The Everyday Ways You Torture Yourself, And Why It Needs To Stop

Are you living in your head?

You are if you can relate to any of these:

You’re constantly fretting about the past or worrying about the future.

You’re afraid to choose this over that, and your indecision has cost you time and money.

You don’t have a sense of fulfillment in life. You might have success and trophies, but not a sense of fulfillment, wellbeing, wholeness, and completeness.

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You don’t feel supported. You feel you can’t ask for help or that nobody would help you if you did. It feels like it’s all on you, all the time.

You don’t ask for what you want. You hesitate or withhold because you’ve already predetermined that things aren’t going to go well.

You have addictive patterns—emotionally, nutritionally, chemically, or physically.

There’s No Way Around It: You’re Not Treating Yourself Very Well

You might think someone else in your life is abusive to you. And they may very well be.

But there’s a very common way you can abuse yourself without even realizing it.

If you’re in your mind all the time, at the mercy of your thinking and expending your energy this way, that’s abusive.

Because when you’re living in your mind, life is miserable. And you’re making it that way.

You might be shocked to hear this.

But it’s the absolute truth.

By living in your head, you’re robbing yourself of presence and collaboration with the Universe.

Here’s what I mean:

Life happens THROUGH you, not TO you.

You can either choose to let life whip you around and knock you down, or you can choose to be in gracious orchestration with life.

When you’re caught up in your head, you simply don’t have access to the creative process within you—a creative process that begins with the energy in your body, at the gut level—not your mind.

Is Your Mind Serving You, Or The Other Way Around?

Your mind is supposed to serve you. It’s supposed to be a tool for you to use in collaboration with your body. It’s not supposed to be directing the show.

When you put your mind in the pilot position, it steers you the wrong way.

That’s why you can deliberate for weeks or months about an issue and yet still not feel confident in your decision.

It’s also why you can ask 10 different people for advice about something and still not feel satisfied.

Your mind is not the key to figuring out what’s best for you.

Because here’s the beautiful truth: when you’re tuned into your body, there’s nothing to figure out!

Truth is truth. It does not require fretting, analyzing, doubting, or even uncovering. It just is, and it’s just there.

The Bad Relationship You Have To Get Out Of, Now

As long as you’re stuck in your head, you’re in a dead-end relationship that’s only going to cause you pain.

No wonder you also have headaches, neck tension, body aches, body weakness, or any combination of these.

You probably also find it difficult to exercise or to prioritize exercise because it’s not fun, doesn’t work, or just takes too much effort.

It all takes an enormous toll on you and your body, which is, in a word, abusive.

If you’re recognizing yourself in this message, please don’t feel bad. There’s no sense in heaping more pain on top of what’s happening. The very first thing we want to do is to increase the compassion you have for yourself.

You are where you are because you didn’t know any better—until now.

Now, you have a choice.

The 360-Degree Approach To Loving Life From The Inside Out

Having a life you love starts with taking care of you, and taking care of you starts with getting out of your head.

In my program, Energy For Life, I show you how to do just that through redesigning the way you live—from what you eat to the quality of your sleep to the kind of breathing you do.

Combined with my specific energy-elevating body exercises, it’s a 360-degree approach that creates a total healthy relationship with YOU.

In module 6, you’ll learn practices to quiet your mind. Eventually, your mind begins associating this stillness with YOU as opposed to all your usual mental chatter and wasted energy. You will be able to harness the energy of all that you are, to become all you are meant to be.

These exercises will train you to use your mind as a tool to serve you and transcend the box you’ve created for yourself.

This is not automatic because we’ve done the habitual for so long, and that’s why it keeps working against you. Energy For Life will show you how to make this new way of being a habit, and this is the most loving thing you can do for yourself.

You’ll also learn to multiply the positive feelings you experience in the happy moments in your life. This technique will allow you to “milk” the enjoyable experiences that happen so that you feel more filled up with life force, and you’ll also learn how to feel in love on command, so that giddy, excited, or warm and fulfilling feeling is there whenever you want it.

Watch Life Love You Back

All of this takes practice, but not as much as you might think. Once you’ve learned the exercises and mastered this new way of being, you can do the exercises without anyone even knowing it. And because you’ll feel so good, you’ll want to KEEP doing them.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. If you’ve been in one or more abusive relationships, take note:

The abandonments we experience in the outer world are often a byproduct of how we abandon ourselves. In module 5, I’ll show you how to make difficult relationships a thing of your past:

The Healthiest Relationship You’ll Ever Have

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