Here’s How to Stop Making the Common Mistakes That Are Causing You Endless Heartbreak With Men

It’s Time To Get Your Power Back and Find the Man You’re Meant to Marry
No more heartbreak. No more ghosting. No more dead-end relationships. Discover the truth about men and dating, so you can have the love life you’ve been aching for.

Why is it that a great woman like you is still single?

You have so many things going for you, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t find the man you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

People constantly tell you you’re a great catch, and this makes you especially frustrated.

Because when it comes to meeting a man who won’t disappear, who will treat you well and give you butterflies…it feels hopeless.

Evan Marc Katz

Helping smart, strong, successful women understand and connect with men since 2003

No matter what you do, every guy you meet lets you down.

The man who left you breathless on a first date? He never asked you out again.

The boyfriend you were in love with? He strung you along for months before finally admitting he wasn’t ready to commit.

The witty, adorable guy who made you feel giddy and got your hopes up about your future? He did a slow fade after you slept with him, leaving you dejected and wondering “why?”

Time after time, promising date after promising date leaves you heartbroken.

Yet another man is not who he appeared to be.

Bad date after “blah” date has you feeling hopeless, worn out, and depressed.

How many sleepless nights have you spent second-guessing yourself or wishing for a different outcome with a man?

Or wondering why you can’t seem to feel a connection with the men who do show interest or are genuinely nice?

Your feelings boil down to this:

Everyone you want, doesn’t want you and everyone who wants you is someone you don’t want.

It’s no wonder you feel heartbroken and powerless.

Bad Dating Experiences = Destructive Beliefs = Mistakes That Push Love Away

Hey, I get it. You think dating sucks.

And it’s no wonder…

If men have ghosted you in the past, or have come on strongly only to disappear after a few amazing weeks of dating, you probably believe a lot of men are flakey, immature jerks.

If a man broke up with you after you slept with him, or cheated on you, you probably think all men would sleep around if given the opportunity.

If you’ve devoted yourself for years to a man who wouldn’t commit, you’re probably of the opinion that men have to be cajoled into monogamy and marriage and would prefer to date forever instead of settling down - even when they fall in love.

If you’ve experienced the bliss of strong sexual chemistry with a man, you know how euphoric that is and you can’t imagine “settling” for someone you don’t feel that passionate about.

Even though you are starting to wonder if settling is your only option now.

In short, all these bad experiences have left you with some pretty DESTRUCTIVE BELIEFS about men and dating.

Beliefs like:
  • Men are confusing because they say one thing and do another
  • If I’m not feeling intense chemistry by the third date, I’m settling
  • Men are intimidated by successful, independent women
  • Men can’t be trusted
  • He needs to tell me he wants marriage by a certain timeframe or I’m wasting my time
  • Men are not naturally monogamous
  • Men are only interested in younger “model” types
  • Men are emotionally unavailable
  • If we have great chemistry then we’re meant to be a couple
  • I’ll be alone forever if my current relationship doesn’t work
  • Feeling great after a date means the relationship has potential
  • To keep him interested and thinking about me, I need to text or call him if I haven’t heard from him in a while
  • Men want their freedom, not marriage
  • If he says he’s not ready for a relationship, it’s because he just hasn’t met the right woman yet (me!)
Laughing Couple Embrace

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the above statements, you’re not alone.

Most of the many thousands of women who have come to me for advice and coaching have had at least a few of these beliefs about men and relationships, if not more.

Too bad these beliefs are 100% false.

And these beliefs are causing you to feel anxious about dating because you believe you can’t be yourself and attract the kind of man you want.

They’re causing you to accept really bad behavior from men, or to date men who aren’t right for you.

And they’re causing you to to stay in a cycle of heartbreak, loneliness, desperation, and unhappiness.

You don’t deserve this kind of love life, and you don’t have to accept it.

All of this pain, all of this heartbreak and disappointment and inexcusable ghosting and broken promises and confusing mixed messages…

ALL OF IT can change if you are willing to embrace this one powerful truth:

The problem isn’t YOU. The problem isn’t MEN.

The problem is the INCREDIBLY COMMON MISTAKES you are making that sabotage your efforts at true love.

And that’s good news, because once you know what they are, and know what to do instead, everything changes.

