Learn The Secret To Raising Your “Happiness Set-Point,” So You Can Be Deeply Happy At Last

Most People Have The Wrong Idea About Happiness. I’ll Teach You How To Become A Permanently Happy Person, No Matter How Hard or Disappointing Life Gets
Fun, easy practices you can do in as little as 5 minutes a day for lifelong happiness

Have you spent your life searching for a kind of lasting happiness that seems to elude you?

You don’t get it. You know that you have a generally good life.

Maybe you’ve accomplished a lot. Or have friends and family who love you. Or have a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood. Your health isn’t perfect, but it’s not terrible. You have a career. Maybe it’s not your dream career, but at least you’re able to support yourself.

Marci Shimoff

#1 Best-Selling Author and Transformational Leader

You know you have very good reasons to be happy every day. So why aren’t you?

Other people you know have problems—serious problems. Yours may seem minor in comparison. Maybe you’ve joked that you have first world problems! (You’re having a bad hair day, your smartphone is glitchy, and the date you had this weekend fell through.)

On the other hand, you know that you’re doing better and are safer and have more than most people on the planet right now.

You should be joyful and content all the time! So why aren’t you?

Maybe you’ve had cause for celebration in your life, but it’s a blip on the radar. It’s easy to forget that you were happy for five minutes last month when you’re feeling so BLAH so much of the time.

You may wonder: "Is there something wrong with me? Am I just ungrateful? Or is there some physical or psychological reason I can’t seem to ever feel at peace in my life?"

You don’t know what to make of it.

Perhaps, over the years, you’ve been striving for the conditions you believed would get you there:

A better job, believing that your life would be so much less stressful and unpleasant if you actually cared about your work and liked the people you worked with.

A better relationship with your partner, believing that you’d be happier if you felt understood, adored, and supported by the person you love.

More money in your savings account, so you could finally afford to do or buy the things you’ve always dreamed of.

No more debt, because the freedom that it represents seems so expansive.

Better health or a shapelier body, so you could feel good in your skin and have energy.

Maybe your dream has been to succeed in business or to write a book or to have a million followers on social media.

You set goals, you plan, you work hard, you stay focused, and maybe one day you FINALLY get what you want. You breathe a sigh of relief and have a moment of elation. Awesome, you think.

But the good feeling? It fizzles out. Becomes yesterday’s news.

Before you know it, you’re right back to that gnawing feeling that something is STILL missing. And you’re still not happy!

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Raise Your “Happiness Set-Point”

The Confounding Nature Of Getting What You Want

The frustrating thing is, even when you get or achieve what you want, your good feelings DON’T LAST.

The new job doesn’t work out, your beautiful home needs repairs, your partner has health issues, you gain back ten pounds…and the cycle starts again.

The next job, the next purchase, the next project, the next obstacle…

Happy Women Hugging

Will there EVER come a time after you achieve that perfect balance of financial security, enviable career, love, and beautiful surroundings, when you will know that you have finally arrived?

After all, maybe you’ve ALREADY acquired and achieved a lot in your life, but the longing for something more hasn’t stopped.

Is it because you still have an emptiness deep inside you that you can’t seem to fill?

A suspicion that there must be more to life than what you’ve worked so hard to get?

Yes, there have been moments when you felt awake, alive, and excited. But that joyful exuberance is so infuriatingly FLEETING.

It takes so much work to get what you think will finally make you happy, but the good feelings last for an hour… a day… a month, tops.

And then it’s right back to the same sad longing: What do I need to have, to do, to acquire NEXT in order to be happy?

If you relate to any of this, there’s good reason.

You’ve fallen into a ubiquitous trap that I call:

The “I’ll Be Happy When...” Myth

The subconscious belief, I’ll be happy when (fill in the blank), runs your life.

I’ll be happy when I solve my relationship problems.

I’ll be happy when I move to a better city.

I’ll be happy when I’m out of this stressful situation.

I’ll be happy when I finally lose the weight.

Man Standing and Laughing

You certainly wouldn’t be alone. All of us have fallen into this trap. That’s because all human beings have an intrinsic desire to be happy.

But most human beings have the wrong idea of what it takes to get there.

If you’ve spent your life in pursuit of better circumstances or surroundings, thinking that achieving that next goal is what will give you lasting happiness, you already know that it doesn’t work.

Look, I’m not saying you won’t feel a burst of happiness when you get a better job, fall in love, or get an unexpected million dollars in your bank account.

