Are You Constantly Striving, Grasping, And Longing For What Will Bring You Happiness? The Surprising Answer To Finding Unconditional Joy

What if you were joyful and fulfilled, every day, no matter what?

What would that even LOOK LIKE?

If you had that kind of unconditional contentment, you would…

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  • Take pleasure in the simple things of life, not daydream about what new gadget to buy or what new home improvement project to tackle next.
  • Delight in wondering what new surprises each day would bring, instead of trudging through workdays and living for weekends and holidays.
  • Feel loved without longing for anyone to tell you how much they need you, want you, or miss you.
  • Feel inherently valuable without needing to produce anything, accomplish anything, or do anything for anyone.
  • Know there is nothing missing in your life, and no reason for you to grasp and cling to the past or to strive laboriously for the future.
  • Stop worrying and relax, knowing that your decisions and choices come from inner wisdom and will lead to your highest good.

Life would feel sweet and meaningful, without the persistent emotional burden of craving, longing, striving, or problem-solving.

Which begs the question: if there’s nothing to achieve, acquire, or solve, what exactly will it take for you to arrive at that magnificent state?

The answer: Coming home to yourself as a whole, divine being.

Here’s How

The Things We Typically Do To Feel Whole Leave Us Feeling Scattered And Empty

Most of us experience happiness as conditional.

That means that we THINK we need to solve some problem or reach some goal FIRST before we can “relax” and enjoy life.

The problems can be big or small. Maybe we need to fix a plumbing leak, help our child improve their grades, or reconnect with our partner. Maybe we have an illness that we’re battling, and we won’t feel at peace until we are healed.

Or we are reeling with an ongoing problem of not enough money, time, sleep, or love.

Or all of the above.

We believe that if we could just solve these problems and get what we want, we would finally be happy and we would finally feel WHOLE. We would no longer feel that there’s something “missing” in our lives or that we’re always on our way somewhere.

But even if we manage to get everything under “control,” will we ever feel as if we’ve arrived?

I’m guessing, NO. Or if we do, it doesn’t last.

See, here’s the thing. All of this problem-solving, mulling-over, and strategizing keeps us stuck in our heads.

And if we’re always operating from our heads, we can’t experience the wholeness of our being, because we don’t know how to be in our bodies.

We float through life as if disembodied, unable to get in touch with what our “gut” is telling us, not stopping to acknowledge what we’re really feeling, and rarely pausing to fully appreciate the beauty around us.

Without knowing how to drop down into the core of our bodies, we can’t get a visceral sense of ourselves as whole beings, with our heads connected to our souls, and our souls connected to all of life.

That disconnect of head, body, and soul is why we sometimes feel empty or dissatisfied.

We can’t have the direct experience of our divine nature.

But if we did, it would change everything for us.

What It’s Like To Come Home To Your Wholeness And Divinity

When you have a visceral sense of yourself as a whole, divine being, four major things happen:

  1. You experience unconditional joy and love.
  2. Instead of waiting for something good to happen before you can feel joyful, joy rises from inside you unconditionally. You feel love—for yourself, your life, and for all of creation—without needing to hear someone say they love you, or even needing to have a romantic partner.

    You bounce out of bed every morning, rested and energized, feel purposeful and alive all day, and deliciously spent at night, cozying up under the covers and sleeping soundly.

  3. You free up energy for greater creativity and healing.
  4. You’re not exhausted or fatigued because you’re not wasting your valuable mental, physical, and emotional energy worrying about future events or suppressing resentments about the past. You know how to snap back into presence when you notice yourself slipping into the kind of ruminating that drags down your mood.

    You’re uplifted and inspired because you have a baseline of wholeness that is operating in your system that you didn’t have before. The energy you once wasted on worry, anxiety, and stress is now utilized in your body for healing, so aches and pains subside. You feel good in your body.

    You’re no longer spending energy from your vital force savings account faster than you can replenish it.

  5. You are more comfortable with authenticity and vulnerability.
  6. When you sense yourself as a whole, divine being, you’re not intimidated about what people think of you or whether or not you’ll be accepted.

    You’re not relying on ego-gratifying compliments, accolades, awards, or validation to feel good about who you are, because self-acceptance comes from knowing your inherent value, regardless of what you achieve or produce for others.

    You see yourself and everyone around you as having the same value.

    You feel connected to all of life and vibrant with the energy in the universe.

  7. You are confident and courageous.
  8. You’re able to step courageously into new adventures and opportunities because you’re not being blocked by worry, second-guessing, or fear. Since you have direct communication between your conscious and subconscious mind through your body, you are able to trust your gut, or intuition.

    That means you’re able to make decisions instantly based on greater wisdom, instead of relying solely on logic and reason and getting stuck in “analysis paralysis.”

    You trust that everything will work out for your highest good, regardless of setbacks or loss, so there’s no need to agonize about the what-if’s.

    You’re confident about the choices you make because you know that life is working FOR YOU, not AGAINST YOU.

    And that’s the point of life—to experience your wholeness and magnificence as a divine being.

Accept Your Divine Destiny And Then Choose Your Ride

Once we understand the point of life, and the journey we’re on, it’s just a matter of choosing the ride. Destiny takes us down the river to the ocean. Free will is deciding how we will make the trip.

Will we swim against the current, cling to rocks and branches, flail and flop, or will we float on our backs and enjoy the ride?

Will we resist our destiny, or will we relax, knowing that everything that’s happening in life is for the sole purpose of helping us awaken to our true self and power?

Will we recognize that we’re orchestrating our life in order to experience our greatness, or will we check out, convinced that life is one personal struggle after another, and we can’t take it?

What will you choose?

Perhaps you’re ready to experience the wholeness of your being and to tap into to the restorative, endless flow of energy available to you.

If so, wonderful!

To find out how to make it happen, I invite you to check out my Energy For Life video program.

In Module 7 of Energy For Life, you’ll learn how to generate a felt sense of the unconditional, divine love that is available to all of us at any time.

You’ll also learn how to connect to the love in your soul by experiencing the full range of your emotions, and through forgiveness for the people who have hurt or disappointed you in some way.

Why is forgiveness so critical? Because one of the most devastating things we can do to ourselves is to withhold love. Withholding, regret, and resentment lock up energy in our body, cause us physical pain and disease, and drain our zest for life.

Someone in our past may have abused us, but when we withhold love from ourselves, we are continuing the abuse indefinitely, long after the original incident.

That’s why in Module 7, I’ll reveal how to free yourself from the heaviness in your past, so you can experience unconditional self love and come into your wholeness, today.

You’ll also hear the story of how my mother’s passing brought about an amazing experience that felt magical and miraculous to me, and showed me that all of life is connected and is supporting us in our divine nature.

It allowed me to feel so much passion, delight, and joy around the most painful, difficult experience of my life.

It reminded me that we ARE love, and this story will do that for you, too.

And in Modules 1–6, you’ll learn techniques, body movement exercises, and meditation skills that will help you bridge the gap between your conscious and your subconscious mind, and tap into the wisdom of your body.

Use what you’ll learn in Energy For Life to get that visceral sense of wholeness, rightness, and grace that comes from stepping into your divinity. Here’s where you can start watching the video program and get all the benefits, risk-free:

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With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. The techniques I teach in Energy For Life to get in touch with your wholeness are simple, and most can be done while sitting at your desk at work or while driving in the car. They’re not meant to take you away from life, they’re meant to integrate with your life.

You don’t need to join an ashram, travel the world to find yourself, or give up your day job. All you need is to start watching now:

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