Stop Making The Same Mistakes and Find True Love at Last

Eye-opening dating secrets about how a man thinks and feels

A written and audio book version (read by Evan)

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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You Have the Wrong Ideas About Men and Dating, And You Need To Change Them NOW

How are your false beliefs and assumptions causing you to make MISTAKES WITH MEN that keep you single?

When you believe that:

1 Men are complicated because they say one thing and do another

…you make the mistake of über analyzing everything he says, but disregarding his actions. Or you ignore what he says instead of taking him on his word.

He told you early on he wasn’t into anything serious, but you didn’t believe him, and he let you down. Now you’re pining away for a man who couldn’t ever commit to you.

He hasn’t told you directly how he feels about you or a future together, so instead of realizing he simply hasn’t pondered it, you mentally review your conversations for clues. You agonize: Does he love me? Will he stay?

You disregard his actions or don’t take him on his word, and this leads to heartbreak and misunderstandings or staying too long in a go-nowhere relationship.

Couple Clanking Cups

2 Men have all the power because they ask you out, make the first move, propose marriage, etc

…you make the mistake of taking back your power the wrong way. You start to pursue him. Take all the initiative in planning dates. Suggest a fun activity for the weekend. Ask him where the relationship is going, or if he’s even interested in marriage.

That may feel empowering to you, but to a man all this assertiveness when he’s still wondering how he feels about you is just a turn-off.

3 Men are only attracted to certain traits like looks or accomplishments

…you make the mistake of trying too hard to show him what a great catch you are. You talk about your successes and you do your best to be witty, smart, and charismatic on a first date.

The mistake is thinking that a man is attracted by the same things you’re attracted to about a man, namely, his intelligence, assertiveness, accomplishments. This leads you to focusing on the wrong things to try to impress him, instead of realizing that he’s going to fall in love with you because of how you make him FEEL.

4 “Settling” means continuing to date even when you don’t feel incredible chemistry right away

…it leads you to look for the wrong things when you first meet a man. You want to feel breathless when he leans in to kiss you. You want to go home feeling giddy. You want to feel that unmistakable “connection.”

But chemistry is seldom an indication of good relationship potential. Chemistry blinds you to all the red flags and warning signs that he might be the wrong man for you. It leads you to falling for a man who can never make you happy.

5 Most men are the “enemy” because you’ve been hurt so many times in the past

…it leads you to having little faith that the next guy will finally stick around. You expect that he’s going to cheat on you, lie to you, leave you - it’s just a matter of time.

You therefore interrogate men, or have your defenses up on the first date instead of relaxing and having fun. You “spy” on him on social media or thumb through his text messages when he’s not looking. You make negative assumptions when he’s late, hasn’t called, or is acting withdrawn - that he’s thinking of breaking up with you. He may not be thinking any such thing, but you wouldn’t know, because you’re afraid to ask.

You give off a tense “vibe” that makes him want to detach from you, ASAP.

These are just a few of the types of mistakes you could be making with every new man you meet, every date you go on, and each time you begin to fall in love when you operate from these false, destructive beliefs.

You DO ALL THESE THINGS because you’re TRYING to play it smart with men.

But instead of receiving connection and love, he tells you he’s “too busy,” “dealing with stuff,” and not sure he should continue seeing you because he’s “not feeling it.”

Or, he doesn’t call you again, even though your first date felt magical, conversation flowed all night, and you went home glowing.

And the more you’re rejected, the stronger your false beliefs become:

“Men aren’t to be trusted.” “They are emotionally unavailable.” “They’re complicated.” “If you’re not feeling intense chemistry, you’re settling.”

You dig in and try harder - at more of the wrong things.

It’s an unfortunate cycle. Leading to the same heartbreaking outcomes.

These Mistakes Are Ruining Your Love Life And You Don’t Even Know It!

Listen, I’m not here to make you feel bad.

These mistakes you’re making have been made by hundreds of thousands of women for decades.

I’ve literally coached thousands of women who have thought the same things, and made the same mistakes.

They are incredibly common, and because they are so common, most women don’t even know they are mistakes!

In my 15-year career as a dating and relationship coach, I’ve heard countless stories of heartbreak. What I’ve observed is that much of this heartbreak happens because women make mistakes based on a misunderstanding about men, how they think, or what makes them fall in love.

But the problem is, they are getting their advice from OTHER WOMEN who are making the same mistakes.

