If You Want Your Children To Believe In Themselves And Have Confidence To Do What Makes Them Happy In Life, You Have To Change This ONE THING First

Would you like your child to grow up and have a great life?

I’m sure you do—we ALL want our children to thrive and be happy.

You imagine that as adults, they’ll have great careers and fulfilling relationships. They’ll make a difference in the world, because they’ll follow their hearts and their passion will inspire others.

You hope that they’ll always have the fortitude to stand up for themselves and what they believe. Or, that they’ll know how to set boundaries if they encounter difficult people.

You want them to go through life feeling confident and capable, so they’re not stuck in lives that are too small for their dreams, or in relationships that don’t support them. You want them to have grit and courage to do the hard thing, but kindness and compassion for themselves when things don’t go according to plan.

That’s probably why you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about HOW you can give your kids what they need in order to grow up to be those kind of capable, confident adults.

Because the last thing you want is for them to struggle or be debilitated by challenges.

You Want To Give Your Kids Every Advantage You Can To Make Their Lives Easier. But Will It Be Enough?

You don’t like seeing your kids struggle or feel emotional angst.

And you know that life will only get more complicated as they get older.

So you’ve done what you can to give them every advantage to handle life’s challenges.

You want to make sure they get a good education so they don’t struggle financially when they become adults, so you move to a better school district, hire tutors, or help them with their homework.

You want them to grow up doing what they love, so you sign them up for a multitude of camps, classes, and hobbies so they can try out different things to discover their talents and passions.

You motivate and encourage them to practice their talents, because you know how important it is to have discipline in life.

You tell them you love them because you want them to feel lovable. You encourage them to persevere so they get grit.

But despite all of this, it’s very likely that they’ll still struggle to find a job they love, a partner who’s right for them, or to feel at peace with themselves. Why? Because you may not have given them the ONE THING that can make all the difference—now, and for the rest of their lives.

This one thing is the reason some people go through life feeling like victims, and others go through life feeling like victors.

This one thing affects how people feel about themselves, about others, and about life in general.

What is this one thing that can affect the outcome of your child’s life?

How they feel about themselves.

How Your Kids Feel About Themselves Has An Immense Influence On What Kind Of Life They’ll Lead And The Challenges With Which They’ll Struggle

How your children feel about themselves is the single greatest predictor of the kind of life they’ll lead and how much contentment and inner peace they’ll feel.

This is because for the past 20 years, I’ve been working with thousands of people from every country, ALL of whom struggle with some kind of issue, whether as serious as eating disorders, depression, or anxiety, to everyday problems such as procrastination or unsatisfactory jobs or relationships.

In virtually every case, I’ve discovered that the underlying cause of dysfunction and unhappiness in life is a series of beliefs, most of which were formed in early childhood as a result of interactions with parents.

Beliefs such as:

I’m not good enough.

I’m powerless.

My value comes from what people think of me.

I’m unlovable.

What I want or think doesn’t matter.

I don’t matter.

These beliefs lead to a plethora of negative outcomes in adult lives. It can lead to not taking risks, not pursuing dreams, not speaking your truth, staying too long with the wrong partner, workaholism, addictions, anxiety, depression…

I know you don’t want your child to suffer with these challenges, and I’m NOT implying that you don’t love your child or that you in any way have told your child directly that they’re not important or lovable.

I know you’re doing the best you can, and that most likely, you have NO idea that the way in which you’re interacting with your child is causing them to develop these negative self-beliefs.

It’s not your fault. None of us were taught positive parenting skills. In fact most of us were taught negative ones—from our own parents. And they learned it from theirs. And so on.

But fortunately, there is a way to break this “chain of dysfunction” and learn the tools and skills to ensure you empower your children with positive self-regard and beliefs, so they can grow up to be happy, confident, and capable adults who love their lives.

How to Empower Your Kids

Introducing The Powerful Program That Will Teach You The Tools And Skills To Instill Positive, Empowering Beliefs In Your Kids, So They Grow Up To Be Content, Confident, And Capable Adults

I grew up forming certain negative beliefs about myself and about parenting, but I didn’t recognize those beliefs in myself until I was well into adulthood. And thankfully, I was able to take steps to reverse those negative beliefs, so I wouldn’t propagate them with my own children.

My husband and I raised our own daughters to have positive self-beliefs, and they have grown into happy, confident women who love their lives and themselves.

I’ve since empowered thousands of parents all over the world with the tools and skills that help them instill positive beliefs in their children, in order to give them the best advantage for a great life.

It doesn’t matter if your children are infants, toddlers, or adolescents…whatever age they are now, it’s not too early or too late to help them form positive self-beliefs.

The earlier the better, though, because most children form self-esteem before the age of 7, then later (and until adulthood) go on to form coping strategies if their self-esteem is low.

If you think about it, which child is more likely to be successful in life, the one who believes they’re not good enough, or the one who believes they are capable and worthy?

I feel so strongly that raising your children to have positive self-beliefs is so transformative to their well-being and future, that I have made it my life mission to reach out to as many parents all over the world as I can with these tools and skills.

That’s why I decided to put everything I know about this empowering way of parenting into a program that virtually anyone can access and learn, and make an invaluable difference in their children’s lives.

I call this program Parenting That Empowers: How To Ensure Your Child Becomes A Happy, Confident, Capable Adult.

This is an 8-hour audio program, plus workbook, that will show you how to behave and speak to your child, even in the most challenging circumstances, so that you always communicate that they matter, they’re important, and they’re lovable.

You’ll learn what to say and what not to say to your children that will help them form positive self-beliefs and avoid feelings of unworthiness.

You’ll discover how to parent in a way that diminishes tantrums, meltdowns, and yelling and leaves you ALL feeling good about yourselves. Instead of working hard to get your kids to do their chores or homework, your kids will be self-motivated to do what’s best for themselves.

You’ll feel better as a parent, knowing you’re giving your child the most important advantages they’ll have for the rest of their life: self-esteem and self-respect.

And you’ll do all of this while making YOUR job as a parent much, much easier.

Learn more about my program, Parenting That Empowers, and you can start listening risk-free in a matter of minutes:

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I want to empower you to empower your children to be, do, and have all they can be, do, and have in life.

I want to be your partner in looking at parenting as the most important job you’ll ever have in your life, because I promise you, it is. And it can be a rewarding one as well, rather than a burden, or a problem.

Does this sound like a great journey? I promise it will be.


Shelly Lefkoe

P.S. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Parenting is hard! And sometimes, you really need your child to do something (or stop doing something) so that you can get things done, spend time with your own friends, or make important phone calls. I get it.

That’s why in my audio program, Parenting That Empowers, you’ll learn simple tools and skills that will help get your child to cooperate without unintentionally making them feel unimportant or unloved. It all starts with the words you choose, as well as your body language. Get the answers here:

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