Get Unstuck And Feel Your Way To Your Happiest Life

I don’t know you, but I bet I know something interesting about you.

You’re using your brain a little too much.

How do I know?

Because I’ve spoken to thousands of people around the world on the topic of happiness. People who read my books or come to my seminars are actively trying to “figure out” how to live a truly happy life. They want to figure out…

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What career will make them happy.

How to attract a partner who will make them happy.

Whether or not a different city would make them happy.

And they are overwhelmed by all the decisions or action steps they need to take in order to figure out all these things.

Should they gather more information?

Should they read a ton of books or attend more seminars?

Should they poll all their friends for the right answer?

What Is It That You Are Trying To Figure Out In Your Life?

There’s a dilemma or decision you’re facing, and you don’t even know where to start. You could be stumped about your life purpose or whether you should stay in a relationship.

Maybe you’re facing a difficult conversation or you’re panicked about becoming a parent.

Thinking about it hasn’t helped. In fact, it’s made you miserable, without getting any closer to a solution.

The reason for this is that you’re actually making things much more difficult than they need to be.

You think that if you think through every possibility, every outcome, and every move, you will arrive at the right solution.

And yet our best, happiest moments come not from information, but from inspiration.

Inspiration Defies Logic And Makes The Best Kind Of Magic

Have you ever had a hunch to take a detour on your usual route to work and then wind up discovering a great little coffee shop you never knew about?

Maybe you decided to run out for milk even though it could wait until tomorrow—only to bump into a person who ends up being a great business connection or your soul mate.

Inspiration is what makes you turn left when it would make logical sense to turn right.

That’s why you can make lists of pros and cons, consult with all your friends, or Google the heck out of something and still not be able to make a decision. Then, all of a sudden, you get a gut feeling and act on it. And it all works out.

When you live by inspiration, you’re tuning into a kind of wisdom that just isn’t possible by our limited logical mind. And you’re also tapping into the far greater intelligence of the universe—the same creative energy that makes the world go round.

Using Inspiration To Dramatically Change Your Life—And Your Legacy

A great example of inspiration in action is the story of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks never planned to start a revolution.

She never thought long and hard about how to create a major upset in the government.

She did not make a flowsheet of how she could become an icon of resistance.

All she did was get on a bus one day and follow a feeling in the core of her being.

In refusing to give up her seat because of the color of her skin, she ended up jump starting the Civil Rights Movement.

You can call it luck, but the reality is that when you are anchored in your deepest feeling and act on it in the moment, you are being the ultimate expression of YOU.

When Rosa Parks stayed put in her seat, she was being completely true to herself in that moment—something that was unique to her. And because of that, she ended up creating the biggest impact for herself and those around her.

Following Your Bliss Is A Sure Way To Raise Your Happiness Set-Point

In my decades-long research into happiness—borne out of my own desire to “figure out” how to be happy, I discovered several fascinating insights.

One of these is that we all have a “happiness set-point,” meaning we have an internal gauge for how happy we allow ourselves to be. In other words, there really is just so much happiness that you can stand!

That’s why things can be going along incredibly well on your vacation, but then something happens to throw the whole thing off—you have a fight with your partner, you break the vase at the b&b, or you catch a cold.

And before you know it, you’ve plummeted from your happiness height.

But the fantastic news is that you can actually raise your happiness set-point, therefore allowing yourself to experience greater degrees of happiness and for longer periods of time.

Guess what’s even better? Following your bliss (that’s another word for inspiration) is a surefire way to raise your happiness set-point.

The Simple Habits That Make Happiness A Breeze

The happiest people in the world act more on inspiration than intellect.

That’s how they’re able to make decisions they feel good about, and it’s also how they end up creating so much unexpected magic in their lives—phenomenal “coincidences” that bring joy to themselves and everyone around them.

And you can learn to do the very same thing…while raising your happiness set-point.

The catch? Only that you “untrain” yourself from all the overthinking and the “figuring-it-out” mentality that has only caused you grief all these years.

Our intellect is a wonderful thing, when we know how to use it. When we let our intellect be a servant to our heart, rather than the other way around, we end up living truly inspired lives that makes us happier…and that makes a difference!

Training yourself to live more from inspiration than intellect alone is a habit just like any other. The more you build your “inspiration muscles,” the easier it gets.

That’s why my program 30 Days to a Happier Life is spread out over a whole month—to train those magic muscles just like you would any other exercise program.

Every day, you’re going to have access to a brand-new video where I’ll teach you a particular habit, skill, meditation, or visualization to gradually but surely increase your happiness set-point.

You’re going to learn not just how to lead a more inspired life, but also how to live by the other specific principles of the world’s happiest people.

Like any exercise program, the proof will be in how you feel. In this case, you’re going to see how much lighter and freer you go through your day, because you’re no longer wasting precious time and energy overthinking, overplanning, and over-analyzing your way through life—all of which drain you emotionally, mentally, and physically:

Inspiration Starts Here

When you allow inspiration to pilot your life, you’ll wind up living the kind of adventure your mind would never have invented—all while leaving your greatest contribution to this world.

With love and happiness,

Marci Shimoff

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