Make True Love Your Reality & Learn How to Train a Man to Treat You Right

When you see how other men treat women, do you find yourself wondering why your man doesn’t treat you like that? You see women getting flowers, going on romantic vacations with their soulmate, bragging about their man’s thoughtful gestures. You may think, how is he bending over backwards for her, and I can’t get my man to take out the trash?

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All hope is not lost. According to relationship expert, Katherine Woodward Thomas, you can learn how to train a man to treat you right by the way you come across and show up inside of a relationship.

The key to knowing how to train a man to treat you right is understanding why you haven’t been adored yet. Perhaps you’re used to being the one who gives too much in a relationship. You’re too busy doing all the giving, so that your man doesn’t have the opportunity to give to you.

How to Shift Out of the Past to Create a New Future Where He Treats You Right

You can spend your whole life analyzing your past, your childhood, your emotional triggers and make excuses about why you don’t yet have a man who treats you right. Ultimately, this doesn’t compel a man to treat you right, it only serves to promote a narrative of victimhood.

Woman thinking about her emotions

It’s time to stop “psychologizing” your love life in this way. You don’t have control over your past, but you do have control over how you show up in life and your relationships now. Once you change the way you show up, the people you attract change.

When you make the conscious decision to show up differently in life, by making decisions and taking actions that are new, creative and empowering, you’ll show up differently and therefore, attract different people to you.

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