If You Have A Pattern Of Ending Up In Abusive Or Unhealthy Relationships, Your Happiness Depends On This Message

Look back on the last few relationships you’ve had.

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Do you see a pattern?

And is the pattern PAIN?

I’ve had so many women come to me emotionally bruised from relationships that have left them reeling with defeat. Usually, they’ve been involved with men who are self-absorbed, controlling, and abusive.

The abuse doesn’t have to be physical. Often, it isn’t. It’s actually much more subtle—and undetectable to those outside the relationship.

In fact, women involved with these types of partners report that nobody could believe that these seemingly dashing, generous, kind men could be so manipulative and damaging.

Whether a narcissist, compulsive liar, or a cheater—or sometimes all three—having a relationship with a man like this follows a fairly predictable pattern:

An Endless Rollercoaster: From Ecstatic Highs To Crushing Lows

When you met him, he was the answer to all your prayers.

He was a gentleman. Your first date was spectacular—he stared into your eyes, he seemed to hinge on your every word, he was respectful. He called when he said he would. He kept moving the ball forward. He said he had never felt this way before.

He “love-bombed” you.

And before long, you were swept up. All in. Things moved quickly. He made plans to introduce you to family and friends. He cleared a closet for you at his place. He told you this was forever.

Finally, you found someone who appreciated all of you. This, this is what you had been waiting for.

Things just got better and better…until you said something. Something he didn’t like, something that suddenly made the twinkle in his eye disappear as if you had turned off a light switch. Instantly you felt the air leave the room, as if the energy had disappeared.

And you know what? It did.

While it may seem hokey to you now, believe me when I say that everything is energy and what you experienced was an energetic shift. The density you felt in that pivotal moment was his REAL energetic vibration.

You see, toxic people like narcissists actually vibrate at a low energetic vibration. Their energy is heavy and dark.

The news that may shock you is this: YOUR energetic vibration was just as low. And THAT’S why you wound up with him in the first place.

Let’s Forget About Him For A Moment—Actually, Forever

Now, if you’re like my clients who have been involved with toxic partners, you’ll have spent a lot of time analyzing and researching why your man behaved the way he did.

And do you know where all that is going to lead you? Straight into the arms of another man just like him.

I know you’re tired of winding up with these unhealthy men. I know you want to learn all about their personality characteristics so that you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid.

But I guarantee that if you keep your focus on him, you will keep attracting just that—more of HIM!

With that in mind, let’s get back to my point: you attracted his low vibration because YOU were operating from low energy.

This is the natural law—like attracts like.

Conversely, when you are vibrating at a high frequency—that is, when your energy is high— you will find it impossible to attract a toxic type, even if you try.

In fact, you will be absolutely repulsed by someone like him and he won’t even enter your orbit long enough to stay there.

Attract A Good Man

Now The Key Question Is: How Do You Shift To A High Vibration?

Before I tell you how to shift into high vibration, you first need to understand why you’d be vibrating at a low frequency to begin with.

Low energy comes from not loving yourself.

How do you know you’re not loving yourself and therefore operating from a low vibration?

You’re complaining, talking down to yourself, blaming others, blaming yourself, feeling depressed, forgetful, low energy or sleepy.

By definition, getting involved with and staying with a toxic partner means that you’re not loving yourself enough.

People who love themselves completely do NOT stay when an at-first charming partner turns dark. The low energy feels revolting to them and is not a match for their high energy.

Say, for example, things are going well with your new man…until you happen to speak up about something he said that hurt you. Instead of listening to you and apologizing, he turns it around and makes it YOUR fault for speaking up.

Now, when you don’t love yourself, here’s what happens:

Instead of paying attention to the wrenching feeling in your stomach that things are not right, you backtrack and try to appease him. You get all nervous that he will think you’re high maintenance, so you tell yourself you should never have opened your mouth.

You start tip-toeing around him. You don’t want to make him mad. And the very last thing you want is to say something that will make him leave.

And just like that, you’ve started the dance of toxicity. All because your energy is so low, and your self love is low.

But, you can change this!

Raise Your Energy So That No Toxic Relationship Can Enter Your Life Again

Every single time you shut down a feeling within your body and move away from your truth, you guarantee that you will stay a magnet for toxic types.

And every time you honor the sensation in your body that says, “This doesn’t feel right,” you automatically PUSH low-vibration people like narcissists out of your realm.

Self love is cultivated by honoring your feelings—one feeling at a time.

The more you learn to pay attention to that inner compass, the faster your will cut your energetic ties to unhealthy men.

This stuff works, and it’s what I show you how to do in my program Self Love For True Love. Through targeted exercises and in-depth self exploration, you’ll learn how to get clear on the signals and sensations right within your own body—the ones you’ve been ignoring for too long.

Why a guided program? Why can’t you just take what you’ve read in this message and start listening to your body?

The reason is because you’ve been out of touch with your higher self for too long, and you don’t know how to do it. How can I be so sure? Because any woman who has been involved with even one toxic type like a narcissist is disembodied—otherwise she would never have gotten into the relationship in the first place. Being disembodied is exactly what it sounds like—having no connection to the very important signs your body is trying to send you.

I know, because I was in a relationship that wiped out my sense of identity and my connection to myself. I spent over two decades pretending to be someone I wasn’t. If it wasn’t for my finally finding Self Love, I would still be living a lie, and a life that wasn’t even mine.

I urge you to try Self Love For True Love now—it’s a step-by-step action plan for raising your vibration higher and higher so that you are no longer a match for low energy:

Change Your Love Patterns

True love is NOT painful. And when you raise your vibration, you will attract a high-vibration man to you without even trying—one who would never want you to keep your mouth shut.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. Here’s what one of my clients said after experiencing the energetic shift you’ll learn to do in Self Love For True Love:

“I have been able to remove certain relationships that were neither healthy for me or the other person involved. I am able to stand my ground and speak up for what I believe without fear. I don’t shrink away. And now that I am more comfortable in my own skin, the people around me are more comfortable as well.”

Be True To YOU And Be Truly Loved

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