’s because the vital flow of life energy is being blocked by recurring negative thoughts, past trauma, worry, anxiety, and fear.

I call this energy-blocking, stuck-in-your-head stuff “GUNK.”

Gunk prevents our bodies from gaining access to the energy to fully heal. It blocks us from sensing our body’s wisdom and intuition.

It blocks us from feeling our best and it stops us from loving our life.

That’s the bad news…

The good news is that there is a way to clear out the gunk and get back the unconditional joy and vitality that is your birthright.

It starts with a simple technique that can help bring you back into the magnificence of your body and feel whole, alive, and awake in your life.

How To Get Back Your Natural Vitality, Feel Good In Your Body, And Love Your Life

Fifteen years into my career as a doctor, I was not loving my life. I was overworked, overstressed, and in pain with migraines that would immobilize me.

I decided to ease my stress through meditation, and that led me to having a transcendent experience that gave me the most beautiful sensation of complete fulfillment I’d ever known. There was nowhere that I needed to be and nowhere I wanted to go. I had nothing to accomplish, nothing to strive for or solve.

I experienced myself as a ray of pure energy. I was whole. I was complete. At last!

But I couldn’t replicate that transcendent state afterward, no matter how hard I tried.

That led me to doing extensive research in principles grounded in ancient wisdom, quantum science, and timeless spirituality. I wanted to learn the secret to embodying a sense of aliveness and wholeness, and being connected to life’s essence itself, regardless of circumstance.

The techniques and principles I learned changed my life.

Since then, I’ve shared what I discovered with tens of thousands of people through my book, seminars, and workshops, and helped them get back vital energy and a zest for life.

I want to share these teachings with you through a video program I created called Energy For Life. In this video, I reveal the science-based principles and demonstrate techniques that will show you:

  • How to create a new life experience that awakens you to your true, essential self and allows you to stay optimistic and enthusiastic about life, no matter what happens
  • Breathing and centering techniques that draw vital energy to you and help you cultivate your intuition
  • Body movement exercises that allow you to feel more energized and supple, without exhausting you or stressing you more
  • Nutrition principles and advice that reveal what you should eat or avoid in order to protect your body from illness and imbalances
  • How to be unconditionally loving toward yourself and love your life, and more!

You can start watching the video program, risk-free now:

Start Loving Your Life

When you learn how to tap into the natural and abundant energy that’s always available to you, everything will change for you.

You’ll accomplish what you want to accomplish, with ease and grace.

You’ll feel inspired and alive.

You’ll love yourself.

And you’ll love your life.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. Are you a worrier? Does it drain you of energy and leave you emotionally flat? In Energy For Life, you’ll learn a 2-step process for ending worry so you can face your life with courage and enthusiasm. Start watching risk-free here:

Stop Worrying

Become The Best You Possible And Live Your Best Life

  • The secret to living a deeply fulfilling, love-filled life
  • Banish regret, worry and self-doubt
  • Know what’s in your heart… and follow it
  • Free yourself from self-judgement and fear
  • Generate energy and wellness to supercharge your life
  • Create happiness for the rest of your life

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