Discover What’s Holding You Back From Having Great Sex… And How You Can Overcome These Barriers Once And For All

Good sex is a whole-body experience.

You feel it from your fingertips to your toetips. Your face gets fuzzy and your knees get weak. You’re out of breath and the only thing you can focus on the love and joy you feel in your body.

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But the whole-body experience isn’t just at the finish line. Good sex requires your whole self to be invested in it from the onset. Your brain, your heart, AND your genitals.

And that’s why so many women struggle with feeling fully satisfied with their sex lives.

That’s why 70% of women say they’re sexually dissatisfied.

Why 59% of women report that they’ve faked an orgasm at least once.

Why only 65% of heterosexual women say they usually orgasm during partnered sexual activity.

Why 10-15% of women have never had an orgasm.

Because getting our brains and hearts on board with making our bodies feel good can be… elusive.

The Reason You’re Not Having Great Sex

Because sex is such a mind-body experience for us as women, we internalize the idea that it’s our fault it’s not good for us.

You might think that because your body doesn’t look the way you want it to… you can’t have good sex.

Or that because it takes you “too long” to be aroused… you can’t have good sex.

Or because you can’t stop brainstorming the grocery list or you’re too shy to turn the lights on or you’re self-conscious about how vocal you are or you worry what your partner thinks of you or you’re just not that interested…

Or any of the million things that stand in your way of having great sex… are your fault.

And you might believe this so strongly that “the woman who can’t have good sex” becomes a part of who you are. And you let that guilt and that shame fester until it eats away not only at your sexual desire… but your sexuality at its core.

And that shame and that guilt can invade the rest of your life - stripping you from your confidence and the feeling of being connected to yourself as a woman. Making you feel like you’re “less than” because all around you - it feels like other women are having fantastic sex.

And if you’re not… it’s because there’s something wrong with you.

You don’t know enough or look the right way.

You can’t get over your mental blocks.

You don’t have what it takes to just suck it up and go for it.

You can’t just let go and enjoy it.

But the truth is that there are real, structural barriers to your sexuality and sex life. And you’re not alone…

This is NOT A “You” Problem

If it was just you - if you were just “the woman who can’t have good sex,” then why are so many women struggling with some of the exact same issues? Why do the statistics I rattled off above exist at all?

Because it’s not just you.

The stories of unfulfilled sex lives have poured out of the women I’ve worked with - from every corner of the globe.

The women who are so full of body shame that they can’t imagine anyone being truly attracted to them (no matter what they say or do).

The women who don’t understand orgasms and resign themselves to unfulfilling sex with their partners.

The women who don’t know how to figure out what they want - much less how to ask for it.

The women who carry trauma from painful early experiences and struggle to see sex as a positive part of their lives.

The women who struggle with libido for a reason as simple as the hormones in the birth control hormones they take.

The women who are unhappy with their relationships and have lost attraction to their partner.

And all of these stories represent specific barriers to having good - even great - sex that CAN be easily overcome… if you know what they are and how to address them.

Barrier 1 Misinformation or a lack of knowledge

It’s hard to have good sex when you don’t know how to have good sex!

And it’s not a big secret that sex education is lacking - especially for women.

From an early age, we’re taught that our sexuality is so closely tied to reproduction that it’s not necessary to talk about the pleasure aspect. Male sex ed focuses on ejaculation and erection - while female sex ed focuses on ovulation and menstruation.

Not very stimulating, is it?

And what this does is send us down a path that leaves us unaware of our body’s ability to experience pleasure. A path that’s only reinforced by the cultural and media focus on male pleasure.

Because where are you to get your information? Porn is highly inaccurate and teaches us things that are not true. Movies and TV have the same problem.

Our knowledge of our bodies is limited - and there isn’t a great resource to overcome this.

But you CAN teach yourself about your body. You can learn your anatomy and discover what feels good.

(Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to get the RIGHT information instead of relying on dangerously inaccurate magazine articles and internet searches.)

You don’t have to continue being sexually repressed because of a lack of education.

