Pop Quiz: How to Tell if You’re Soulfully Sensitive (Rather than Just Way Too Much To Handle)

Have you always felt that there’s something different about you—that maybe your feelings speak…a different language?

Especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

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It takes you AGES to meet a guy you click with, but then when you finally DO meet someone you like, you fall hard—and fast.

You lose yourself completely in the experience, and you temporarily forget how soul-crushing it can be for you if the relationship doesn’t pan out.

Then, when the worst-case scenario happens and the guy disappears—after either a date or a year—the aftermath is crippling.

It takes you forever to get over, even—and especially IF—the guy was no good for you.

People—not just men—tell you that you’re just. Too. much.

Perhaps you’ve heard your dates or boyfriends say things like this:

“You’re more intense than most.”

“Why are you so touchy.”

“Can’t you just chill out?”

“This is just too much for me.”

That’s the downside. On the plus side, I’m also willing you’ve heard things like:

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

“You’re the best.

“I’ve never been with anyone like you.”


How can you inspire such awe AND frustration in people?

You ARE Different—But There’s Nothing Wrong With You

The truth is, all of us are sensitive to some degree.

But some people are actually born with an inborn trait (just like your eye color or whether you have freckles) that makes them highly sensitive. I like to call it “soulfully sensitive,” because, as you’ll see, this kind of “extra” sensitivity is actually a blessing, not a curse!

Living as a soulfully sensitive person feels like living in technicolor—everything is exponentially richer, deeper, more intense.

And because soulful sensitivity is a trait, that explains why you feel you have no control over it. You simply can’t “snap out of it” when something overtakes your emotions.

The trait can appear in both men and women, and to varying degrees—which means some people who are soulfully sensitive are more sensitive than others.

But you’ve also probably realized that your own emotions can swing from one end of the spectrum to another. One day, you’re relishing being alive—and you can find enormous pleasure from an ice cream cone.

The next day, you hear some bad news that completely makes your world crash—and you can’t stomach a crumb.

This explains why people—especially people who are not soulfully sensitive—can have such varied reactions to you:

In some ways, you are a wild rollercoaster of emotions. And you know how rollercoasters go—they’re thrilling and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Soulful Sensitivity: The Delicious and The Challenging

If you haven’t clicked away from this article, then you probably can relate to everything I’m saying. You’re soulfully sensitive. But if there’s any doubt, see if you see yourself in these descriptions:

  • You easily connect with others—which means that you also take it harder than most when a relationship breaks down.
  • You can pick up on what other people are feeling—and so you tend to be hypervigilant in relationships.
  • You carefully weigh what you tell people—because a single word is capable of crushing your spirit for weeks (and you still remember it years later).
  • You LOVE chemistry—so you end up longing for the guy who disappeared after the first date (how could you have been so wrong?).
  • You fall hard for someone’s potential—and then wonder why you’re a magnet for jerks.
  • You’re super hard on yourself—but you let the men in your life get away with unacceptable behavior.
  • You’re hypersensitive in the bedroom—so once you’ve slept with a guy, you become extra bonded and needy.

Soulfully sensitive people can also respond more strongly to physical triggers. See if you can relate to any of these:

  • You easily become overwhelmed by certain sounds and smells (and often are very picky about where you sit in a restaurant).
  • You are highly sensitive to touch—especially in bed—which makes it EXTRA hard to get over a guy you’ve been physical with.
  • Textures affect you and sheets, towels, and clothes MUST feel a certain way or you go nuts.
  • You like your home or work space in order, otherwise you can’t focus unless.
  • You get lost in music, art, and the beauty of nature.

Your Sensitivity Is At Its Peak When It Comes To Love

Connection is SUPER important to soulfully sensitive people, which is why it feels like the stakes are so high for you in the romance department.

When you feel chemistry so deeply, you conclude that the guy must also feel it too—which means you can end up jumping into something too fast, or staying in the wrong relationship too long.

And when you’re actually in a relationship, normal relationship conflict can feel intolerable to you, which means that you may not always use the best approach when expressing your feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, you can and SHOULD have all your feelings. But how you use your wonderful soulful sensitivity can make your love life go so much easier for you!

Fall In Love With Your Sensitivity—And Have A Man Adore You For it

You might be wondering if I’m soulfully sensitive. Actually, my husband and the people I care about are much more sensitive—and so are my clients. That’s why I became so interested in this topic.

As a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach, I’ve been working with women for over 25 years. And would you believe that the majority of women who come to me for readings are soulfully sensitive?

Over and over again, these women would tell me how difficult it was for them to move on from relationships—even destructive partners. They would sit on a shelf and wait for the man to change or for the man to come back—which is just about the worst thing any woman can do!

Saddest of all were the women who said they’d given up on love altogether. But because they were coming to me, I knew there must be a tiny speck of hope left in them, and I wanted to help them.

That’s when I came up with the idea for my program Love and The Soulfully Sensitive Woman. This video program is such a relief to watch—because you’ll see me talking with other soulfully sensitive women just like you about the particular dating and relationship challenges you’re likely facing.

You ARE wired differently than other women, but that just means you need specific support (NOT the kind of dating advice that tells you to go out there and flirt—or to pretend a guy’s behavior doesn’t bother you!)

You'll learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that single sensitive women make when dating—and how to navigate the biggest challenges from your first contact with a man, to the first date and beyond.

I'll tell you how to tell if a man is strong enough to be your Forever Man (—cuz you need someone who can handle—and cherish—your unique nature). With the specifics you'll get from my program, you'll be able to fine-tune your intuition to trust yourself and make better decisions about men.

That means you’ll know how to separate the good guys from the players—and how to know when you should sleep with a guy.

And it means you’ll have an action plan for how to talk to your boyfriend or husband about your feelings without the whole relationship going to shreds (it shouldn’t, by the way, if you’re with a good man.)

But even a good man needs to be approached a certain way—especially when you have tricky feelings to share.

If you’re soulfully sensitive, this program will be a game changer for you. You'll breathe a sigh of relief when you learn the specific mindset, strategies, and how-tos that will make your journey to love SO much easier and more fulfilling:

Learn How Here

If you’re now convinced you're soulfully sensitive, congratulations. That thing you thought was so wrong about you can actually be your greatest asset—if you know how to use it!

Soulfully Yours,

Carol Allen

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