You absolutely will!

But unless you’re a naturally happy person, your happiness won’t last.

You’ve probably experienced this. You get a promotion and you celebrate on Friday, but a week later you’re stressed about your new responsibilities. You buy a new house and you love the extra space and the view, but within a month you’re already taking it for granted and worried about the strain the mortgage is putting on your bank account.

It can leave you feeling chronically dissatisfied, despite the good things that show up in your life. That’s annoying!

Here’s an eye-opening statistic:

Studies show that within a year, unhappy people who win the lottery go back to feeling unhappy. If they were miserable before, they default back to their misery.

Studies also show that happy people generally bounce back from tragedy and loss within a year or sooner, and feel just as happy as they did before their challenge.

So, why is it that fame, fortune, and circumstance can’t make some of us happy for long…and tragedy and loss don’t affect some of us for as long, either?

The answer lies in what positive psychology researchers call the happiness set-point.

Are Some People Just BORN Happy, While Others Are Doomed To Struggle With A Constant Longing For More?

How do you normally feel about your life when there’s no particular reason to feel up or down?

That is your happiness set-point. It’s wherever your “emotional dial” is set on the range between joy and despair.

Some people are just born with a high happiness set-point. They see the positive in everything. They wake up with a smile on their face every day. Nothing can shake their optimism for long. When stressed, their mood is like a beach ball that gets pushed underwater and rises quickly to the surface, each and every time.

And some have a low happiness set-point. They can’t help but persistently brood, worry, and ruminate about their lives. That doesn’t mean they can’t be happy when something good happens—they can—but their happiness doesn’t last for long. Temporarily buoyed by good news, they sink back down to their default mopey state like a lead weight in water.

And most of us are somewhere in between.

Friends Dancing

Here’s the really fascinating fact:

You can raise your happiness set-point.

You can go from having been a glass-half-empty kind of person your entire life to being the glass-is-always-full person the rest of your life.

I’ll say that again just to make sure you hear this amazing truth:

You can go from being a glass-half-empty kind of person your entire life to being the glass-is-always-full person the rest of your life.

For real.

And you don’t need to change your external circumstances in order to do it (because we’ve already established that getting richer/skinnier/more successful doesn’t change your happiness for long).

Imagine! You can become one of those naturally happy people that don’t really worry too long about anything and exude a vibration of positivity, vitality, and optimism.

How do I know?

Because I used to be one of those people who could never be fully content. I was always aching to feel happier, always pushing for the next thing.

But what I discovered about the nature of happiness changed my life—and later, the lives of millions.

Knowing this secret has made me a genuinely and naturally joyful person.

In other words, I’m now happy for no reason!

And I know that when you discover this secret for yourself, it can do the same for you.

The Turning Point Moment That Changed My Life Forever

I wasn’t always the naturally upbeat and happy person I am today.

In fact, I jokingly tell people that I was born depressed.

When I look at the photos from my childhood, I’m always the one who’s not smiling. I had no energy as a kid. Life felt arduous and lonely.

My dad, on the other hand, was a naturally happy person. Always smiling and curious about everything. Unlike me, my dad had boundless energy.

His motto was, “Everyday I’m breathing is a good day.”

It perplexed me. How was it that he could be so chipper so much of the time?

When I was about 19, I asked him, “Dad, what’s your best advice for life?”

He answered, “Honey, just be happy.”

Smiling Woman With Arms Up

I threw my arms up into the air with frustration. “Oh dad,” I said, “that’s easy for you to say. You were born that way. I wasn’t. What do I do?”

He looked at me and said, “ I don’t know.”

I didn’t know, either. So I decided to set certain goals for myself. I had this idea that if I could have a successful career helping people, a great husband, wonderful friends, a comfortable home, and a Halle Berry body, I would be happy.

Eventually, I managed to reach 4 out of the 5 goals (I don’t have the Halle Berry body, but I have a healthy body).

Even better, I was the author of three books that were in the top of the New York Times Bestseller List!

Everything was working. Or so it seemed.

One day, during a book tour, I had just autographed 5,000 books and had given a speech to 8,000 people.

When I went up to my hotel room in the beautiful penthouse suite overlooking Lake Michigan, I fell onto the bed and burst into tears. I had everything. But I still wasn’t happy!

That was a turning point for me.

I could no longer fool myself into thinking that the next thing or achievement was going to bring happiness to me. It hadn’t so far.

I could also no longer abide living each day looking for a reason to be happy, and not finding it.