But to begin to explore your own pleasure, you’ve got to begin to unlearn the lessons you HAVE been given about sex…

Barrier 2 The Way We Think About Sex

If you’re ashamed or have a negative feeling about sex and sexuality in general… good sex is stopped even before it has a chance to start.

There’s a double-standard across the entire world when it comes to sex - one I’ve dubbed the “Stud vs. Slut Standard” - and no matter your personal beliefs about sex… this double standard has impacted your perception of sex in a deep-seated way.

Because this idea that women shouldn’t want sex, that women don’t enjoy sex, that women aren’t driven to have sex… it sneaks behind your defenses and permeates every aspect of your life.

Modesty-driven dress codes.

Derogatory names given to powerful women.

Sex scandals that focus on the woman instead of the man.

Men who father children and walk away while women bear the work of pregnancy and delivery.

Even how sex workers are prosecuted while their customers are free to go.

The idea that women are punished for enjoying sex while men are celebrated for it is a common theme throughout our entire culture. Regardless of religion, regardless of family expectation, regardless of any aspect of your life…

The idea that women are not inherently sexual beings is part of the story you’re told every single day from the minute you’re born.

Some women don’t internalize this, but many more women do. And it’s hiding, deep in your psyche and changing your relationship with sex and your sexuality.

(Want to understand how you can take control of your sexuality once and for all? I’ll show you how when you keep reading…)

But healing the way you think about sex is only part of it. You must also heal how you FEEL about sex.

Barrier 3 The Way We FEEL About Sex

Sex, especially for women, is a mental and emotional experience that carries deep weight.

It’s our most vulnerable state. We’re literally opening our bodies for our partners, which often makes us feel as if we’re baring our souls.

And every insecurity is on display.

Our weight. Our breast shape. Our wrinkles or skin or stretch marks. Our bodies are on full display and we’re depending on our partner to accept us exactly as we are without the protection of our clothes to hide what we perceive as our flaws.

We might be insecure about how much or little we know about sex.

We might be insecure about the way our body moves or how much fluid it produces.

We might be insecure about our desire for sex.

We might be insecure about our ability to orgasm.

And that’s not even discussing emotional experiences from our past that are triggered during sex. Experiences of pain, trauma, or heartbreak.

And THEN let’s talk about how stress, fatigue, depression, distraction, anxiety, and a whole host of other emotions affect our sexual drive, desire, and ability to find pleasure.

Is it any wonder we struggle to “get in the mood”?!

The truth is that sex is an intensely emotional experience, from start to finish. And the start happens much earlier than you think…

Which is why it’s important to work on your emotional state well before a sexual encounter.

Taking the time to prepare and heal so you can change your emotional state from worried and anxious and intimidated… to where you can let go and ENJOY it…

That’s a key to having really, really good sex.

How To Put The Power Of Good Sex Into Your Hands - Permanently

The harsh reality is that most women who have great sex luck into it. They have a partner who knows how to give them pleasure, or they happen to have been lucky enough to have a strong education in childhood.

But most women don’t know how to take control of their own pleasure.

And in my 30+ years helping women empower themselves with sexuality, I’ve seen countless stories play out. Many of which I mentioned earlier.

I know what it’s like to be misinformed about sex. I know what it’s like to be controlled by the narratives that were given to me, or struggle to handle my emotions. And I had to work through it all by myself because there simply wasn’t a resource created to help women unlock their own pleasure.

Which is why I created it.

The Goddess of Pleasure is a self-study program designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement you need to have a fully satisfying and fulfilling sex life. To help you tap into your own sexuality so you’re free to experience the pleasure your body was designed to achieve.

I’ve thoughtfully put together a series of in-depth videos, intentionally designed to walk you through the process of discovering and exploring your own sexuality.

Videos that distill my years of knowledge, my decades of experience working with thousands of women and couples, my multiple degrees and years of study. Videos that will give you the knowledge and understanding that frankly, you just don’t have time to build on your own.

