Putting A Perpetual Spring In Your Step Is Easy When You Know How To Turn Yourself On

Think back to a time when you were falling in love.

Seemingly out of nowhere, someone awakened something within you, and it felt amazing.

Suddenly, you were inspired, hopeful, full of life.

You didn’t have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, you didn’t have to tell yourself to look on the bright side.

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Above all, you had a seemingly bottomless reserve of energy. You could get by on less sleep, you didn’t need that cup of coffee to get through the day, and you literally skipped your way through life.

Your heart rushed at the thought of meeting your beloved, and you couldn’t get to them fast enough.

You felt, in one word, alive.

The Big Question: Is It All Beyond Your Control?

You may think that falling in love is simply luck of the draw. That you have to wait for someone to awaken the loving feelings within you.

But you don’t.

Love is actually a choice, and it’s a vibrational frequency.

That boundless energy you were experiencing when you were falling in love is energy that is ALWAYS there—someone else just woke it up in you.

Because everything in the universe is energy, including love.

In this sense, love is like a radio station, and you can tune into it anytime.

You only think you need someone outside you to turn it on. You think you have to sit and wait for lightning to strike, when all the energy you need is already inside you.

So if that falling in love feeling is always there, why haven’t you been able to access it all the time?

Tuning Into Radio Love: Good Feelings On Command, Anywhere

As a doctor specializing in energy medicine, I teach people how to heal themselves and create ecstatic states of being simply by tuning in to the powerful energy already in their bodies.

If you’re not experiencing that loving feeling when you want to, it simply means you need to build more circuitry for love in your body.

Circuitry is what allows energy—including love—to move. Circuitry is what allows you to tune into Radio Love.

The wonderful thing is that when you make Radio Love your default station, not only do you feel tickled pink to be alive, everything in your life flows.

You’ll find that you’re okay in situations you otherwise wouldn’t be okay in, and you’ll have no idea why. Just like being in love.

Things won’t annoy you as much. Nothing will have the power to ruin your day. That spring in your step? It’s there for good, baby.

When You Pursue Love, You’re Really Looking For Wholeness

That longing within you to feel “in love” is really a desire to be one with the love already within you.

This is true whether you’re single or you’ve been with someone for years.

When you’re wishing that things could be different, and that your relationship could be different, what your core self is saying is that it’s time for more love to be free inside of you.

Because your authentic self is love. And everything is attracted to love.

When you choose to tune into the frequency of love already within you, miracles happen—so often that you don’t even look at them as miracles anymore.

Your distant partner becomes softer, more communicative.

The people who show up in your life actually want a healthy relationship, and they’re able to create one with you.

The Longest Relationship You’ll Ever Have Is With Yourself

Relationships are not about how you treat other people—they’re about how YOU treat you.

When you focus on building circuits for love within yourself, you’ll create the experience of being in love—all the time.

Then your experience starts “daring” the world to love you back, because you already have this great relationship with yourself—and people want in on that!

People are often building relationships from a place of lack—they’re looking for something outside themselves to give them those loving feelings.

When you flip this and you build the relationship within yourself first, you end up creating completely new kinds of relationships not based on neediness or desperation.

Instead, your relationships will vibrate with a sense of wholeness, which leads to a whole new kind of falling in love you haven’t even tasted yet.

How To Build The Right Circuits And Wake Up The Love

When love is present, everything makes sense. When it isn’t, nothing makes sense.

Not only do we not feel in love with our life, but we don’t have vibrancy, we don’t heal. Our bodies suffer because we’re not able to harness the healing energy within us.

In my program, Energy For Life, I’ll tell you how I’ve learned to live in love all the time, no matter what’s happening around me and who is there—or isn’t.

I’ll teach you how to feel love on command and how to practice multiplying love in everyday moments.

When you learn to do this, you become one with unobstructed creation—the life force that is constantly rejuvenating itself.

I’ll teach you the Heart-Coherence breath—a simple technique that allows you to come into a state of union and activates the “falling in love” feeling so you can have the life you’re meant to be living.

I’ve been teaching these methods to doctors, patients, and clients for over 30 years, and people say that for the first time they feel unconditional love—that feeling of joy without having to have something happen to you.

They’re also more inspired about living because they have a baseline of joyfulness that wasn’t there before.

When you go through Energy For Life, you’re going to drop into a deep sense of self that allows you to taste real love—so that you don’t need certain conditions to be ok. It’s pretty magical, and it starts here:

Build Circuits For Everlasting Love

My divine mission on this planet is to re-awaken people to their wholeness, because you’re meant to have an amazing experience here.

I care deeply about cracking the code of what it takes to drop inside ourselves, live into our wholeness, and have a life that is fulfilling and wonderful and utterly joyful. I look forward to awakening you to the love already inside.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. Energy For Life will awaken your “in love” feeling—whether you’re single or in a relationship.

If you’re looking to attract love, you got it. You’re going to become naturally magnetic. People will wonder what’s up with you.

If you’re with a partner, you’ll notice an incredible shift in your relationship dynamic, even if he or she has no idea you’re doing something different.

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