Want Your Kid to Be Happy and Successful In Life? Then You Must Avoid Making These Common Parenting Mistakes

Did you know there are strategies you may be using as a parent to get your kids to behave and take responsibility are working against you?

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In fact, most parents don’t know that their approach to discipline and parenting may actually be making their children less cooperative or less capable.

Could this be you?

Take a minute and ask yourself:

  • Do you often find yourself stepping in to “rescue” your child when they forget their lunch, struggle with homework, miss the school bus, oversleep, etc?
  • Do you punish your child with time-outs because you don’t want to be too permissive or too mean?
  • Are you and your child best friends, and if so, do you consider that the “ideal” parent-child relationship?
  • Do you try to talk your child out of their fear, anger, or anxiety because you believe it’s your job to help them rationalize things?
  • Do you yell, take away privileges, lecture, or otherwise punish your child when they continue to misbehave?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, you may be making some serious, but very common mistakes with parenting.

What You Assume Is Loving or Helping May Actually Be Harming Your Kids Long-Term

If you said “yes” to any of the bulleted questions above, it’s likely that you are causing them long-term harm with your parenting approach.

That’s because what you assume is a more compassionate, patient, loving approach to parenting is actually training your kids to:

  • Be entitled
  • Rebel or be defiant
  • Not take responsibility for themselves
  • Develop negative beliefs about their self-worth
  • Think that love means having other people do things for you

And as a parent, the last thing you want to do is anything that will make YOUR job harder or put your children at a disadvantage in life.

You’re only doing what you believe is best for your kids. But unfortunately, there are things most parents don’t know.

They don’t know how punishments actually harm more than teach kids lessons. They don’t know how to be reassuring to a child without creating a dynamic where they stop wanting to confide in you. They don’t know that sometimes helping a child is actually hurting their future.

That’s why we decided to interview 6 top parenting experts, authors, psychotherapists and coaches and ask them what they considered to be the most damaging mistakes that parents unknowingly make with their kids.

Next, we asked them to reveal the parenting secrets that get kids to cooperate while teaching them valuable lifelong skills and healthy self-esteem.

Then we put all of this together into one program called Parenting Traps.

Parenting Experts Reveal These Secrets

Learn the Secrets That Will Make Your Job As a Parent Easier Now AND Help You Raise Happy, Thriving Adults

Parenting Traps not only teaches foundational principles in effective parenting to make your job easier NOW, but it also teaches you dozens of simple, actionable takeaways that you can implement right away and feel more relaxed and confident as a parent.

You’ll hear the do’s and don’ts of raising kids who cooperate, develop positive self-beliefs and feel capable and worthy. Here’s where to learn more or start watching in a matter of minutes:

dad reading son

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Here’s what each of the experts reveal in this program:

  • You’ll hear from Dr. Pat Love on how to build healthy family structures, and what your role as a parent needs to be in order to help your child develop social skills and self-esteem, as well as a sense of independence when they grow up.
  • You’ll learn why punishments and time-outs are more harmful than helpful and how to get your kids to take responsibility from Dr. Jane Nelsen, best-selling author and expert on positive discipline.
  • You’ll learn why it’s critical to allow your child to struggle when they’re facing challenges so you don’t end up accidentally training them to be entitled or incapable from Mary Tamborski, Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Parenting Coach.
  • You’ll hear from parenting expert and speaker, Christina McGhee, on how to validate your child so that they’re comfortable coming to you with their innermost thoughts and feelings, and can grow up to believe their feelings are valid and they’re never alone.
  • From parenting expert Shelly Lefkoe, you’ll discover how everyday, simple interactions can either help your child develop positive beliefs about their worthiness and capabilities, or harm them with negative beliefs that can have lifelong consequences.
  • And if you’re stressed and overwhelmed as a parent, you’ll hear from coach Gervase Kolmos how to give yourself a REAL break as a mom and recharge your batteries so that you can be fully present for the ones who need you most (your kids!)

It’s all here in Parenting Traps:

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Parenting is the most rewarding and the most important job in the world! We want to help give you the skills and knowledge you need to make the most of this precious time with your child, so that your entire family thrives!

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  • Co-parenting secrets to help your kids thrive
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