The Secret To Having It All In Life Is Easier And Closer Than You Think

So many of us spend so much of our time and energy working toward the things we want in life:

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We go to school to learn a trade. We work our way up the corporate ladder. We work evenings and weekends to get ahead. We postpone pleasure so we can pay our bills, save for retirement, buy a beautiful home.

We meet someone special, commit or get married, then when that fails to make us happy, we split up and look for someone new.

We go on a diet or start a new exercise regime. We restrict what we eat, and we sweat and strain to have a more attractive physique.

We go on retreats, attend seminars, read self-help books, see therapists and coaches in order to find our purpose.

We listen to podcasts to get inspired and stay motivated, and to learn how others managed to achieve their heart’s desires.

But what are we really seeking when we do all these things?

We want to feel HAPPY. Not just in the moment, but every day.

In essence, you might say that we spend our entire lives chasing the dream of unshakable contentment, inner peace and unbounded joy.

The problem is that most of us are going about it all wrong.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the key to experiencing a lasting state of happiness that no amount of wealth, success, love or achievement can give you.

And you’ll be thrilled to know that having everything your heart desires is a lot closer than you think.

Why We So Often Try And Fail To Attain Lasting Happiness

Ok, so let’s back up a bit.

Let’s start with the assumption that you want to be happy.

Of course you do. We ALL want happiness.

Unfortunately, unhappiness is an epidemic in our culture.

Despite having more material wealth and greater creature comforts than any other human civilization in the past, most of us still feel that something is missing.

One out of four women is on antidepressants.

We get ourselves into huge amounts of debt trying to chase success, comfort and happiness, and all that “stuff” does is make us more miserable and insecure.

The divorce rate is more than 50%, and online dating is a huge industry because single people want to find love and companionship—thinking it is the key to lasting happiness.

But when relationships fail and partners disappear or break our hearts, we may wonder if the quest for love is even worth it.

We are chronically ill, stressed, sleep-deprived and overweight—despite having more knowledge about the human body and disease than we’ve ever had in the past.

Why do the things we work so hard at fail to bring us the happiness we want?

Because we have it backwards.

We work hard and struggle for the things we think will bring us happiness, but it’s the other way around.

Success doesn’t make us happy. Happiness brings us success.

Happiness generates wealth. Happy people make more money. An average of a million more dollars per year. They’re not happy because they have money, they were happy before they became wealthier.

Happiness also creates wellbeing and longevity. Happy people are 1/3 less likely to get sick and live an average of 9 years longer than unhappy people.

Happy people also have better relationships, which means they’re staying together. They’re not spending years online, looking for “The One” to make them happy. They are already happy, and the right partner naturally gravitates to them, when the time is right.

These are not just pie-in-the-sky anecdotes or motivational mantras.

These are real statistics and research-backed statements.

It’s a fact:

Work on becoming happier FIRST, and the rest will fall into place.

Learn The Secret To Intrinsic Happiness

The Shortcut To Getting Everything Your Heart Desires

What if you could stop worrying about making more money, achieving recognition for something, working hard to get ahead, or dating dozens of people in the hopes you’ll someday fall in love with your soul mate?

I mean, you can do all that, but it won’t make you happy.

Not for long.

Sure, a certain level of resources can be the difference between struggle and contentment. I’m not saying to renounce money or stop paying your bills, for example.

But once we meet those basic needs, making more money won’t make us happier. (That’s another research-backed fact!)

What I’m saying is that if you’re relatively comfortable, but you’re still focusing daily on these things (wealth, status, success, The One) because you think they will make you happier, you’re wasting precious time and mental energy.

Instead, put that energy and focus on becoming a happier person first, and then watch as everything your heart desires starts to show up in your life.

You’ll attract better relationships and become magnetic to the right person.

You’ll have greater success in your career, and you’ll make a lot more money.

You'll be healthier and live longer.

And the pursuit of these things will just be the cherry on top to an already fulfilled, content, joyful life.

