If You’re Not Feeling Joyful About Life And Love, You Probably Have the Wrong Idea About Self Love

Why is it that you can feel on top of the world one day…

And utterly hate your life the next?

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If you know what I’m talking about, you also know what a puzzle this can be.

There’s no consistency in your sense of wellbeing and confidence. You can’t predict whether you’ll have a good day or a bad day when you get up in the morning.

One day you feel there are only good things in store for your future…

And another day you may lament that there’s no hope for you because you don’t have any genuine friends, your partner doesn’t “get” you and the work you do is mind-numbing.

Why is your sense of yourself, your relationships and your life so up and down?

It’s as if you’re a leaf in the wind, floating this way and that.

You want to have more agency over your emotions, rather than being at the mercy of what happens in your day.

How to have a consistent source of happiness

An Important Question For You: What Truly Makes You Happy?

If you don’t feel a consistent and solid sense of happiness and contentment with life, it could be that your source of happiness only comes from the outside.

Which means that the only way you feel good about yourself is if you sense someone else feels good about you first, or when you get the results you were expecting.

For example, you feel good about yourself and your life only when:

  • Your friends want to spend time with you
  • Your romantic partner is being verbally affectionate
  • He or she asks you out
  • That project goes your way

What If You Could Feel Content And Joyful—Everyday—No Matter What Was Happening Around You?

If you had Self Love, you’d have a wellspring of joy and love to tap into every single day that had nothing to do with what someone thinks of you, how much stuff you have or what you’ve checked off your list that day.

You may wonder, “Can I have Self Love and STILL be pleased when things don’t go my way?”

Of course!

The difference is that when you have Self Love, you accept everything about yourself, even the parts you thought were unlovable. So if someone rejects or criticizes you, you don’t let it shake your confidence and sense of wellbeing.

You know your worth and you know you’re worthy of love, no matter what.

When you DON’T have Self Love, you seek validation or acceptance from others in order to feel right with the world.

If your partner leaves the house without saying goodbye, or your child is being defiant, or your ideas got a blank stare at work, your mood may crash and you may spiral into self-loathing. That’s when you tell yourself things like:

“I can’t do anything right.”

“I’m not worthy of him/her.”

“I suck at parenting.”

“I’ll never be enough.”

Do these phrases strike a chord? If so, it’s no wonder your sense of joy and contentment is so fragile.

It relies on the whims of others or on things over which you have no control!

Other Wrong Ideas About Self Love That Are Keeping You From Happiness

You may have other wrong ideas about Self Love and those wrong ideas have prevented you from even considering how you could develop it in yourself.

You may think Self Love is being arrogant or narcissistic. It isn’t.

You may have thought Self Love is about being selfish and not caring about other people’s feelings. It isn’t that, either.

Or, you may have wondered if you were practicing “Self Love” every time you took a vacation, got a manicure or treated yourself to an expensive meal.

Not quite.

You see, Self Love is powerful and transformative.

Self love can heal things like:

  • loneliness
  • insecurity
  • distrust (of yourself or others)
  • doubt
  • anxiety

While “stuff” and money can’t.

That’s because Self Love is the ONE THING that can change EVERYTHING about your life.

Self love can attract true love to you effortlessly and bring you everything your heart and soul ever wanted.

Here’s how…

The Incredible Power Of Self Love (Once You Discover It, You’ll Never Look Back)

When you have Self Love, you know what you need to be true to yourself and are willing to do what it takes to have it. You don’t spend decades of your life stuck in unfulfilling relationships or situations because you’re afraid of disappointing others.

When you have Self Love, you know how to set good boundaries because you have respect for your needs. You’re able to check in with yourself in the moment—not an hour or a day later.

You can say “no” without guilt or remorse when it’s something that’s not right for you, because your feelings and needs matter to you.

When you have Self Love, others can trust you because your words and actions have integrity. You say what you need and you mean what you say.

When you have Self Love, you are in alignment with the creative energy of the universe, and you often experience serendipity.

You see, energy is at the basis of everything we do, feel and think, and when you shift your energy to one of Self Love, you raise your vibration.

Then everyone and everything that is in alignment with that higher vibration is drawn to you like a moth to a light.

You’ll meet the right partner, attract the right opportunities and live the life that’s right for you.

That’s what Self Love really is.

…And Here’s How To Have Self Love And Be Consistently Content Every Day

In my program, Self Love For True Love, I’ll take you through a 7-step process that will help you develop Self Love the right way. It’s a system I’ve developed after working with thousands of clients for years and seeing remarkable results.

Here’s a sampling of the kind of feedback I’ve received from clients after using this process:

“Marcy has helped me cleanse the past and strengthen where and how ’I’m going forward’ in life. I’m solidifying my connectedness, worth and alignment with source and my creation abilities.”

“I’ve noticed my approach to a/any challenge is calmer and more methodical as a result of the recent work (I’ve done with Marcy).”

“My growth has been tremendous..Through loving myself I’m able to open my heart up to all possibilities. And there are now so many!”

“I love myself and am focusing on all the beauty inside of me and what I have to offer others.”

In Self Love For True Love, you’ll learn a specific way to use self-inquiry and self-reflection in order to recognize all the things that are getting in the way of you loving yourself.

Next, you’ll learn how to let go of the thoughts, patterns and behavior that have been been keeping you stuck, and step into a way of being that feels freer and more fulfilling.

You’ll get crystal clear about the best life path for you and what you need in order to thrive. With Self Love, you’ll have confidence to pursue your dreams because you’ll always feel that you’re enough.

You’ll discover how to tap into the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in love, instead of unconsciously attracting the wrong partner each time. That means that the person who’s right for you will be magically drawn to you when they meet you.

If you get Self Love For True Love today, you can take a full 7 days to examine the eBook and listen to the accompanying audio before deciding that you want to keep it.

That means that if you don’t think it’s going to work out for you, you can simply let me know and I’ll return your investment in full.

You have nothing to lose and you’ll gain so much!

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Marcy Neumann

P.S. There are many things that cause us to doubt our worthiness—trauma, romantic rejection, or messages we received growing up. But there’s one thing that can help us heal and find our authenticity and courage. It’s found in Self Love For True Love and you can get more information about it here:

The Healing Power of Self Love

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