I decided in that moment I was going to do everything I could to learn how I could be the kind of person who was happy for NO reason.

The Secret To Elevating Your Happiness Set-Point So You Can Be Happy No Matter What

I spent the next several years focusing on the topic of happiness. I dove into the research in the field of positive psychology. I interviewed scores of experts on happiness. I conducted my own surveys about happiness. I also interviewed 100 people who were actually living from the state I call “happy for no reason.”

What I learned was astounding.

The only difference between people who have a high happiness set-point and everyone else?

It isn’t that they have more money, amazing partners, fabulous careers, or perfect bodies. If that were true, there’d be a lot more happy people in Hollywood!

It isn’t that they are lucky, or had a better upbringing. Not even genetics tells the whole story.

The only difference between truly happy people and everyone else is that happy people have specific habits.

These habits raise their happiness set-point and keep it high.

What’s even more astounding is that when I learned what these habits are, I knew that anyone could learn them and apply them in their own life, and raise their own happiness set-point.

Most of these habits are simple to do and take no time at all. Some are so intuitive that they could be seamlessly incorporated into the day; you could practice these habits while you’re driving your car to work, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or eating lunch.

And some are even fun enough to do with kids, so while you’re elevating your happiness set-point, you’re helping them elevate theirs!

I didn’t just take these truths on principle. I began practicing these habits for myself, and before long, I sensed a shift in my own outlook on life.

The result?

Back in my high school days, I would have given myself a “D” in happiness.

After practicing and mastering the habits I discovered, I now give myself an “A”!

It’s not that life doesn’t bring me challenges. It does. But now I have a deep sense of inner wellbeing, contentment, and peace, despite challenges, that I never had before I embarked on this journey.

I’ve since shared this secret with millions of people through my best-selling book, public talks, and intimate workshops. I’ve read letters and emails and have heard people tell me in person about their remarkable transformations.

And now I’m so honored and privileged to be able to share all these secrets with you!

Learn How To Raise Your Happiness Set-Point With My New Groundbreaking Program, And Finally Have That Lasting Contentment And Joy You’ve Longed For

It took me most of my adult life and a lot of hard work to finally acknowledge that I was stuck. I was stuck in the myth of “I’ll be happy when”, and what I had been doing for years to attain a lasting happiness wasn’t working.

Many of us also feel that emptiness, that constant longing for something more, and we KNOW that we’re addicted to consumerism, or fixed to the fallacy that the next bigger, better thing will fulfill us.

AND YET, we can’t, or don’t, know how to break out of the cycle!
Smiling Woman Holding Sparkler

But that’s exactly what the happiness habits can help you do. They can help you break out of the cycle of longing, striving, and acquiring things for the wrong reasons, and allow you to raise your happiness set-point, so that you can finally feel like you’ve arrived. Like there’s no other place or time you’d rather be than right here, right now. Happiness is at hand.

When I completed my research on the happiness habits, I couldn’t wait to share what I learned with the world. Everyone who wanted to be happier deserved to learn about this. That’s why I wrote my book, which became the #1 international best-seller.

I also knew that in order to reach the most people, I had to make it easy to learn and as accessible as possible. It had to be inspiring. And it had to be based in science, but also personally vetted by me.

Those were the principles under which I designed and developed 30 Days to a Happier Life.

30 Days to a Happier Life is a 7-hour video program that puts the highest-value information I learned about happiness habits into bite-size, digestible, delicious nuggets of daily practices, thought-provoking exercises, and fun games that you can do every day over a span of 30 days, with me as your guide and mentor.

It also includes an electronic version of the accompanying 30 Days to a Happier Life guidebook, which will help you expand upon and integrate the learnings I reveal in the videos.

It’s a step-by-step, but holistic process, which means it will transform your whole self.

In fact, this program focuses on 7 major areas where other books on happiness only focus on one or two. You’ll learn how to rewire your brain circuits, change your physiology, attain more physical energy, connect with your authentic self, nurture your relationships and spiritual life, and connect to your purpose.

These practices and habits can be mastered in as little as 10 minutes a day, sometimes less, sometimes more. It only takes a few days to notice a change in your outlook, and after you’re done with the 30 days, you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in your mood and in your daily life!

For example…

You’ll wake up each day happier, more expanded, with a lighter heart and a sense of ease about life.

Difficult and negative people will stop being a source of irritation for you, because you’ll be much less affected by their low energetic vibrations.