Meaning, you’ll be happier regardless of what happens.

The question then becomes, is it possible to become a deeply and authentically happy person, without any of the things you used to think you needed to have or achieve first?

It is!

Here’s how…

How To Become A Naturally Happy Person Without The Struggle, And Without Accumulating “Stuff”

Perhaps like you, I once believed that the key to happiness was a lot of hard work and achievement. I thought that having a great body, a best-selling book and lots of money in the bank would mean that I never had to feel dissatisfied with life.

I was so wrong!

After my first best-selling book, I had achieved notoriety and wealth I thought would “make” me happy. But the thrill didn’t last, and in fact, I went back to feeling exactly the same way I used to feel BEFORE I had made a name for myself: still pushing, still striving, still unhappy.

That’s because I had a low happiness set-point.

Your happiness set-point determines how you feel on a normal day. Are you normally a happy person, or someone who is plagued by pessimism and despair? Think of your happiness set-point as your baseline happiness level when nothing unusual is happening.

Because my happiness set-point was low, and I had worked so hard and failed to raise my set-point, I decided to research the topic of happiness.

I dove into the field of positive psychology. I interviewed scores of experts on happiness. I conducted my own surveys, interviewing 100 people who were living from a state of natural happiness for no particular reason at all. They came from all walks of life and circumstances.

What I learned astounded me!

There was only one difference between truly happy people and everyone else?

Happy people had very specific HABITS.

They weren’t any wealthier than the general population. They weren’t all in relationships. They weren’t famous, or necessarily all successful in the conventional sense.

The just had habits that raised their happiness set-point and kept it high.

Something Even More Astounding That Blew Me Away

That would have been astounding enough, but I learned something else that blew me away: anyone could learn these habits and RAISE their happiness set-point.

If you focus on learning these habits and bringing them into your daily life, you can live in a state of joy, calm and contentment. Without the struggle or disillusionment of chasing the next fleeting “thing.”

Just imagine what that might feel like in your body.

And this feeling would be permanent. Not dependent on another person or achievement and made you happy goes away or changes.

All of this is why I developed my life-changing video program, 30 Days to a Happier Life.

After writing my international best-selling book on happiness, I wanted to reach even MORE people, and make this (literally) LIFE-CHANGING information as accessible as possible.

I knew I had to create a video program that is fun to watch and easy to do.

30 Days to a Happier Life will show you how to raise your happiness set-point by teaching you to incorporate very specific, happiness-generating habits into YOUR life.

These habits will completely change your perspective on your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your spirit…virtually EVERYTHING in your life.

You’ll be shocked that you lived so long without seeing the world this way.

These “happiness habits” aren’t difficult to learn at all. Some take no more than 10 minutes a day.

These habits will break you out of the painful cycle of longing, striving, and acquiring things for the wrong reasons, and allow you to start feeling happier—right away.

After you watch the program and begin practicing these simple habits, you’ll feel like you’ve finally “ARRIVED.”

You’ll know there’s nothing more you need than to experience this moment, here and now, because you are truly happy.

And I promise you, it is an amazing feeling.

Start Your Happiness Journey Now

In this 30-day video program, you’ll learn:

  • 4 simple ways to train your brain to hold on to happy moments longer and have them “burned” into your memory bank easier, so you can look back on your past with joyful nostalgia instead of regret and longing
  • A simple strategy that uses brain science to reprogram your thoughts to a more positive and happier state
  • A fun, creative thought game you can play every day, by yourself, or with your partner or kids, that builds stronger neural pathways for happiness and keeps you humming in positivity
  • The Inner Ease technique: a 5-minute exercise you can do at any time of day that relies on the power of the bonding hormone oxytocin to make you feel more at peace, at ease, and expanded

And much, much more.

Start Watching It Here

There’s nothing more important than living a happy life. It’s our birthright. The very reason we are on this planet. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to show you exactly HOW to find that kind of happiness at last.

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

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