My Wife Knew So Much About Dating And Men, That I Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love With Her

I went on over 300 dates before I met my wife.

I was a dating coach for five years before we tied the knot and ten years after.

Now, my wife is my North Star who naturally teaches me how to teach you.

Simply put, if you do what she did, you will stand head and shoulders above all the other women your boyfriend has ever dated.

If that sounds unbelievable, keep in mind that men are as frustrated with dating as you are.

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Good men who are looking for a healthy, long-term relationship are sick and tired of getting their hopes up, getting played, and getting let down.

They’re done with trying to try to read women’s minds and tired of being pushed into a marriage they’re not yet ready for.

Above all, they’re distraught that they can’t seem to find a woman who truly loves and accepts them just as they are.

I know you’re dying to find a guy you respect and are attracted to who will love you forever. He’s looking for the same thing.

Except—and here’s the big one—his dating process is VERY different from yours.

THIS is what my wife knew, and it’s what I want to share with you in this email.

First, Let’s Talk About What’s Not Working For You

If you’re like many the women I’ve coached, you’re making dating far more difficult than it needs to be.

In fact, you’re making common mistakes that are keeping you from getting the long-term love you so richly deserve.

First, you’re going into the whole thing afraid.

You’re afraid of getting your heart broken again. You’re worried about saying the wrong thing. You’re freaked out about admitting you want marriage and kids.

Second, you’re dating as if you have no control over the process—as if he controls everything and you’re at his mercy.

You let him decide how and when to move things forward. And when you really like a guy, you suddenly decide HE’S the only one who could ever make you happy.

Third, you’re not making finding love a priority. You think love should “just happen” when you least expect it. You figure that when Mr. Right shows up, you’ll suddenly make time for a relationship. Until then, you have other, more fun, more important stuff to do.

These three mistakes are just for starters. I’ve found there are TEN that keep great women from standing out in the minds of great men:

10 Mistakes Keeping You Single

What My Wife Knew When We Dated, And How It Can Help You

When I met her, my wife was divorced and had been cheated on three different times by three different men, including her ex-husband.

She could have carried bitterness and fear of rejection into her dating. She could have given up on trusting men entirely. She could have passed up on dating to focus on other areas of her life.

But she had that same longing for love that you do, and she also had something else: she knew her worth. She didn’t need me or any of the other men she met to validate her. She was going to find love no matter what. Building a life and creating a family was her priority, not just having some guy who paid attention to her.

Because of this, she dated from a very different place.

My wife and I met at a big potluck dinner on a Sunday night in Hollywood. When we started going out, I didn’t have a clue as to whether she was THE ONE.

But this didn’t faze her at all. She didn’t press me for answers I didn’t have or push me into a commitment I wasn’t ready for, because the love she wanted didn’t have to be coaxed out of someone. She wanted a man who voluntarily CHOSE her.

Because of her confidence in herself and her strong picture of what it felt like to be in a good relationship, she was able to let me figure things out on my own timeline. Without the fear and apprehension that normally paralyzes 38-year-old women, her groundedness was extremely captivating. Translation: because I didn’t get all the pressure I encountered from other women, I found myself falling in love with her.

What He’s Really Looking For And How To Use This To Your Advantage

Bottom line: your man is looking for a woman who understands him and makes him feel good.

If that sounds selfish, ask yourself if you want this for yourself, too.

Of course you do. It’s so rare that ANY person accepts you for all that you are, that to have a husband who does so seems like a wild fantasy. It’s not. It can happen for you.

But that means you have to approach dating in a way similar to my wife—understanding and accepting your boyfriend and getting rewarded with lasting, unconditional love.

This is what my eBook, Date Without Heartbreak: 10 Incredibly Common Mistakes That Keep Great Women Single, is all about.

First, you’ll learn how to embrace dating and make it work to your advantage by letting go of fear of rejection.

You’ll learn how to get over fear-based thinking and dating, and act like the CEO of your love life so you’re in control.

You’ll stop being so afraid of saying the “wrong thing” to a man, and you’ll learn how to speak up about the commitment you want (there’s a way to do this without scaring a man away—in fact, the guy for you will respect you for it!).

Then, I’ll show you exactly how to date in a way that allows the right man to fall in love with you naturally without any fearful prodding on your part.

You’ll see the exact method my wife used to be totally relaxed and confident while dating me—even when I wasn’t sure where things were going (10 years and 2 kids later, I’d say she got it right).

You’ll also learn how to stop making excuses for not making love a priority—I’ll teach you how to find the love of your life in only 20-30 minutes a day:

Date Like My Wife And Find Your Husband

My wife is my muse, she’s the love of my life, and she taught me so much about what really works with men.

There’s no need for me to reinvent the wheel, and there’s no need for you to, either.

Make things easy for yourself. Date the way she did—and watch how your story changes, virtually overnight.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz

P.S. There were things I did while dating that drove my wife nuts.

Yet she had a kind of “system” for knowing how to talk about her issues with me in a way that I truly heard. As a result, I didn’t feel criticized, and I wanted to make the easy changes she requested to make her happy. It’s all in Chapter 8 of my eBook:

What To Do When You Don’t Like His Behavior

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