Once You Know This, You’ll Kick The Worry Habit For Good

Do you find it hard to get your mind off what’s going wrong in your life or what could go wrong?

Whether it’s your kids, your relationship, your finances, or some other undesirable situation, you can’t stop worrying.

Your brain is like the spin cycle on your washing machine, except your thoughts aren’t getting any cleaner.

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Round and round they go, picking up steam and keeping you up at night.

For many people, worrying is a vicious habit they can’t seem to stop. If this is you, I don’t need to tell you it’s making you miserable—and it’s not making the people around you very happy, either.

But just like lung cancer that finally jolts a smoker to stop smoking, I’m going to give you some news that’s guaranteed to stop your worry habit in its tracks—and make you a whole lot happier.

“The Mind Makes For A Wonderful Servant, But A Terrible Master”

The happiest people believe they have the power to create what they want by training their minds to visualize it.

And I’m talking about happy people from all walks of life—including the brilliant and highly successful.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

He knew what elite athletes do: that you can use your brain to ignite the story of your life. Olympians practice technique for hours, but they are also known to spend a lot of time visualizing the perfect shot, the perfect triple axel, or the perfect dive.

You see, our brain cannot differentiate between what has actually happened and what we’ve visualized. When we’re visualizing, we’re strengthening specific neural pathways in the brain, causing us to behave in ways that carry out exactly what we’ve imagined.

Unfortunately, it works both ways.

The More You Worry, The More You Train Your Brain To Have More To Worry About

If visualizing can help us, it also has the power to do the very opposite.

When you worry, you’re actually visualizing what you don’t want to happen!

You’re actively picturing the bad-case scenario.

Whether it’s your child flunking school, your partner leaving, or the stock market wiping out your IRA, you’re visualizing all these unfortunate outcomes, which create NEGATIVE neural pathways in your brain. These pathways, in turn, cause you to behave in ways that attract the very results you DON’T want.

And sure, you’re doing this subconsciously, but you’re still doing it, and it has the same effect: creating that which you think about.

If you allow what I’m telling you to sink in, you will be very, very careful about ever thinking another worry thought again. Because you know that what you think about will become your reality.

Nature Abhors A Vacuum, So Give Your Mind Something Good To Suck Up

Now that you know what worrying is actually creating in your life, you’ll know to catch yourself whenever your mind trails off into a negative thought—or goes spinning down the rabbit hole of all-out worry.

But interrupting the thought pattern is not enough—your mind needs something to do. Instead of giving your mind free reign, you need to give your mind another job, one that will work for you.

Have you ever been caught up fretting about something, and then you get some news that completely diverts your attention—so that the thing you were upset about has now been relegated to the back burner…and often disappears altogether?

That’s the power of your thinking.

But the real power comes in not letting your thinking be at the whim of whatever is happening outside of you—and instead, being in control of what you choose to “feed” your mind with.

When you offer the mind many attractive ways to keep itself occupied, it will happily keep itself from runaway negative thoughts that will just make you more unhappy.

This is how the mind becomes a wonderful servant—and allows you to lead a life bursting with magical possibility.

Use Your Mind To Work For You—Not Against You—And Create A Life You Never Have To Worry About

Throughout my entire career, I’ve been on a mission to discover how to be happier, and I have some very good news.

While I think therapy can be very useful, it doesn’t take years of therapy to stop worrying and be happier. You can learn to reorient your thinking incredibly quickly, and you can see results much faster than you can imagine (and I want to help you imagine them)!

In day 4 of my program 30 Days to a Happier Life, I’ll teach you how to train your mind to be a beautiful servant of creating greater happiness.

You’ll learn to change your happiness through the power of your imagination and visualization. You’ll see how simple it is to give your mind USEFUL jobs for how you want your day and your life to go. And you will learn how to create experiences that will feel good to you rather than create more of what you don’t want.

We all have what’s called a “happiness set-point,” and it’s a combination of factors—some genetic, and some we create ourselves through our thinking. Lucky for us, our thoughts have about as much impact on our happiness set-point than our genes. And if we believe the science of epigenetics, our positive thinking can even positively affect our DNA!

That’s just a slice of what you’ll learn to do throughout your 30 days with me. I’ll also give you fun, easy exercises, meditations, and practices you can fit into your regular day that translate into a step-by-step route to more happiness:

Worry Freedom

By the end of day 30, you’ll be saying to yourself, “What, me worry?”

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

P.S. If you come from a long line of worriers, you need to know that you’re not doomed to a life of angst just because of your genes.

Here’s how to stop the legacy of negative thinking and be happier than any of your ancestors:

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