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You’re attractive, smart, funny. You’re a catch! So why are you still single? The answer may surprise you…

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Dating isn’t easy. Finding the one may seem impossible, especially in today’s dating world. Instead of meeting men organically, you have to “swipe left or right.” There’s an app for just about any interest or age group, which means there are myriads of choices. You have to know what you’re doing and make sure your profile is top-notch. No wonder we struggle to find the one, regardless of how special we are – there are too many hurdles and obstacles to even finding someone to meet on a first date!

The truth is, these aren’t obstacles getting in the way of finding the one, they’re just outside noise causing you to feel negative and pessimistic about your love life. When you’re in a negative space, it makes it hard to be positive or find positivity to open you up to being magically irresistible to love.

The Real Reason You’re Single and Struggling to Find the One

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So often, highly desirable women remain single because of fear, according to relationship expert, Katherine Woodward Thomas. What are they afraid of? They’re scared of being too emotionally dependent on someone else, because they don’t want to experience the pain of loss if a man left them. They’re projecting this fear outward unconsciously, and even though they’re unaware they’re doing it, it is repelling available men. The result is more negative experiences, ghosting, rejection—and ultimately, more fear. It’s a vicious cycle.

By shifting your behavior, and focusing on eliminating the internal blocks that are leading to your unconscious fears, you can become more present in your dating life. When you do this, you free yourself to the possibility of attracting true, lasting love, and finally finding the one.

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