Women aren’t hearing what they need to hear, and they are ignoring 50% of the equation when it comes to men and dating:

What a man thinks and feels!

That’s where I come in.

Not only have I coached thousands of women to help them find love and fulfillment, but I’m a man who went on - literally - 300 dates before I met and married my wife.

I made many mistakes with women that made them lose interest, stop returning my calls, or flat out break up with me. I’m sure many of these women probably misunderstood my intentions.

They didn’t get me, and I didn’t get them.

I looked for the wrong things with the wrong women for years before I took my own advice and found the woman of my dreams.

Couple Touching Noses

The point is, I know how it feels to go on date after date and not find what you’re looking for.

And I also know what it means to be the guy who breaks a few hearts.

While my style of advice is very direct and may come across as a bit tough to swallow, it comes from a place of deep compassion.

I’ve seen a lot of heartbreak and heartache, and I want to help make it better.

And here’s the thing: when I offer my personal insight into the male perspective, and tell women what they NEED to hear instead of validating their false beliefs, their entire experience of dating shifts.

Yes, some of what I tell women initially pisses them off. It’s not easy hearing the opposite of what you’ve believed your entire life…

When I tell them things like:

  • No, men are NOT that complicated.
  • Yes, you should have believed him when he told you he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship. No, that doesn’t mean that it all changed when he met YOU.
  • Stop trying to make things happen with a man. He doesn’t need a push. Or a reminder. If he wants to be your boyfriend he’ll act like it.
  • All men are not emotionally unavailable jerks who don’t want to commit to one woman. Don’t make every new guy pay for the sins of the last one.
  • Oh, and that “feeling” like he’s THE ONE? It’s just a feeling. It doesn’t mean he’s right for you.

It’s hard to hear. I get it. It doesn’t feel good to think that you were doing things that sabotaged the very thing you most wanted in life.

But you know what feels worse?

NOT getting the thing you want most in life. NOT finding true love. Being alone forever.

But here’s the good news:

A funny thing happens when my clients take what I say to heart and follow my advice…

They realize it actually works!

Couple In Snow

It works because they’ve embraced a powerful, core truth: you have much more success in love when you approach dating from a reality-based approach as opposed to an assumption-based approach.

It works because when you realize that men aren’t heartless and detached from their feelings, you become less guarded and more curious.

You relax and stay present. You laugh, feel engaged, get playful. You can be free to be yourself. Men love this (who wouldn’t?).

When you finally get how men fall in love and what they want from a relationship, you feel more empowered.

Finally, men make more sense to you. You stop over-analyzing what a man is saying or not saying. You make decisions based on what you want, not what you think he wants.

It works because you stop treating men like the enemy and start treating them as equals who want love and companionship as much as you do.

It works because after a lot of loneliness, frustration, and confusion in the past, you find love.

I know it works because I’ve had more than 15 years to test out the advice I give women and observe the results.

And what are the results?

A lot less heartbreak. No more agonizing over some guy who ghosted you. No wasting years in dead-end relationships. No falling in love with the wrong guy.

Correct your beliefs, and you’ll stop making mistakes.

Stop making mistakes, and you’ll find the man you’re meant to marry, and finally enjoy the love life you’re aching for.

And it all starts with getting the truth…

Introducing An Eye-Opening Program That Almost Guarantees You Happiness and Success in Love… From the First Meeting to the Moment You Make a Lifetime Commitment

When you stop believing the wrong things about men, and get the TRUTH, something surprising happens.

You stop contorting yourself to get a man to want you.

You do less work and enjoy dating more.

You get out of your own way and start acting in your own best interest, instead of being blinded by “chemistry.”

You don’t assume that every man is broken, or that YOU are the problem. You become much more easy-going and lovable to a man.

My reality-based approach to dating advice has helped thousands of women who have come to me for one-on-one dating and relationship coaching, have read my books, and have followed my blog for the last decade.

That’s why I decided to put together the highlights of my best insights and perspective into one place, which is my eBook and audio program, Date Without Heartbreak: 10 Incredibly Common Mistakes That Keep Great Women Single

This program will open your eyes to what you’re doing that’s been sabotaging your love life all these years.

You’ll learn why you’ve been working much harder at this whole dating thing than you’ve had to.

You’ll learn how to take back the power and control of your love life without coming across as bossy, demanding, or “high-maintenance.”