All with the goal of helping you build your sexual self-esteem and reap the benefits far outside the bedroom.

With this program, you will:

  • Finally feel confident in your own skin so you can have satisfying sexual encounters - whether it’s with a partner or by yourself - anytime you want…
  • Build your self-confidence in and out of the bedroom as you step into the worthy, capable, desirable woman you are
  • Understand your body and what you want AND have the courage to ask for (and expect!) it
  • Create the expectations for how you’re treated in all areas of your life - so you command and demand more respect from everyone around you…
  • Live the transformed life of a woman that’s fully embraced her divine right to sexuality
  • Understand deep in your being that you are deserving of pleasure - and finally have the skills to get it!

Good sex IS possible for you, and I want to help you get there.

Embrace Your Innate Sexuality

I’ll show you:

  • How your body remembers your past (even when you don’t) and exactly how it’s affecting your every experience now… because when you understand where obstacles come from, you’re more able to overcome them…
  • The physical introduction you never had to how your body was designed- from your vulva to your vagina (and all the little places in between)… INCLUDING what the function of each part of your genitals is for and how it can help you have consistently better sex…
Couple embracing and smiling
  • A full breakdown of the health benefits of sex and how you can increase those benefits with every single sexual encounter (whether or not you have a partner)…
  • How attraction is both evolutionary and determined by your life experiences so you can consciously hold your partners to a higher standard…
  • The difference between your sex life and your sexuality… and how one influences the other so drastically that it’s impossible not to connect the two…
  • My must-watch Thrusting Tutorial that will show you how different movements affect the nerves in your vagina… so you have almost a step-by-step tutorial to heighten your pleasure and direct your partner (or use yourself) to feel good every time…
  • The process of seduction and how to become an active participant in your own seduction… which heightens the entire experience AND allows you to retain control over your sexual satisfaction…
  • The science behind the orgasm so it’s no longer a magical, mystical thing but a process that you can discover and repeat, reliably, every single time… because The Elusive O is a thing of the past…
  • The essential part to your sexual self-care that you might be avoiding - and how you can make sure you’re always healthy, sexually and physically…
  • And much, much more.

Once you have finished the videos and the guides that I’ve prepared for you, you’ll be well-positioned to reach a place where you may not even recognize yourself and the woman you’ve become.

A woman who knows her worth and her worthiness. A woman who knows what her body is capable of - and how to make it happen. A woman who is fully secure in herself and her sexuality and allows that to improve her entire existence.

Experience The Transformation Good Sex Creates

I can’t wait to show you how amazing you are.


Felice Dunas

Become The Best You Possible And Live Your Best Life

  • The secret to living a deeply fulfilling, love-filled life
  • Banish regret, worry and self-doubt
  • Know what’s in your heart… and follow it
  • Free yourself from self-judgement and fear
  • Generate energy and wellness to supercharge your life
  • Create happiness for the rest of your life

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Connected Couple Embracing

P.S. Great sex is possible, no matter what’s curently holding you back. You CAN become the woman who knows how to achieve pleasure - to create the whole-body experience that lets you enjoy sex the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

The way YOU were meant to enjoy it.

Whether you don’t know what your own body is capable of… or your mind is holding you back from unleashing your inner sexuality…

It’s all learnable. It’s all overcomeable.

You don’t have to resign yourself to a less-than-stellar sex life. You don’t have to settle for “okay” sex. (You don’t even have to settle for good sex - becasue great sex is on the table!)

I want to show you how to have the toe-curling, hair-tangling, think-about-it-tomorrow, FUN sex that makes you feel alive.

Because I know from personal experience just how transformative it will be for your entire life.

Are you ready?

Discover How to Have Great Sex

Become The Best You Possible And Live Your Best Life

  • The secret to living a deeply fulfilling, love-filled life
  • Banish regret, worry and self-doubt
  • Know what’s in your heart… and follow it
  • Free yourself from self-judgement and fear
  • Generate energy and wellness to supercharge your life
  • Create happiness for the rest of your life

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