Do You Feel That You Were Meant To Do Or Be More In This Lifetime? Here’s How To Discover Your True Calling

Do you feel that the work you do speaks to your soul? Does it reflect your highest calling or greatest gift?

For many of us, it doesn’t. We feel that we were meant for more, but we’re not sure what.

We spin our wheels on our careers, ponder taking a bold move and starting something new, fantasize about venturing out to do something more in alignment with who we really are.

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But we worry…

Can we afford to follow our passions? What will others think if it fails? How will we feel about ourselves if we DON’T take a risk and go after our true calling?

These are all very good questions.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to give you a fresh perspective on what it means to find your life’s calling or purpose.

What Happy People Know About Passion And Purpose

I deeply believe that we all have a purpose and we’re here for a reason. Life isn’t random and it’s not an accident that each of us is here on the planet.

As children we’re continually asked, “What do you want be when you grow up?” As adults we search our souls asking, “What’s my purpose in life?”

Now, our purpose may change over time, but our job is to check in with ourselves and figure out what our purpose is, because life is meant to be more than just trying to get by or survive. You’re here to thrive and when you feel that you’re living your life on purpose, research shows that you’ll be much, much happier.

How to Be Happier

We’re certainly not strangers to the conversation around purpose.

But if you ask most people what their purpose is, the majority of them would have no clue.

But naturally happy people know. They’re already living their passions. They feel a sense of purpose in their lives. They wake up inspired, ready to go, and loving life.

Do you long to feel that way, too?

Then consider what you do every day, whether you get paid for it, or not. And now ask yourself:

Do You Have A Job, A Career, Or A Calling?

Do you know the answer?

It’s staggering how many people work at jobs just to pay the bills. Or how many feel like they don’t have the freedom, skills, or opportunity to find purposeful work they really enjoy.

We spend one-third (or more) of our days at work. Yet research shows that more than 70 percent of workers say they don't feel satisfied with their career choices. Seventy percent!

That’s not a happy statistic.

As a society, we’ve become resigned to living lives without a sense of deeper purpose. We live for the paycheck and for the weekend. Sound familiar?

Of those who are lucky enough to find a fulfilling career, the fulfillment is only temporary because their happiness depends on their job, so if they lose that job or retire, they feel lost and unfulfilled.

But contrary to popular belief, your purpose isn’t your job or profession—it’s much bigger than that. It’s a life intention to do what’s meaningful for you.

Here’s a little story that explains that subtle difference…

3 People Doing The Same Work, But Only One Feels Purpose

A woman walks down the road and comes across a construction site where three strong, young men are working hard laying bricks.

She walks up to the first of the workers and asks him, “What do you do?”

He says, “Can’t you see, I’m laying bricks. This is what I do all day—I just lay bricks. I don't like what I'm doing, but I'm doing it to make money.”

She walks up to the next man and asks the same question. He says, “I’m a bricklayer. I take pride in my work, and I’m happy that it feeds my family.”

As she walks up to the third man, she could see his eyes were full of joy. When she asks him the same question, he says, ”Oh, I’m building the most beautiful cathedral in the whole world. This is what I'm called to do and I absolutely love what I'm doing.”

Wow! Here are three people doing the exact same thing. The first man had a job. The second man had a career. The third man had a calling, a higher purpose, a vision for his life.

This story emphasizes the fact that it isn’t the activity in your life that defines your feeling of purpose, it’s your perspective. Got it?

So, if the work that you're doing feels just like a job, your task is to see how you can make it feel more like a calling.

And if you’re reading this thinking, “Yeah, I’ve been trying to do that, but it’s not working and I’m still unhappy.” Then it’s possible you need more help connecting to who you are and what your higher calling is.

And I can certainly help you do that.

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose And Raise The Roof On Your Inner Happiness

Whether they’re in their ideal career or not, the happiest people bring a sense of purpose with them wherever they go and to whatever they’re doing—even to mundane tasks.

Living inspired by purpose can take many forms—the real key is discovering a sense of meaning and purpose within yourself first. Being connected to that meaning expands you, which naturally leads to more success.

As Albert Schweitzer said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing, you will be successful.”

Because most people don’t have a clue about their purpose, I made it a point to include several practices and exercises in my 30 Days to a Happier Life program to help with that.

In this fun and upbeat program, you’ll not only learn how to emulate the 21 habits of the happiest people in order to raise your happiness set-point, you’ll also learn how to discover your true calling in life.

I’ll reveal a cool way to help you figure out what your passions are on day 23.

On day 24, you’ll learn how to follow your inspiration in order to investigate your purpose more deeply. You’ll learn what 3 questions to ask yourself every morning in order to get connected to your Higher Self, so you can experience more serendipity and magic as you go through your day.

And on day 25, you’ll learn the final step to raising the roof on your happiness—and why you must include the habit revealed on this day if you want to come full circle with your life purpose.

You can get started today, risk-free, and start with day 1 of the 30-day video program here:

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No matter what you’re doing right now, you can learn how to connect with your true purpose, and I guarantee that if you do, your happiness level will soar. Let me teach you how to do that.

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

P.S. If you’re already in a career that’s meaningful to you, or living in a way that speaks to your soul, that’s awesome! That means you have mastered one of the 7 pillars of happiness: life purpose.

But if you’re still not as happy as you’d like to be, it means you have certain weak spots when it comes to happiness habits. That’s why you’ll want to check out my program and address ALL 7 areas of happiness. Find out what those are and how to strengthen your happiness muscles here:

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