You’ve Been Told You’re Too Emotional, Too Sensitive, or Just “Too Much”?

Here’s Why Your Particular Personality Type Is Actually Your SUPERPOWER In Life and Love—If You Know How to Use It
The Highly Sensitive Woman’s Guide To Dating, Relating, And Creating The Soulful, Passionate Love You Were Born For

Soulfully sensitive women are different.

They feel things more—the highs, the lows, the disappointments, the joyous surprises.

Those feelings can offer you and your beloved wonderful gifts: more laughter, more connection, more intensity…

But it also can make dating and relating a unique challenge.

Carol Allen

Vedic astrologer and relationship coach helping women find the love they were born for

Breakups hit hard. Even with the jerks (and somehow, you seem to attract a whole lot of those)!

Dating exhausts. You’d rather be doing almost anything else than scrolling through profiles or making small talk.

Words can hurt. You run those nasty comments said by your ex through your brain again and again, and despite best efforts, you can’t help but believe them.

And if you are physically sensitive, first dates are landmines of missed opportunities. Booming music, stuffy spaces, distracting smells and loud, crowded restaurants, make it nearly impossible for you to connect or have fun. You don’t feel your best so you can’t BE your best.

It’s a drag! You have so much to give a man, but time and time again, dating leaves you weary, disillusioned, or heartbroken.

When I meet women like you (which happens ALLLL the time, since most of my clients are soulfully sensitive) they are at the end of their rope, and desperate for a solution to their dating woes.

Where are all the good men? I only seem to be attracting the losers and jerks.

Too many times, a guy that looks promising online but turns out to be NOTHING like his profile…

Or when he does match his profile, and I get my hopes up, he disappears with no explanation.

I know I should be over it by now, but I can’t stop thinking about my ex.

I don’t want to be single, but I don’t like online dating. I know “everyone” is doing it, but all that swiping and texting and small talk fills me with dread.

I thought for sure he was The One, but he turned out to be so wrong. How can I trust myself next time?

Is everyone just rude these days? Or am I too sensitive?

They’ve started to believe that they’re still single because something is wrong with them. That their feelings are TOO MUCH. That love will be impossible for them.

This makes me incredibly sad, because it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, your feelings are your SUPERPOWER.

It’s why you can make such deep connections with people.

It’s the source of your creativity, sensuality, and empathy.

It allows you to experience more joy, and share it with others.

Without people like you, the world would be a lot darker, and drabber, and sadder.

You’re not too much! You’re beautiful, spiritual and DEEP.

In other words…YOU ROCK.

If I’m So Great, Why Am I Still Single?

Just as you have many unique gifts that make you an excellent partner and part of the world, your soulful sensitivity also creates specific challenges for you in dating and relating.

For you, the stakes are high where love and connection are concerned. You know the value of having true love in your life, and this is why it can be extra challenging when things aren’t going well, or when you’ve been hurt.

Here are a few of the challenges you may relate to:

1 You Fall In Love Hard and Fast, and Don’t Get Over Breakups Easily

Connection means everything to you, and if you feel it, you’re all in. Therefore, breakups leave you absolutely devastated—you’ll analyze for months about what went wrong, what you could have said or done, or why he ended it. You go over old conversations in your mind and have emotional dreams at night.

Your friends seem to breeze through breakups, and you can’t understand why it takes you so long to “get over it.” You’ll turn over every stone to make a relationship work. You may even eagerly accept the on-again, off-again relationship in hopes it can all turn around…this time.

Woman Wearing Glasses

2 You Connect Quickly But Have a Broken “Picker”

When you meet a man you feel a profound connection with, it’s almost an other-worldly experience. The conversation flows, you have so much in common, you feel ENERGIZED in his presence. Everything is evidence that tells you that you’re meant to be together. You can’t stop imagining all the romance and adventure in your future. And—you are convinced he feels it, too.

But then he turns out to be a complete jerk! Or liar. Or alcoholic. Or womanizer! Then you wonder what you ever saw in him in the first place. How did you miss all those red flags? It makes you question your “picker” and your ability to trust your instincts, which are usually so spot on in other situations.

3 You Want Romance, And Won’t Settle For Less

The idea of meeting a man on some dating website makes you cringe. Yuck! You’d rather lick a frog (or kiss one, if he could magically become a prince). When you imagine meeting your soul mate, you imagine locking eyes with that tall, handsome stranger while picking out produce at Whole Foods, or while walking your dog, or while sipping cocktails on an exotic beach somewhere. Mmmm…did someone say cocktails?

You have high standards for romance. Which narrows your options these days, since it seems that EVERYONE is swipe-selecting their next husband, and you’re still waiting for that serendipitous first encounter with Mr. Right at your neighborhood Starbucks.

