What Happily Married Women Know That Will Help You Find Your Husband

If you’re single, you probably daydream about what the man for you will be like…

He’ll be handsome and self-assured. He’ll adore you and think you’re the sweetest, sexiest creature he’s ever laid eyes on.

And of course he won’t play games, or be emotionally unavailable, or break your heart.

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You know what appeals to you and what turns you off. You’ve made lists of your must-haves and your deal-breakers. You’ve ramped up your wardrobe, upgraded your hairstyle, or joined a new workout program.

You may have even created love “vision boards” and set solid intentions for what you want. (Hey—I’m a new-age girl—I believe in all that stuff!)

But how do you know you’re doing everything you can to make sure you meet Mr. Dreamboat?

If you’re hoping to be with THE guy for you a year from now, I have to be honest with you…

You really have to get serious and make sure you’re doing enough of one particular thing.

Because women who have ended up happily married had a very specific approach to finding their husbands.

This approach may not have occurred to you, and it may downright turn you off.

It has nothing to do with making lists, getting makeovers, or doing visualizations.

But it works. (And when I read about it in a rigorous, long-term study I had to laugh because it’s exactly what I did before I found my man and married him a jillion years ago.)

What Dating Studies Say About Women Who Find Love Or Marry, And Those That Don’t

I love reading studies that smarty-pants researchers have done on love and relationships. I have big opinions, but prefer when my methods are backed by data!

One of my favorite studies looked at women who ended up happily married and those who were still single years later.

They compared the two groups. What did they have in common and what was different about them?

What they found was a bit sobering.

They found that women who ended up happily married treated dating like a JOB. That means they made it their MISSION. They weren’t going to leave something so important to “chance.” And they refused to let any one heartbreak or disappointment ruin their dreams of love…

They were motivated to “get out there” even after a rejection or emotional setback with a man and they dated as much as humanly possible without burning out.

How often is that?

You ready?

(I hope you’re sitting down.)

Well, that’s where the “sobering” part comes in. Those women who ended up happily married were going on an average of 3 dates or outings per week to meet eligible, quality men!

Now, if the thought of that amount of dating and socializing makes you hyperventilate, don’t despair.

I know that sounds like a lot of social time, and while it’s great for extroverts who thrive in crowds and love parties and meeting new people, it’s not for everyone.

If you’re an introvert, you need a lot more YOU time, more yoga time, and more time with your cat (gotta have that—they’re arguably better than men anyway. Shhhhh. Don’t tell ’em I said so! :-))

And if there’s one thing that I tell all my single women friends and clients, it’s this:

You Have To Do What Works For You, Or It Won’t Work

You can’t contort yourself to be someone you’re not. If you’re an introvert, it’s going to be torture going out to meet strangers several days a week.

Miserable is not attractive.

And if you’re a soulfully sensitive woman, you’re more likely to be introverted. About 70% of soulfully sensitive people are introverts, compared to 50% of the general population.

That means you’re more likely than most to enjoy your own company and want to stay home doing your own thing, recharging your “batteries.”

But don’t get too cozy at home! Years have a way of passing…

You MUST strike the right balance of “alone time” and “mingling and mixing” if you don’t want to end up single for too long.

Which all sounds well and good, but brings up a good question:

How Do You Know If You’re Going On Enough Dates?

You may think that meeting one new guy a month is plenty, thank you very much.

Or you may be going out several times a week with friends and meeting new people all the time.

But all too often, it’s sensitive women who tell me they don’t date at all…you see, they’re still haunted by the intense pain they’ve experienced in the past, and it makes it hard for them to want to “venture out there” in the Jungle of Love again…

If you relate to this, ask yourself:

Do you want to be in a committed relationship or is it just easier to stay single? (Hey, I don’t judge…)

If you DO want to end up “happily ever after” then how many romantic opportunities have you had that you’ve been super excited about in the last year?

When was the last time you were in a real, full relationship?

If the answers are “stay single,” “zero,” and “ha ha, you’re funny”, then no, you’re NOT going on enough dates.

