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Many people spend their whole lives trying to figure out how to find love. Even worse, the more ready you are to find love, it doesn’t show up. You’re left asking yourself, “what’s it going to take for me to find love?”

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Love isn’t failing to show up because you’re desperate. And if you stop looking for it, it won’t magically show up. According to relationship expert, Katherine Woodward Thomas, love shows up when you make the shift from wanting love to creating love.

When you’re in a state of wanting, you’re waiting for it to happen. When you’re in a state of creating, you’re making it happen. When you’re wanting, love feels like some random think that strikes a lucky few. When you’re creating, you feel empowered to take the specific actions that make anybody magnetic to love.

How Do You Change Your Behaviors Now to Find Love?

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The key to creating changes in behaviors is to shift the choices you’re making now, and therefore shift the results you’re getting.

Rather than just wanting to stimulate your intellectual abilities, join a lecture. Rather than wanting to be a better dancer, start taking dance lessons. These micro choices will add up to real change, instead of coasting down the same path you’re on now, wondering how to find love.

Creating this shift allows you to activate a future you, by being you. This approach allows you to be more present in your own life. It allows you to become irresistible to love.

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