You’re Not Broken. You’re Not “Too Much.” You’re Soulfully Sensitive, And That’s The BEST Part About You. Here’s Why…

Over the years, have you heard statements like these from friends and lovers?

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“Are you STILL talking about that?”

“When are you going to get over it?”

“You’re overthinking things.”

“You’re so dramatic!”

“You’re crazy!”

And of course, the classic—

“Quit being so sensitive!”

If so, you’ve known there’s something special about you. You’ve noticed that you are a lot more intuitive, a lot more emotional, sometimes even more “picky” about things than others.

Compared to people you know, you’re a lot more thoughtful and introspective. You LOVE looking inward and working on ways to improve yourself.

You know that you often feel more—not just more sorrow and upset, but more joy, too. Things affect you deeply, and sometimes that intensity feels like too much, even for you.

But after hearing things like the above over the years, or even thinking them to yourself, you may have started secretly wondering if there’s something wrong with you.

You’re not like most people you know.

And I’m here to tell you, that’s a GOOD thing.

Deep Down, You Think: “What The Heck Is Up With Me!?”

There’s nothing wrong with you. How do I know?

A bunch of smarty-pants researchers and psychologists looked into it some years ago, and concluded that about 15―20% of the population are what they call “Highly Sensitive People” or HSP for short.

It’s not a disorder or a problem. It’s just a psychological personality trait that’s genetic, as much a part of you as your eye color or height…

I call this trait “soulfully sensitive” and I think it’s truly beautiful. All of my favorite people are “soulfully sensitive” because this trait makes them intuitive, empathic, spiritual, and deep.

If you’re “soulfully sensitive” it’s usually a trait you’re born with, but it manifests on a spectrum and sometimes you can get more sensitive due to trauma, or as you age, or as your hormones change.

In fact, I myself have become a lot more sensitive ever since I turned…um…a certain age. ;)

Some people are WAAAAY more sensitive than others, and some are more physically sensitive than emotionally, and vice versa. (“What’s that smell? And OMG, turn off that noise you call music!”)

Because most people don’t have this trait, you’ve likely been misunderstood or even bullied and criticized for your sensitive nature growing up (it’s common to be the only one in a family, making sensitives feel lonely and different even with the people who love them most) and your nearest and dearest might still roll their eyes and wag their fingers at you about it, so you may feel a lot of secret shame.

Even you may criticize yourself for how you react to life, telling yourself you shouldn’t feel as you do, or be the way you are…s

And that’s just plain sad! Because being soulfully sensitive is actually the BEST part about you!

The world wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for people like you. It’d be a lot more of a cold, boring place with a lot of cerebral and Spock-like types.

So right now, forget all of those silly things that all of those highly INSENSITIVE people have told you that make you feel bad about yourself. Sit back and relax, and allow me to tell you all the ways that YOU ROCK!

The Upside Of Being A Sensitive Person: Yes, There Are Huge Benefits

Here’s why you’re SUCH A GIFT to any person, group, organization…

And why your soulfully sensitive traits actually make you über attractive to dates and mates when you know how to leverage them…

You are capable of more joy. When things are going well in your life, you light up like sunshine on a cloudy day. There’s nothing more contagious than your smile and nothing more joy-inducing than your belly laugh.

You’re dramatic and exciting. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around, telling your stories and keeping your friends R-I-V-E-T-E-D. You have a reputation for being interesting and lively and bringing your special brand of fun and intrigue everywhere you go.

You’re sensual and sexual. You’re no dud when it comes to ahem…bedroom activities. Since your senses are stronger and you’re so attuned to others, this is what makes you a true goddess “between the sheets.”

You’re authentic and have the ability to be fully present. You’re not one for fakey niceties or cerebral loftiness (think of the Howells from the TV show Gilligan’s Island. Oh wait, did I just age myself again??), and you’re barely capable of small talk, preferring instead deep soulful “heart-to-heart” talks.

You’re REAL and you don’t apologize for it.

You’re highly creative and you’re good at it. Whether it’s writing, cooking, art…you’re awe-worthy, Lady. For realz.