You’ll learn the truth about how you’ve been “settling” for the wrong relationship, even when you think you’ve been holding yourself to a higher standard.

You’ll be pleased to discover that men are far easier to understand and attract than you’ve ever believed, and what makes him want you has less to do with your looks and accomplishments than with how you make him feel.

Finally, you’ll understand what makes a man pull away and what keeps him wanting more of you, date after date after date. You’ll be much less likely to have to suffer the confusing dilemma of “ghosting” when you get why it happens and how to keep it from happening. (That is, if you’re really into a guy. Otherwise, you probably don’t mind if he gets lost!)

After reading and listening to Date Without Heartbreak: 10 Incredibly Common Mistakes That Keep Great Women Single and following my time-tested, proven and effective advice, you’ll be excited about dating again. You’ll look forward to testing out these strategies and seeing for yourself how well they really work.

And here’s the thing…


It’s going to be much LESS effort and hand-wringing than you’re used to.

You’ll wish this book had been available sooner - years ago - so you could have read it then and saved yourself a lot of sleepless nights and emotional agony over some guy who never deserved your attention.

Here’s What Else You’ll Discover in This Revolutionary Program:

  • The unmistakable pattern that can predict whether feeling “chemistry” with a man means it will turn into a lasting relationship or burn out and fade as quickly as it ignited.
  • The dangerous myth about men and dating that can leave you feeling frustrated or heartbroken if you believe it, and the truth about a man’s nature that will make you feel empowered and more confident the moment you embrace it.
  • What milestones you should expect from a relationship after 1 month, 3 months, and a year, and what to say to a man if he’s not meeting your needs at any point in between.
  • Should you believe what a man says to you on a date? How can you tell he actually means it when he talks about going away on trips, falling in love, wanting to marry? The most valuable lesson you’ll ever learn about the correlation between a man’s words and what he feels in his heart.
  • What to do if you hate going on dates, are afraid to waste your time with the wrong guy, or feel anxious about getting heartbroken, so you can get out of the rut of loneliness and find true love without feeling mired in negative feelings.
  • The misguided dating strategy a man can smell a mile away and is one of the main reasons he disappears or doesn’t ask you out past the first or second date, and what you can do instead that’s a lot more fun for both of you, and a lot less weird to a guy.
  • The qualities you have that you think should be attractive to a man that are not even on his radar when trying to decide if he wants a relationship with you…or not, and what the real selling points are to most men who are looking for love.
  • What the single most important quality is that YOU should look for in a man, which is more important than income, looks, education, and even personality, which most women ignore to their detriment (don’t let this be you!).
  • The common mistake you may be making when vetting a man’s boyfriend potential, that can result in you staying single for a very, very long time - and how to ensure you don’t end up passing over a man who could have been your soul mate.
  • What to do and say to “salvage” a date when it’s going badly (the restaurant is bad, you’re not into the activity he chose, etc.) if you are attracted to the man and want to see him again… How having the right reaction can make you wildly interesting to a man.
  • Are you accidentally sending out a “vibe” that tells a man he can’t be himself around you and that you’re no fun? The personality trait that can taint your dating life and what you can do to avoid the self-fulfilling prophecy of heartbreak.
  • Too busy to waste time with online dating? Too overwhelmed to get yourself “out there” to meet single men? The practical, client-tested strategy that will increase the chances you’ll find love in 6 months or less without wasting your time on men who aren’t right for you.

What you’ll learn in each chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Biggest Trap When Choosing The Right Guy

  • What it really means when you have an “incredible connection” early on—and how to know if you’re truly compatible
  • What you need to know about passion—how long it typically lasts in a relationship and why it’s not where you’ve been looking for it
  • The traits you should be looking in a man to determine whether he’s actually able to create a healthy, lasting relationship with you
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

How To Take Back The Control In Dating

  • How to stop feeling so powerless over dating and your romantic destiny—so you’re no longer at the mercy of what your dates do or don’t do
  • Why becoming the CEO of your love life will dramatically boost your love life and attract the right man
  • “Mirroring”—the magic move that will take the effort out of dating and show you the man who is truly into you
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Had A Great Date? Don’t Make This Mistake Next