And while you have to do what works for you, you really do need to nudge yourself past what feels comfy and put yourself out there even more than you already are.

Here’s How

I know it can feel tiresome at times, especially if you’re not meeting anyone of real quality who’s impressing you.

And pursuing romantic opportunities doesn’t jive with how we were raised to believe love should be. Isn’t our prince supposed to magically find us, and carry us away to his palace? Why do we have to DO anything to make love happen? And doesn’t that make us too masculine anyway? Won’t that put men off?

I know it’s not always fun or easy. Modern dating can feel draining and exhausting for all women, but especially so for soulfully sensitive types.

But it doesn’t have to!

For example, many women complain about online dating because it seems like only jerks and weirdos or men much older than they’re into respond to their profiles.

But there’s a secret about online dating that I know can make a world of difference. I’ve seen women go from being disillusioned and bored with it—only hearing from men they don’t want to all of a sudden getting attention from marriage-minded/high-quality men…OVERNIGHT.

It just takes knowing strategies that give you the best results with the least amount of time investment, whether you prefer cyber-space or to meet people “organically.”

Learn The Strategies And Tips That Make Dating Easier And More Fun

A lot of dating advice out there is one-size fits all.

But we’re all different and if you’re a soulfully sensitive woman, you’re particularly challenged by the downside of dating. See if you relate:

Breakups hit hard. Even with the jerks (and somehow, you seem to attract a whole lot of those)!

Dating exhausts. You’d rather be doing almost anything else than scrolling through profiles or making small talk.

Words can hurt. You run those nasty comments said by your ex through your brain again and again, and despite your best efforts, you can’t help but believe them.

And if you’re physically sensitive (which isn’t the same as emotionally), first dates are landmines of missed opportunities and sensory overload. Booming music, stuffy spaces, distracting smells, and loud, crowded restaurants make it nearly impossible for you to connect or have fun. You don’t feel your best so you can’t BE your best.

That’s why I say that you must do what works for you. But the good news is there are certain things that work most of the time, for the majority of women.

Maybe you’re ready to admit that you have to up-level your dating strategy and treat it more like your MISSION, and that what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t been working to get you the love you crave.

That’s where my video program, Love and The Soulfully Sensitive Woman, can help.

In module 2 of the program, you’ll learn why flings are hard for you, and the one quality a guy MUST have in order to be worthy of a relationship with you.

I’ll reveal the two keys to getting attention from more higher-quality men online.

You’ll also get effective tips on where to go to meet wealthy men, and how to capture a man’s interest if you’re just going about your day-to-day life out in the “real” world.

And then in module 3, you’ll find out how to create a Mission Statement that will have men adoring you and make it possible to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll learn how to stop attracting emotionally unavailable guys in module 4, and get specific dating tips that are crucial for your soulfully sensitive nature in module 5.

And so much more! It’s all right here, and you can start watching in mere minutes risk-free:

Start Watching

If you’re not meeting enough single men, or if you lack the desire to get yourself out there, I know it can seem daunting at first to make such sweeping changes.

But you have so much more power than you know…and the men of the world need some help in discovering how to find you.

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you make it fun, and as heartbreak-free as possible.

Soulfully sensitive women are often “the best-kept secret in town” and it’s a shame. You have so much love to give, and are so deserving. I can’t wait to help you turn this all around.

Soulfully Yours,

Carol Allen

P.S. With all those dates you’re going to be going on, how do you know you’re meeting the right guy? How do you choose between Dreamboat #1 and Dreamboat #2, for example? (Ahhh, a high-quality problem!)

In Module 5 of Love and The Soulfully Sensitive Woman, you’ll hear what I consider the surefire way to tell if a guy is worth your time (this is going to take some adjusting on your part, but you’ll stop wasting your precious energy on the wrong men after this). Plus, you’ll also find out how to tell when you’re in the RIGHT relationship (it’s really simple to know once you hear these two telltale signs).

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