Worried? Stressed? Here’s How to Fast-Track Happiness and Regain Inner Peace During Challenging Times

I have a special video message for you today about how to regain inner peace if you’re feeling anxious, frazzled, or unhappy.

Science has cracked the code on what it takes to be happier every day, no matter what’s going on in your life.

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The Secret to Happiness

I know, because I’ve spent years interviewing some of the world’s happiest people and researching the field of positive psychology.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

You don’t need to change your external circumstances to be happier every day. All you need to do is learn certain simple habits and practice them daily.

In this case, learning to shift a few minutes a day from a mindset of “problems” to a mindset of “gratitude” can DRAMATICALLY ease your anxiety and bring you more happiness and inner peace.

In my video program, 30 Days to a Happier Life, you’ll learn more simple habits that will raise your happiness level, in bite-size, digestible, delicious nuggets of daily practices.

Start Your 30 Day Happiness Program

You’ll also learn:

  • 4 simple ways to train your brain to hold on to happy moments longer and have them “burned” into your memory bank easier, so you can look back on your past with joyful nostalgia instead of regret and longing
  • A simple strategy that uses brain science to reprogram your thoughts to a more positive and happier state
  • A fun, creative game you can play every day, by yourself, or with your partner or kids, that builds stronger neural pathways for happiness and keeps you humming in positivity
  • The Blame, Shame, and Complain Game: A fun money-based game that will train you to get out of “victim mode” at home, at work, or among your friends, so you can build positive mental habits and have greater success in life
  • The secret that happy people already know about how to have a positive attitude and love life no matter what kind of unfortunate, tragic, or unlucky things happen
  • What research says is evidence that your thoughts, emotions, and capacity for happiness has physical effects on your body and what to do to prevent unhappiness from damaging your vital organs

And much more!

I can’t wait for you to start your journey to being a happier person. Science says it’s possible, and completely do-able.

And because I’m your guide and mentor in this video program, it’s also a whole lot of fun ;-)

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

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