Woman Wearing Hat

4 You Hide Who You Are, Because You’ve Been Misunderstood

You’ve had your feelings hurt many times in the past by men who didn’t “get” how their words and actions affected you. Or understood how certain environments and places make you LILT.

An insensitive comment, a snarky remark, some passive-aggressive “suggestion”…left you feeling gut-punched and raw. When you’d try to express yourself, you were made to feel wrong. (“Too sensitive.” “High maintenance.” “Overly dramatic!”) So you’ve learned to say nothing. Want nothing. Pretend to be “ok” with things. Tolerate your discomfort for the sake of the relationship.

You don’t even know if the man you’re with could honor your needs, because you’ve stopped pretending you HAVE needs. Which, by the way, feels even worse.

5 You Are Really, Really, REALLY Hard On Yourself

You don’t like hearing that you’re too much from the people you love, and from the men you date. So you do a lot of “inner work.” Try to be more easy-going and “zen.” You tell yourself you need to do better and be a better person, somehow. You are sooooo hard on yourself. You’re your worst critic.

You think you’re different…but not in a good way, which makes you question if you’ll ever find love.

Truth be told, other women who AREN’T soulfully sensitive may also have some of these challenges sometimes. We all do!

But for you, these challenges, they FEEL insurmountable, and as you experience more of them and go longer and longer without a loving boyfriend, they create a seemingly endless cycle of frustration and hopelessness:

You Start To Believe You’re “Too Much,” So You Settle For Crumbs

There’s a reason I started this letter to you telling you how wonderful you are.

That’s because many of the women I meet like you no longer believe that’s true.

Years of being misunderstood has left you convinced there’s something fundamentally wrong with you.

After all, everybody has told you to lighten up, get over it, or chill out—probably since you were a kid. It’s practically burned into your psyche.

Because of this “I’m flawed” mentality, you have a hard time advocating for your needs and expressing yourself—you don’t want to be high maintenance. And so you tend to shut down, pretending things are okay with you when they really aren’t.

Now, we all have the something’s-wrong-with-me voice, but this is WAY deeper for soulfully sensitive women, and it’s full of blame.

You keep telling yourself you need to lighten up, not take things so hard, be more forgiving, be less demanding, maybe even less discerning.

You don’t like feeling so sensitive or so fragile.

All this does is lead you into the arms of the wrong men—over and over.

Because you think you’re a handful, you jump at the first decent-looking guy who makes a move on you. You’re SO relieved to have the attention, and you think that if he’s being so bold, he must really think you’re special.

He must accept you for YOU.

There’s just one little problem. Guys who openly hit on women have A LOT of practice—meaning they’re usually the players. Their ability to come on strong can make you THINK there’s a strong connection—that you’ve found the ONE.

So you get all wrapped up in them and then think it’s normal when they start treating you like yesterday’s lunch.

You make excuses for them.

You ignore the red flags.

Experience a few of these “relationships,” and where does that leave you? Low self-esteem coupled with lofty—and inaccurate—expectations for romance.

And every time you’re disappointed, you lose hope and motivation.

It’s called negative bias reinforcement.

Soulfully sensitive women are PARTICULARLY prone to this.

The more beaten down you get, the more you’re convinced you’re NOT WORTHY. You accept crumbs because the crumbs seem like an entire loaf.

In other words, you’re the biggest sitting duck for the assholes of the world.

Yet you still hold out hope that someday Prince Charming will beat down your door.

Spoiler alert: Good guys—the ones you want—tend to be much more subtle in their approach.

After So Much Disappointment, You’re Ready To Step Back From Dating. But You Long For A Deep Connection And Have So Much Love To Give!

Maybe you’re ready to give up.

Maybe it’s already been years since you’ve had a relationship. And this is a terrible shame, because…

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! Being Soulfully Sensitive is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Science has shown that being highly sensitive isn’t a choice—it’s a trait you’re born with. You have no more choice in it than you do the color of your eyes. You can be Soulfully Sensitive your whole life, or it can show up later in life, as it did with me.

And it also shows up on your astrological chart.

Yes, your chart.

As a Vedic astrologer counseling women for over two decades, I started noticing an interesting coincidence: without fail, the majority of women who came to me for readings and advice fit the profile of soulfully sensitive (psychologists call it “Highly Sensitive”).

Couple Embracing Wearing Sweaters

It’s not that Soulfully Sensitive Women are the only ones who struggle with relationships, it’s that they’re also very willing to improve themselves and learn how to make their relationships even better.

However, I realized something truly startling—even though academics had written a ton of stuff about highly sensitive women, there was a distinct lack of support for these women in the world of dating and relationship advice.

In other words, there’s certainly a good amount of information out there about the WHY…but nothing much about WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.