Your old addictions to food, shopping, or social media will loosen their grip on you, because you won’t need them as much to be filled with a sense of connection and self-regard.

You’ll have more energy to do the things you want to do. You’ll have a spring in your step. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing around the house or singing in your car!

You’ll have greater access to your creativity and will be able to get into the state of flow more easily around what you love doing.

A sense of greater purpose will arise within you. You’ll still strive and set goals, but for a different reason than before—inspiration, rather than a sense of obligation, need, or struggle.

You’ll find yourself suddenly more curious about people, about life, and about your own inner world. Your friends and family will sense that you’re much more engaging, and they’ll be drawn to you and feel lighter in your company.

You’ll find that you feel much more plugged into life. Your existential loneliness will fade, and you’ll feel more connected to others and to yourself.

And finally, you’ll have greater trust in life. You’ll see the world as a friendlier place and the universe as a benevolent force conspiring for your highest good. No challenge, difficulty, or tragedy can ever take that foundation of inner peace away from you again.

You’ll be able to rest in a state of happiness that permeates your very being, every day, for no reason whatsoever.

Doesn’t that sound absolutely sublime?

Here’s More Of What You’ll Discover Through This Life-Changing Program:

  • The Inner Ease technique: a 5-minute exercise you can do at any time of day that relies on the power of the bonding hormone oxytocin to make you feel more at peace, at ease, and expanded
  • 4 simple ways to train your brain to hold on to happy moments longer and have them “burned” into your memory bank easier, so you can look back on your past with joyful nostalgia instead of regret and longing
  • A simple strategy that uses brain science to reprogram your thoughts to a more positive and happier state
  • A fun, creative thought game you can play every day, by yourself, or with your partner or kids, that builds stronger neural pathways for happiness and keeps you humming in positivity
  • A practice I learned from a master of Chinese Qigong that demonstrates the power of visualization and positive outcome using just your hands
  • The Blame, Shame, and Complain Game: A fun money-based game that will train you to get out of “victim mode” at home, at work, or among your friends, so you can build positive mental habits and have greater success in life
Smiling Woman Green White Shirt
  • The secret that happy people already know about how to have a positive attitude and love life no matter what kind of unfortunate, tragic, or unlucky things happen
  • What research says is evidence that your thoughts, emotions, and capacity for happiness has physical effects on your body and what to do to prevent unhappiness from damaging your vital organs
  • A physical exercise that requires no special equipment or skill that puts your brain activity and biochemistry into a more calm, peaceful, and loving state when you’re feeling shut down, stressed, or upset
  • A Buddhist practice anyone can do at any time that opens your heart and expands your ability to feel compassion for yourself and others, enabling you to go from feeling sorry for yourself and your circumstances to totally transforming your life
  • The 3-day sleep challenge that allows you to tap into your body’s natural “healing time” every night, so you can maximize the amount of time you have to rest and rejuvenate every day
  • A meditation you do outdoors every day (especially in winter) that can reset your internal clock and help fight insomnia, as well as increase your natural production of serotonin, so you can gain a sense of wellbeing and contentment
  • Techniques to connect to a sense of reverence and wonder about life, so that your life takes on a different dimension and everything is filled with grace
  • What to do if you feel disconnected from your intuition or inner wisdom and have been making questionable decisions and taking wrong turns in life (find out techniques and tools that can help you connect to your soul’s wisdom right away)
  • A guided writing prompt that helps you connect with your Higher Self and get the answer to a question that’s been on your mind about your life or relationships
  • How to trust that things will work out and “go with the flow” in life, instead of always worrying about what’s going to go wrong (You’ll be surprised at how this can get you MORE of what you want!)
  • A powerful reflection exercise with 5 questions designed to help you get more in touch with your life’s passion, so you can stop doing the work that drains you and live your life with a greater sense of purpose
  • What the 5 people with whom you spend the most time have to say about the quality of your life, and what you can do today to distance yourself from negative people and those who are dragging your happiness down

30 Days to a Happier Life is a holistic program that helps you master the habits of happiness by addressing your thoughts, physiology, biochemistry, relationships, spiritual life, and your sense of purpose in the world.

You may already feel empowered and content in some of these areas of your life, while weak in others. This program will show you practices and exercises to strengthen the areas where you are most challenged, and validate and reinforce the areas where you already thrive. By the end of the 30 days, you’ll have everything you need to raise your happiness set-point in order to feel brighter, lighter, and more positive about life.

