If You Dream Of Falling In Love And Getting Married Someday, There’s A Radical Breakthrough You Need To Know About Now

Perhaps for as long as you can remember, you’ve had a dream of a great love.

You picture yourself in a soulful, passionate relationship with a partner who makes you feel desired, supported, and safe to be the “real you.”

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You are each other’s best friend. You have grand adventures together. You are there for each other when life gets tough or disappointing, as it will from time to time.

Maybe you have a family together and your beautiful home is always filled with laughter and the sound of happy children.

You love your life. You love your partner. Your future is optimistic, because you’re looking forward to growing old with your beloved.

But right now, that dream may feel very far off for you, because you haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to love. Maybe you’ve had partners leave you. Maybe you haven’t yet met the right person. Maybe your dating life has been a series of letdowns and setbacks for as long as you can remember.

Right now, you may even wonder if that dream will EVER happen for you.

If so, I want to let you know that it’s NOT too late, and that beautiful dream of a soul mate and family CAN become a reality for you.

How do I know?

Because I was once in the very same place you are now—knowing exactly what I wanted, but confused and lost about what I needed to do to get it. I had almost given up on love.

Then I had a radical breakthrough that changed everything, and brought me the miracle in my love life that I had always dreamed of having.

This breakthrough helped me, it has helped thousands of people since, and I know it can help you too.

Keep reading, and find out why you should feel hopeful and inspired about the future of your love life.

At 40, I Was Single With No Prospects. All I Had Was A Dream Of “The One.”

When I was 40 years old, I didn’t have a boyfriend or even a prospect for love. But I wanted love and I wanted a baby.

I wanted it so much that when acquaintances would ask, “Why aren’t you married yet? What’s wrong?” I felt humiliated and annoyed.

I would say that I just hadn’t met the right person yet.

That was an understatement.

I had a knack for being attracted to unavailable men: alcoholics, married men, engaged men, men who were commitment-phobic or were workaholics. I’d fall in love with them, but they didn’t want to (or couldn’t) commit to me.

After 20 years of this, I wondered if maybe I was the wrong person—if there was fundamentally something wrong with ME.

I had started my professional career as a psychotherapist by then, and I loved my work and making a difference in people’s lives. I thought maybe that it was my destiny to be alone, and toyed with the idea that I may never get married and have a family like so many others around me.

My budding career was of little comfort, however. I felt sad and lonely coming home to an apartment I shared with my cat, night after night.

One day, after yet another disappointing love affair with a man who wasn’t interested in committing, I called up a dear friend to share what happened. Her response froze me in my tracks. She asked me what I was avoiding by choosing to be alone in my life.

That question took me by surprise. I hadn’t ever considered that I was choosing my fate. But her words rang true, somehow.

I saw all the subtle ways that I had been showing up that were keeping love at bay, and even attracting the very thing I said I didn’t want: non-committal relationships.

In that moment, I had a breakthrough.

That breakthrough led me to a shift in consciousness and behavior that helped me find the miracle of love a mere 8 months later.

The Breakthrough That Led Me To Getting Married And Starting A Family

When I saw all the unconscious ways I had been the author of my sad story and disappointing love life, I decided to make a different choice to show up in a completely new way.

I was no longer going to do the things I normally did that blocked love and pushed away quality, available men.

I set an intention of getting engaged by my 42nd birthday, and began to organize my life around the fulfillment of this intention.

Eight months later, I was engaged to a wonderful man. Two years later, we had a baby together.

The breakthrough that led to this beautiful miracle was recognizing the parts of me that didn’t believe I could have the love I longed for. And how, inside of these covert beliefs, I had been sabotaging myself—getting in my own way—by embodying the unconscious stories that I was carrying around since childhood.

One of the toxic stories I was carrying around, after witnessing my mother’s personal struggles, was that I was fundamentally all alone in life.

I identified with and perpetuated that story without knowing I was doing so.

This wasn’t unusual. I have since come to understand that we all do it. We all have our personal, unconscious stories that we cling to and perpetuate, and then call it fate.

But it’s NOT fate. It’s a way we unknowingly block the very thing we say we want most:

A soulful love and a life where we’re desired, supported, and safe.

The Same Process That Can Help You Unblock Your Hidden Barriers And Say YES To The Soulful Love You’ve Always Wanted

After experiencing first-hand the breakthrough process that led me to shifting my consciousness and opening up to true love, I decided to share what I’d learned with my private practice clients, and later, with the world.

I’ve taught this radical, transformative process to hundreds of thousands of people since then, through online tele-classes and global seminars.

And I’ve received feedback from countless men and women about how they, too, were able to shift their consciousness to create the love life they wanted, get married and start families—even if they had already resigned to being single forever.

Try to identify the false beliefs that have been sabotaging your ability to create love… specifically, those beliefs that have to do with your sense of self—and begin to evolve beyond them.

Recognize that you are indeed the source of your experience, and that your love life is full of possibility.

You’ll be able to lift yourself out of resignation and get inspired to create a profound shift in your love life, and feel like I did!

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

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