You’re also conscientious and have high standards. You really care and it shows. You don’t like being late or letting people down when they’re counting on you. Which can also stress you out and give you insomnia, if you take this too far. You people-pleaser, you. ;-)

You’re very empathetic and highly intuitive. You get a “vibe” about people right away, and you’re rarely wrong. Although, a caveat: you’re way better at this when you’re NOT falling in love or getting all caught up in the whirlwind of a new relationship. In those situations, you kinda tell your intuition to take a hike because you don’t want to stop the LOVE TRAIN as it pulls into the station.

Which leads me to something that I find to be VERY COMMON among soulfully sensitive women:

Relationships are a roller coaster. When things are going well, it’s really, really good. But when things aren’t going well, it’s a DISASTER.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re single, or in a troubled relationship. Maybe you hate dating but want to find true love.

You have a lot of love to give, but it’s all so hard.

Date, Relate, and Stay True to Yourself

You Now Know WHY You’re Special. But WHAT Should You Do To Create The Love Life You Want And HOW Should You Do It?

Hopefully I’ve been able to show you what a gift your sensitivity is to the world and to the people around you.

The next time someone tells you that you’re “too much,” you can hold your head high and walk away. What do they know?

Sensitivity also shows up in your astrological chart.

Yes, your chart. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

As a Vedic astrologer counseling women for over two decades, I started noticing an interesting coincidence: without fail, the majority of women who came to me for readings and advice fit the profile of soulfully sensitive and it could be seen in their stars…

That’s right. Even though soulfully sensitive people are only about 20% of the population, incredibly, they’re almost the MAJORITY of women seeking advice on love and relationships!

Then I realized something truly startling—even though academics had written a ton of stuff about highly sensitive women, there was a distinct lack of support for these women in the world of dating and relationship advice.

In other words, there’s certainly a good amount of information out there about the WHY…but nothing much about WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.

If you’ve been experiencing agony in your love life…

Because men don’t understand you…

Because it’s so hard for you to get over breakups or any perceived rejection from clueless men…

Because you seem to attract all the jerks and assholes of the world…

And because you CRAVE love and connection, but HATE dating…

You’ll love my program, Love and The Soulfully Sensitive Woman, because it’s going to help explain your experience to you, and then support you unlike anything else in your life.

This 6+ hour video program plus workbook will show you:

  • A self-talk strategy you can use immediately to feel less pained by a bad date, a jerk boyfriend, or an inconsiderate husband
  • “SASS”: the four questions to ask yourself, whether you’re out on a date with a new guy or are developing a budding friendship, in order to know if this person is the right fit for you
  • If this one quality isn’t in your relationship, don’t proceed—you will never feel fulfilled or happy (and this is the reason why today’s hook-up culture just doesn’t work for you!)
  • What studies say women need to do in order to end up happily married if they’re single, and how you, as a soulfully sensitive woman, can accomplish this
  • The Mt. Everest analogy on how to set realistic goals and honor your sensitive nature, that will make you enjoy dating in a way you haven’t up until now
  • The formula for screening for unavailable men and an effective script for what to say to him to slow things down—this has the powerful benefit of allowing you to get to know a man before you get “caught up” emotionally with someone who may hurt you
  • Banshee, Bambi, or Buddha: a powerful strategy to improve your communication skills, especially if you’re the kind of person who hates confrontation
  • 6 practical strategies for increasing your confidence and gaining motivation when you feel as if you’ve lost faith and want to give up on dating/love/relationships

And much more!

You can start watching the program in a matter of minutes and start celebrating your beautiful nature and get ready to attract and enjoy more love and adoration than you ever thought possible. (No more unavailable bozos, men who aren’t worthy, or endless wasted time trying to win over people who don’t “get” you!)

Create the Love Life You Crave

You’re an amazing catch and come alive when truly seen and adored, but nobody will ever know if you lock yourself away and give up on your dreams of love…

I’ll say it again—you’re not broken, you’re not too much, and you don’t have to change! (Please don’t!) You just need to do things differently.

You really can have the life—and love life—you want. I can’t wait to show you how…

Soulfully Yours,

Carol Allen

P.S. Do you hate internet dating? Hey, I get it. Soulfully sensitive women usually do because it’s such a superficial, impersonal way to meet people. It’s not for everyone! That’s why in my program, I’ll give you some rockin’ alternatives to internet dating that you’ve likely not considered or tried. PLUS I’ll give you flirting and attraction tips that are just right for your introverted, sensitive nature. Get it all here.

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