Here’s how this program is structured and what you’ll be learning:

What We’ll Cover In Each of the 30 Days

Module 1

Days 1-5: The Pillar of the Mind

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Learn how to rewire your brain for happiness, through techniques designed to increase the amount of optimistic and positive thoughts you have throughout the day.

Module 2

Days 6-9: The Foundation

Take Responsibility for Your Happiness

Discover why certain mindsets and attitudes either contribute to or sap your happiness, and hear how you can make happiness a choice, no matter what’s going on in your life or what personal challenges you face.

Module 3

Days 10-13: The Pillar of the Heart

Open Your Heart to Yourself and Others

Living with an open heart is one of the pillars to happiness. Find out how to become a more open and loving person to yourself and others, through exercises that enforce the habits that will make your heart blossom with compassion and warmth.

Module 4

Days 14-17: The Pillar of the Body

Uplevel Your Biochemistry of Happiness

Your happiness set-point can be raised by altering and improving the health of your body’s and brain’s physiology. In these videos you’ll learn everyday health habits that increase serotonin and other “feel good” body chemicals.

Module 5

Days 18-21: The Pillar of Spirit/Soul

Plug Into the Greater Energy of Life

Learn how to get closer to the soulful or spiritual side of life, or forge a stronger connection with your Higher Self, in order to trust yourself, trust life, and feel happy.

Module 6

Days 22-25: The Roof

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Knowing that you’re living a purpose-filled life is critical to happiness. Find out what your purpose is and how to live according to that purpose, whether or not you enjoy what you do every day.

Bonus Module

Days 26-30: The Garden

Nurture the Relationships That Create Happiness

Learn the secrets to surrounding yourself with the kind of relationships that feed your happiness and make life a joy.

Ongoing Support and Inspiration


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Place your order and be watching 30 Days to a Happier Life in a matter of minutes. Take a full 7 days to examine the program, practice the happiness habits and do the exercises in the guidebook. See for yourself if you feel happier after a few days of practicing the transformational habits, with me as your daily guide and mentor in the video.

If, at the end of the 7 days, you decide this program isn’t going to raise your happiness set-point like you had hoped, simply let me know and I’ll refund your investment in FULL, no questions, no hassle. This is my promise: You’ll find outstanding value from this program after putting it into practice for a full week or pay nothing!

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No Matter What You Want Out Of Life, It’ll All Be Easier To Attain If You’re A Deeply Happy Person FIRST

When it comes to happiness, we have it backwards.

We believe that we need to get something or achieve something FIRST before we can finally be happy. We spend so much of our time and energy striving to get what we think will do it for us—true love, that promotion or contract, that perfect home, completing that project, and so on.

We think we’ll be at ease about ourselves and life AFTER everything we want falls into place.

But what I learned through my research is that people who are deeply happy—whether they’re born that way or increased their happiness set-point by intuitively embracing happiness habits—are wealthier, healthier, and have better relationships as a result of their happy state!

Happier people are more attractive to others. Opportunities serendipitously show up for them. They eat better, take care of their bodies, and live longer. They have thriving careers and businesses because they love what they do and find a sense of purpose in even mundane tasks.

Mature Woman Smiling

What does this mean for you? This means that if you focus on raising your happiness set-point instead of focusing on conditions or circumstances, chances are you’ll more effortlessly attract the very things for which you’re striving anyway.

Raising your happiness set-point by developing good habits will have a huge ripple effect in all areas of your life.

And even if you don’t get that promotion, fall in love with that dream person, or buy that amazing house—will it even matter? After all, every day you’ll wake up and be happy for no reason!

My dad was right when he said that his best advice for life was, “just be happy.”

You know, I’m glad that I spent so much of my life in a state of low-energy malaise. You know why? Because if I had been born happy, I wouldn’t have had that turning point in my life that led me to discovering what I now know about happiness. I wouldn’t have had the privilege of teaching what I discovered to so many, and seeing their lives transformed.

And—I know real happiness is possible for you, too, no matter what your life is like right now, what you’ve already achieved, and how long you’ve been trying to get to a place of deep contentment. How? Because I’ve seen this process work for all kinds of people from all walks of life, at every age. I even saw my mother, who was my first guinea pig for this process, go from chronically lethargic and depressed to positive and joyful about life when she was in her 80s!

To me, there’s nothing more important than being happier. It’s our birthright. Why we’re on the planet. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to show you how to find that kind of happiness at last.

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

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