How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage By Avoiding These 3 Pitfalls

The quality of sexual connection with your partner can be a sign of your relationship health. The reality is that for many couples, intimacy in marriage can wane over time.

Are you finding that your sexual desire is running hot and cold?

Learning how to bring back intimacy in a marriage starts by avoiding 3 common pitfalls, per the advice of our relationship and sexuality expert, Dr. Felice Dunas.

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Maybe one day everything is great, and the next the idea of intimacy sounds as appealing as yard work. If your libido seems to be waning more often or you’re having inconsistent sexual desire, it could be a source of tension or disappointment for both you and your partner.

3 Pitfalls of Intimacy in Marriage

When you recognize and understand the common pitfalls that lead to a loss of intimacy in marriage, you can gain the perspective that can help you create a better connection with your partner. They are:

  1. This is normal as I get older. Many people feel it’s normal for desire to lower as you age. We trick ourselves into beliving the “honeymoon” stage wasn’t meant to last forever and as we age we no longer have a need for sexual intimacy. For the most part, a healthy person should not lose interest in sex as they age. If you’re actively working to maintain a healthy sexual energy, you may never lose your desire.
  2. My partner is boring. You might be feeling like your partner has become predictable and bedroom time just isn’t exciting anymore. The truth is, this feeling has nothing to do with your partner, but rather it has to do with an imbalance of your relationship. By correcting this imbalance you’ll be able to maintain a harmonious, intimate connection.
  3. I’m too tired. Life gets in the way of living life. We all get busy, taking care of the kids, the house, working long hours, or all of the above. But being tired shouldn’t be an excuse for losing intimacy in marriage. You can reclaim your passion and desire and enjoy a consistent, joyful marital sex life again.
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Fortunately, there is a good explanation for why your libido is being so fickle. And with the right combination of remedies, you can reclaim your passion and desire and enjoy a consistent, joyful sex life again and bring back intimacy in a marriage.

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