Maybe you’ve realized this, too, when you’ve read an article meant for non-sensitive people, that tells you to play it cool on dates or to not get hung up on the “small stuff” with your man. This kind of advice just leaves you scoffing. Or reaching for some chocolate.(Come to think of it, do you even need an excuse for chocolate?)

Most importantly, I knew I needed to help soulfully sensitive women like you find love without changing who you are at your core. In fact, I wanted to help you while celebrating you at the same time!

What If You Could Fall In Love With Your Sensitivity And Have A Man Adore You For It?

It would be so much easier to be less affected by things, and to care less.

To get less nervous around men you’re attracted to…to get less excited right out of the gate when you like someone…to be less worried about what your date is thinking or not thinking, and if he’s going to like you enough to want to go out again…to be less impacted by what a lover says or does…to be less disappointed when a partner or husband disappoints you…to be more “cool” about it all, even when things are serious.

Ahhhhh. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

To navigate dating and relating without giving away your power? Without abandoning yourself? Without losing hope, just because you suffered a setback, or disappointment?

To move through the world unphased by how people treat you, knowing you are awesome, and your happy ending is coming…and if it’s not this person, it’s someone better!

Man Kissing Woman

If a relationship dies, to feel like it’s okay, because it’s not the end of the world.

That’s right—if a romantic prospect says they’ll call and doesn’t, oh well.

If a guy seems super wonderful, but after a few weeks turns out to be a jerk (AGAIN), then… next!…

(You’re not gonna let some BOZO steal your dreams, RIGHT?)

And just think—if a guy “swiped” you or didn’t, called again to see you or didn’t, wanted to be your boyfriend or disappeared, left you for your best friend…you’d have a good cry, but ultimately it wouldn’t matter.

Because you’d be happy anyway.

You’d believe in your dreams of love and you’d keep going.

It would be amazing to be “Teflon Girl”—able to handle anything and anyone, and to not let anything stop you from having the life you want.

But you don’t want to be that girl. Really, you don’t!

(No one falls in love with her anyway…they ADMIRE her. But they don’t love her! It’s our vulnerabilities that make us loveable, and that let people in…Not our superpowers.)


But you DO want to be able to keep going, and handle what life—and love—bring. And not shut down, or withdraw just because it hasn’t “worked out” yet.

Help is here!

Introducing The Specific Advice You Need To Soothe Your Sensitivity, Feel Adored In Your Relationship, And Claim The Soulful Love You Were Born For

You ARE wired differently than most women, and that simply means you have to do things differently.

And you need more support.

That’s all. Easy peasy.

In Love and The Soulfully Sensitive Woman, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you learn the specific mindset, strategies, and how-tos that will make your journey to love SO much easier and fulfilling.

You’ll get:

Over 6 hours of video content where I coach women just like you to date and relate in a way that honors your true self while creating the deep connection you long for.

An in-depth workbook you’ll actually WANT to complete: Including the exercises you need to make sure all the insights you learn translate into real results for you.

This program will bring you SO MUCH relief and understanding. You’ll learn why soulfully sensitive women ROCK, and are likely going to save the world! (And why they make the best partners…)

Your past with men will begin to make sense when you learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes single highly sensitive women make when dating—and how to navigate the biggest challenges highly sensitive women make when IN relationships.

You’ll learn how to honor and express your specific needs but also make sure your sensitivity doesn’t accidentally push men away (I’ll tell you exactly when to reveal HOW sensitive you are).

I’ll give you a totally doable game plan for how to ramp up your confidence and peace of mind—so nothing can knock you down or stop you for long.

And instead of wasting your time on men who will never “get” you, I’ll teach you how to know if a man is strong enough for you (’cuz you need someone who can handle—and cherish!—your sensitivity.)

Here Are Even More AHA’s You’ll Discover In This Program:

  • The specific physical as well as emotional signs of being a soulfully sensitive woman, and how aging can affect the progression of this unique and beautiful personality trait
  • A self-talk strategy you can use immediately to feel less pained by a bad date, a jerk boyfriend or an inconsiderate husband
  • “SASS”—the four questions to ask yourself, whether you’re out on a date with a new guy or are developing a budding friendship, in order to know if this person is the right fit for you
  • If this one quality isn’t in your relationship, don’t proceed. You will never feel fulfilled or happy (And this is the reason why today’s hook-up culture just doesn’t work for you!)
  • What studies say women need to do in order to end up happily married if they’re single, and how you, as a soulfully sensitive woman, can accomplish this
  • Where to meet single men if you hate or don’t want to internet date (there ARE alternatives that rock!)
  • The 13 advantages to being soulfully sensitive that will lift your self-esteem and change how you perceive yourself—and will give you more confidence to go after what you want in love
  • A graceful, empowering way to handle it when a man tells you that he’s “not that into you.” You likely haven’t heard this before, but I’m willing to bet it will make you feel soooo much better
  • The Mt. Everest analogy on how to set realistic goals and honor your sensitive nature, that will make you enjoy dating in a way you haven’t up until now
  • The formula for screening for unavailable men and an effective script for what to say to him to slow things down (this has the powerful benefit of allowing you to get to know a man before you get “caught up” emotionally with someone who may hurt you)
  • What to do and NOT do on the first 4 dates with a man that will make you stand out in his mind
  • Banshee, Bambi or Buddha: A powerful strategy to improve your communication skills, especially if you’re the kind of person who hates confrontation
  • 6 practical strategies for increasing your confidence and gaining motivation when you feel as if you’ve lost faith and want to give up on dating/love/relationships

