There’s Something Important You Want To Say—Here’s How To Summon The Strength To Say It

Do you ever feel insecure or unsure of yourself?

Have you ever hesitated to share in a discussion even though you knew the answer?

Have you lacked confidence in moments when you knew you could make a difference, yet you remained silent?

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You feel like you know you could say something that would be valuable, and yet it doesn’t come out of your mouth?

If that is happening with you, there’s a reason.

And the reason may surprise you.

In these moments of hesitation or withholding, your energy is dispersed out of your deep, core wisdom, and instead, you are most likely in your head and overthinking things.

Overthinking pulls you out of your core power and strength, and can result in feeling insecure, insufficient, and creates a tendency to compare yourself to everything around you.

Your Spirit, Your Body, Your Mind—And Where True Wisdom Resides

Even though it may seem as if wisdom comes from the intellect, your mind is only a very small fraction of your being.

In fact, we are spiritual beings born into physical bodies.

No matter what happens to your body, your spirit remains untouched. You can be ill or lose a limb, and you are still you.

Your spirit also knows the right answer and the right decision in any situation, because it is an expression of infinite, divine intelligence—the same intelligence that makes the sun rise and set every day, without fail.

How does spirit communicate with you? Through gut feelings, a lump in the throat, or a pang in the heart. These sensations are key messages that let you know the right move for you in every moment.

When you trust these signals from your body, you always feel strong and sure of yourself. There is no need for you to hesitate or doubt yourself, because you know you’re getting a clear read from your spirit.

The problem happens when you bypass the body by trying to take a shortcut directly into the mind. When you go up into your head and engage in overthinking, you’re essentially dispersing the true energy of you AWAY from you.

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was off about someone you met, and later you realized your gut was right all along?

Your head may have been thinking, “This person is so charming, what could possibly be wrong?”

And yet you just got a funny vibe that later turned out to be true—the person wasn’t what you THOUGHT he was.

Your FEELING was right all along.

Your Power Is Always Within You, In Every Moment—You Just Need To Know How To Access It

If you’re always looking to your mind for the answers, when in fact they’re waiting for you in your body, you can see why you’ve felt unsure and insecure. You can understand why you’ve doubted and second-guessed yourself—after all, you were looking for answers in the wrong place!

You’ve hesitated to speak up because you haven’t allowed your body to speak to you.

When we disperse our energy by going into our heads, we lose our power and start looking everywhere “out there” to find a way of ensuring we’re safe and to make sure everything’s okay.

We begin constantly, and hyper-vigilantly, looking externally for validation, which causes us to feel insecure and unsure of ourselves as we are.

This fractured, insecure version of you is not the real you.

We must learn to remain grounded and integrated, deep in our hearts and bellies, so we can have access to our wisdom all the time, without question.

Learning to access our core wisdom—something so basic to our foundational being—is our greatest tool.

Our heart and core is our greatest power, and when connected, it reveals our truth, our authenticity, and allows us to walk straight through a situation without a quiver, without a wobble, and most importantly, in a state of loving grace.

Taming The Mind, Pulling Your Energy Back, And Finding Your Strength

We must learn to tame the mind and empower ourselves by staying grounded in our bodies, where our wisdom is always ready to be accessed.

And we must realize that our personal power isn’t personal—it’s part of the power that flows through all of creation.

When we realize we are part of the awesomeness of creation, we know we must be magnificent. We also know we are not alone; we are all connected.

With this knowing, the mind then becomes much more productive, rather than constantly questioning you or causing you to feel like you don’t belong, which then causes the illusion of a separate self or personality self just trying to survive on this planet.

There is so much more in store for you. You are much stronger than you think. You’re stronger than you can think, until you train the mind how to steward this amazing creative essence that you truly are.

And so, once we learn how to tap deep into this core wisdom and call ourselves back into this instead of getting all up in our heads in life, we begin to feel and experience our authentic self.

We begin to experience ourselves as the deep, strong individual that is wise and that is certain and that is clear and that we know deep inside we are meant to be.

How To Come Back To Your Core And Find Your Strength, Any Time

When you want to either find your strength or feel your strength again, you must first call yourself back home again by anchoring into your body. You need to retrain yourself to stop trying to take shortcuts into the mind, because now you know they never work.

I’ll teach you exactly how to do this in my video program Energy For Life.

I created this program after spending decades discovering how to harness the energy and strength in my body—and teaching thousands around the world to do the same.

Remember: spirit speaks to the body, and THEN the body speaks to the mind. That means you cannot hear what your truth is telling you—or find the strength in your core—if you’re disconnected from your body.

You’ve spent so much time—possibly most of your life—living up in your head and trying to think your way through your experiences. This is a dead-end street, which is why you keep feeling unsure, lack confidence, and hold back from expressing what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

The breathing and movement techniques you learn in this program are a direct shortcut to your inner wisdom and strength. Work them, and you’ll automatically experience dramatic difference in how you show up in life.

Instead of feeling muzzled and hesitant to speak up, you’ll experience a lightness and certainty of being. And the more you share this, the more you’ll want to keep living in your strength. Because you will have discovered your power as a creator.

Unleash Your Inner Strength

When you begin living as the creator of your reality, you no longer feel something is missing; the fact is, there isn’t anything missing other than what you can come up with to bring into the world.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. In Energy For Life, I’ll demonstrate specific exercises and breathing techniques that will allow you to anchor into your body, so that you can know what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you:

Exercises For Boosting Self-Confidence

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