  • How to stop being duped by guys who say one thing and do another in those first few weeks
  • Your only true indication of a man’s intentions with you (this will change the way you decide when to sleep with him)
  • How to know if a man wants to be your boyfriend (without having the dreaded “talk”)
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The #1 Fear Keeping You Stuck and Single

  • How to get over your hesitation of putting yourself out there, wasting time with the wrong men, or saying what’s on your mind to a guy
  • The three criteria that determine whether or not you have a future with a certain man
  • The truth about “failure” in relationships and how this can help you enjoy dating so much more
Chapter 5

Chapter 5

How You Sabotage A Relationship Even Before It Starts

  • The tell-tale sign you’re setting yourself up for disappointment (and making a guy feel very uneasy around you)
  • How my wife knew I wanted to get married and have children without asking me (and how her clever thinking can help you find love)
  • Why your mental checklist is attracting Mr. Wrong and my two-step plan for making sure you’re dating Mr. Right
Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The Faulty Thinking That Is Repelling Good Guys From You

  • Why strong, smart, successful women often wind up lonely—and how to avoid being one of them
  • The crucial message a man needs to get across from you (or he’ll slink away before you know it)
  • What you need to know about balancing your feminine and masculine energy if you want to be with a man
Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The Biggest Thing You’ll Regret in 20 Years

  • What you need to know—now—about the man who left you (or you risk staying alone forever)
  • What to do when you STILL can’t let go of the illusion and the hope that maybe a certain guy is the one for you after all
  • How to move on for good and keep your ex from messing up your future
Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Dating Advice You’ll Need Even When You’re Married (But Nobody Tells You)

  • How to know which mistakes you should overlook in a man, and where you need to draw a line
  • How to know when you’re eliminating a bunch of decent guys based on technicalities you should let go of
  • The one rule you need to embrace if you don’t want to wind up single 10 years from now
Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Fastest Way To Make A Man Run

  • An unpopular (but true) reason a man will disappear even though he was completely into you at first
  • How to stop letting insecurity ruin your chances with the man who will ultimately love you for life
  • How to make sure you don’t come across as a needy woman he doesn’t want to be around
Chapter 10

Chapter 10

You Don’t Really Make Finding Love A Priority

  • Why many “great catches” never wind up being in a great relationship—and how to keep this preventable outcome from happening to you
  • A simple, no-excuses plan you can do even if you’re overwhelmed and too busy to date
  • My 30-Date Challenge to get you into the arms of your husband (this is going to be fun)

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Stop Making The Same Mistakes and Find True Love at Last

Eye-opening dating secrets about how a man thinks and feels

A written and audio book version (read by Evan)

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $40

Special Price: only $25.97


Don’t Waste Years of Your Life In Dating Hell. It’s Time to Get Real, Stop Making the Same Mistakes With Men, and Find True Love.

Going on date after disappointing date, for months or years, and never connecting with the man you’re meant to be with, can feel like a version of hell.

I don’t want you to waste years of your life this way. Not when you can start to turn things around and create the love life you ache for NOW.

When you apply the best practices I’ve packed into my eBook, Date Without Heartbreak, your chances of meeting the right man and enjoying a relationship that can last will increase dramatically.

You’ll stop making the mistakes that accidentally push men away. You’ll feel more in control of your relationship destiny because you won’t be waiting around for a man - ever.

You’ll be able to screen men better because you’ll have realistic expectations. Never again will you have to wonder about where a relationship is going.

You’ll know where it’s going because you won’t stay too long with a man who isn’t treating you well.

It won’t be long before you finally meet the one man who will get you, love you, and devote himself to you and ONLY you. With everything you’ll learn in my program, you’ll recognize him when you meet him.

He’ll be different from all the other men who’ve hurt you. He won’t play games and he won’t ghost you.

He’ll say what he means and he’ll mean what he says, so you’ll never again waste another minute picking apart his words and wondering if he’s just leading you on.

You’ll finally feel at home in this world because you’ll have a companion who has your back and who loves you like no one else.

You’ll no longer look at other happy couples in envy, wondering when it’s going to be your turn to be loved and adored.

And all that past heartbreak?

It will have been worth it because you got the love you so richly deserve.

Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz

Stop Making The Same Mistakes and Find True Love at Last

Eye-opening dating secrets about how a man thinks and feels

A written and audio book version (read by Evan)

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Regular Price: $40

Special Price: only $25.97