What we’ll cover in each module

Module 1

Module 1

The Highly Sensitive Cheat Sheet

  • Why sensitivity is a scientifically-researched personality type that comes with specific gifts and strengths (yay!)
  • A complete rundown of characteristics specific to sensitive women, including emotional and physical manifestations
  • What you should never settle for in a relationship—and what you have every right to expect (hint: it’s better than you imagine)
Module 2

Module 2

From Where You Are To Happily Married

  • Why flings are so hard for you, and the one quality a guy MUST have in order to be worthy of a relationship with you
  • What happily married women did when they were dating (you might not like hearing this, but you’ll get over it when you realize the romantic payoff)
  • Specific ideas for how to get out there and meet great guys, even if you hate online dating
Module 3

Module 3

Why Being Sensitive Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You (And Him)

  • The enormous upside of being highly sensitive (you’re going to get such a confidence boost just from watching this)
  • An incredibly effective strategy for getting over someone who is not totally into you (you’ll never take rejection so personally again)
  • How to create a goal and mission statement that will have men adoring you and make it possible for you to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of
Module 4

Module 4

What Your Guy Is Looking For

  • How to stop attracting emotionally unavailable guys, plus how to use HeartMath to create a “field of attraction”
  • Why you shouldn’t ask a man out on a date, and a simple question for how to get him to make the move instead
  • What marriage-minded men are really looking for (this will make you do a 180 from your people-pleasing ways)
Module 5

Module 5

Sensitivity And Relationships

  • Specific dating tips for sensitive women, including how much of your sensitivity to reveal, and when
  • The surefire way to tell if a guy is worth your time (this is going to take some adjusting on your part, but you’ll stop wasting your precious energy on wrong men)
  • How to tell when you’re in the RIGHT relationship (it’s really simple to know, once you hear these two tell-tale signs)
Module 6

Module 6

Letting Go And Letting It All In

  • What negative bias is and why it keeps sensitive women stuck on heartbreak
  • How to raise confidence in yourself and raise your standards for what you believe is possible for you in love
  • How to fall in love with your life so your positive energy can do its job and attract the love life you long for

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Create the Soulful, Passionate Love You Were Born For

6+ hours of video trainings and live coaching with other highly sensitive women

A robust workbook filled with exercises, prompts and insights to drive real results in your love life.

Streaming or downloadable format

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You Have No Idea How Much Love You’re Capable Of Having

I hope that by this point you’re feeling hopeful.

Maybe you really can have a different experience.

More fun meeting men. More fun dating. More peace of mind in relationships.

More closeness. More joy. More ease.

Less worry. Less drama. Less obsessing.

Less inner dialog that doesn’t match your outer dialog (’cuz you can’t imaging sharing what you’re really thinking)…

And especially, less loneliness. Less anxiety. Less telling yourself stories based on nothing but your own fears.

Less thinking something is wrong with you, and that you’re not loveable. (Make that NO thinking that! Once I’m done with you, you WON’T!)

The truth is this:

You are a gift. The planet needs you. We need your love, compassion and capacity to connect. The men of the world especially need you.

You’re an amazing catch, but nobody will ever know if you lock yourself away for fear that you’re too much.

I’ve seen countless women like you grow in their confidence, learn how to “man-euver” romantic interactions, and have amazing love lives.

Even women who’d spent years of taking crumbs, over-giving, not being able to ask for their needs.

Even women who’ve been so heartbroken they haven’t dated in years (sometimes over a decade)!

Life can change, but it requires that you change, or that you change the way you’re living life…

Let’s do this together.

Soulfully Yours,

Carol Allen

Create the Soulful, Passionate Love You Were Born For

6+ hours of video trainings and live coaching with other highly sensitive women

A robust workbook filled with exercises, prompts and insights to drive real results in your love life.

Streaming or downloadable format

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Only $139.97 (best value!)
or 4 payments of $34.99