If You Keep Going Around In Circles, You Simply Haven’t Built The Circuits

How often have you set yourself goals you haven’t seen through?

If you give up after an initial hoorah or you’re just simply not where you want to be despite your efforts, you may think you just don’t have it in you.

Or that other people have figured out some magic formula for success you haven’t.

But there’s no such thing.

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What I’ve found, after over 30 years of helping people make massive leaps in their lives, is that you simply need to build more circuits.

I speak about circuits frequently because the amount of energetic circuits in our bodies is the key to living an expansive and magnificent life.

But what are circuits exactly, and why do we need to build them?

Understanding How We Build Circuits And Why We Need Them

There are two systems that run our bodies. One is an electromagnetic energy system and the other one is the central nervous system.

The electromagnetic energy system has to do with the part of you that you can’t really put your finger on but can feel around your body sometimes.

For example, have you ever been sitting and working on your computer, and, without hearing or seeing anything, you sense someone is there? What has happened is this person stepped into your electromagnetic energy field. You could feel them because the electromagnetic energy field is much bigger than your physical body.

If the electromagnetic energy system is chaotic, dispersed, weakened, or agitated, it keys the nervous system to be on-guard and to sense that something is not safe. This causes us to start looking around with our five senses to figure out: Am I safe? Do I hear anything? Do I see anything? What’s happening?

So, the circuits running through the electromagnetic system act as a communications system. By building more circuits in our system, we can begin to expand our experience of the life we live.

What Happens To You When Circuits Go Awry

Our subconscious set of circuits—the part we’re not really in touch with or aware of—is the part that’s driving our lives.

Based on the circuitry we’re born with, we start to develop a limited way of interacting with everything and everyone around us. The way we respond to others—parents, teachers, bosses, and friends—is all based upon circuitry we have put in place.

The issue is, this circuitry wasn’t built by our authentic self, but from our protective self, or our ego. Our ego is simply the part of ourselves that functions from a limited awareness of the world and is in place to protect us. (I like to call it our “protective personality.”)

With our protective personality, we have an image of who we are, how things are supposed to go, and how we’re supposed to perform in the world.

It’s all based upon what we think we should be doing. And so we go through school, go into the work world, develop relationships, and find ways of engaging in the outer world that’s based on a limited version of our true self.

Why The Mind Is So Poor At Manifesting

Without enough circuitry in place, we can’t anchor our awareness in a consistent enough fashion for our dreams to manifest.

We constantly have new ideas and grand ideas of the life we would love to be living. We make plans and become excited, but then a few months down the road, we don’t even remember having that amazing vision or the details of how magnificent it felt when we first starting planning it.

This is why we so often lose touch with that New Year’s Eve resolution we came up with, or that inspiring vision we have for ourselves.

We place images on our vision board in the hopes they will manifest, but we soon fall out of the flow and get distracted from where we really wanted to go.

We end up starting over all the time, growing more and more despondent that we even have the capacity to create what we want. In essence, we’ve lost the connection with our true self—the part of us that can create our lives the way we want.

Building Circuitry To Tap Our Authentic Self And Live In Flow

The truth is that you are a magnificent being that has the power to be in constant co-creation with life. If you’re not living from this place all the time, it’s simply because you haven’t built the circuits to tap into it on a day-to-day basis.

If you had the circuits in place to access it, you would be living from a constant flow of knowingness, courageously speaking your truth with every breath and living from your heart-of-hearts. Living from your true self, you would feel completely whole and at peace with the world as well as your place within it.

To tap into this truth, you have to start living in a way that allows you to be creative and empowered and begin generating your life experiences instead of waiting for someone else to create something for you.

You have to stop sitting around waiting for your life to begin, because that’s not your destiny. It’s not what you’re built for.

Building Circuits For An Expansive, Creative Life

We came here to this life to have a creative expression in the world and to experience and generate heaven on earth.

If you’re not experiencing a sense of heaven on earth, it’s because your electromagnetic energy system isn’t flowing in an organized way. It isn’t generating a strong enough impulse to trigger your nervous system to build the synapses and wiring of nerve impulses to ground, anchor, and sustain it.

You have to build a way of living that allows you to be in constant touch with this energy flow so that you can access the True, Soulful part of yourself.

When you maintain this connection, you no longer identify with your protective personality, the part of you that is hypervigilant and always looking to the outer world to see if you’re okay.

Creating A Sustainable Set Of Circuits For A Magnificent Life

If you have a hard time with follow-through or completing the loops on the grand visions and dreams in your life, then it’s time to build more circuits in your system.

To accomplish your life goals, you have to build the circuitry, or pathways of communication, to be able to acknowledge them, ignite them, and sustain them long enough that they can actually manifest in your life.

In my Energy For Life program, you’ll learn how to complete those loops of your goals and build the neuro-circuitry to sustain your visions that come from your true, authentic self.

We begin by building a sensory awareness at the core of our being that allows us to reference this sensation constantly. We must always be in touch with the gut—in touch with our heart-of-hearts and our own deep wisdom that’s already been collected in our lives.

Then, I teach you specific lifestyle adjustments, breathing techniques, and body exercises I’ve refined over the past 30 years. These are the same methods I’ve been teaching to doctors, clients, patients, and yogis—and they’re the same ones I used myself to live a life I’m wildly ecstatic about.

Your Dreams Are Waiting For You

I invite you to tap into the tremendous wisdom and wealth of information that is waiting for you, to learn how to build more circuitry and begin living the life of your dreams.

Once you get the hang of building circuits, you’ll marvel at how easy it feels to stick to your goals and bask in the rewards they bring you!

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. Life is supposed to be for you—flowing for you.

If it’s not, you’re in the right place (see, life IS in your favor)!

My specialty is finding out what your perceived obstacles are and removing them so you can stop struggling and live magnificently:

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