How to Stop Falling For Jerks & How to Attract a Good Man

Do you constantly feel like you’re destined to end up in heartbreak? Are you constantly falling for jerks?

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Maybe your men keep cheating, lying, or worse, they’re just plain mean. After every heartbreak, you tell yourself you’ll never date someone like that again.

It’s time to break your pattern and learn how to attract a good man. According to relationship expert, Katherine Woodward Thomas, this starts with evaluating our past behaviors and patterns. Each of your past relationships holds a clue to the pattern of bad luck you’ve had in relationships. When we attract the same relationship dynamics with a new partner, it’s not just a pattern of bad luck. We are the source of our patterns.

We are actually co-creating the painful, sad story of love and loss, without even being aware that we’re the cause. We do this by disregarding our feelings, not asking for what we want, and putting others’ needs before our own.

Boyfriend ignoring his girlfriend on a date

These patterns form in childhood, with our family of origin. We didn’t feel safe expressing our needs or we were punished if we did. We were trained to make ourselves small and disregard ourselves.

When you’re an adult and still used to disregarding your feelings or making yourself small, you train your man to disregard you, and as a result you end up attracting jerks rather than good men.

Don’t worry, you can learn how to break those patterns and learn how to attract a good man.

It doesn’t take years of therapy to undo these patterns and finally attract a good man. But first, we must take ourselves out of victim mode and learn how to recognize our patterns, then take action to make different choices in order to break the pattern.

Learning from Unhealthy Patterns to Attract a Good Man

By learning from your past unhealthy patterns, you’ll be able to attract a good man. Rather than projecting unhealthy behaviors and treatments of yourself, you can stop training men to treat you poorly, and start training them to love you unconditionally.

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