Does It Seem That No Matter What You Do, You Can’t Find Love? Here’s Why You Are “Stuck” Being Single, And Some Simple Shifts You Can Make To Attract True Love

If you’re single and looking for your Soulmate, you may have tried a bunch of approaches for attracting love.

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You’ve dated online.

You’ve opened yourself up to people you normally wouldn’t consider.

You’ve read books, articles, and blog posts on dating advice.

You’ve gone to therapy/seminars/workshops in order to work on yourself.

You’ve disconnected from dating altogether, because you think that maybe you’ve just been trying too hard.

My guess is that you HAVE been trying very hard, but you’re spending your time and energy on the wrong things—approaches that don’t get you any closer to your soul mate.

In fact, they may push him or her farther away.

You Ask Yourself: How Can My Honest Efforts Keep Me Single?

Think of it this way: as long as you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Working backwards with this concept, if you’re still single, that means you’re repeating efforts that keep you…single.

And the more you reinforce these fruitless efforts, the longer you’ll stay stuck.

As a coach, I use energy to “shift” my clients out of “stuck.” This is easy to explain if you simply think about the word “stuck.” Being stuck means that there’s nothing happening. The energy is stagnant and has nowhere to go.

Stuck energy doesn’t go up, and it doesn’t go down. It doesn’t CHANGE.

So nothing in your life changes, either.

Now, when something is stuck, you don’t need a big, sweeping move to make it budge. Think of a closed window. Crack it open just a little bit, and the air comes in. The room gets more comfortable, and so do you.

Suddenly, your mind isn’t stuck thinking about how warm and stuffy it is. Open the window, and your own energy is freed up for something else.

The same is true for love.

If You’re Stuck In “Single,” Crack Open A Window And Watch What Happens

When working with my single clients, I find that there’s a very easy way to get them unstuck so that love finally flows in.

It’s simply a matter of shaking up their habits and routines.

Think about what you do all day. Chances are, a lot of your life is on “auto-pilot.”

You have a morning routine. You drive the same route to work. You stick to a certain rotation of lunches and dinners. You tend to reach for the same clothes in your wardrobe.

But each time that you repeat patterns, and repeat the way that you do things, you are creating a program that either takes you closer to where you want to be in your life, or further away.

You may be asking yourself how can brushing my teeth the same way everyday or cleaning my coffee pot the same way everyday or wearing my hair the same way everyday or driving to work the same way everyday be affecting whether or not I am where I want to be in my life?

The reason is, that every repetitive behavior eventually creates a new ‘neuro-pathway’ that has a cause and effect result.


The bottom line is that your brain gets lazy and dependent on the repetition and directs you to create the old ‘same/same’ in your life instead of continuing to grow and expand your perspectives, thoughts, and experiences…including keeping you single!

How You Relate To Others Can Also Keep You Stuck In Singledom

Let’s look at how perhaps some of your old patterns of thinking have created neuro-pathways that have you stuck in some muck, and you are less than satisfied with the results you are getting.

Maybe you always wait to hear what your date wants to talk about before initiating conversation about yourself.

You’ve programmed yourself to do this based on your insecurities and ‘belief’ that somehow, you’re not good enough or smart enough or loveable enough just the way you are! Instead, you wait to see how you can appear to be. So here’s what happens:

Your brain follows this patterning and works hard to keep you in this molded sequence.

This molded sequence prevents you from breaking out and being authentic. Your lack of authenticity fills you with shame and guilt.

Your shame and guilt feed your fear and insecurities. Your insecurities create more and deeper muck so that you can barely see the truth of you anymore and you fall deeper and deeper into believing that you are somehow not enough or unlovable, you remain alone and so does your Soulmate! (Did you ever think of this?)

When you think of trying to address the underlying fear, shame, and insecurity, this can be overwhelming, and it’s where many people give up.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend years in therapy to address your “issues.” You can create positive neuro-pathways in your brain by simply changing up the little things you already do.

The Easy Path: Attract Your Soulmate One Little Habit At A Time

When you do something even as small as changing the way you brush your hair, this interrupts your usual pattern, which in turn has a knock-on effect on everything in your life.

What’s more, changing things up gets you accustomed to creating change.

It’s your way of keeping your brain on notice that it is normal to change and change is good.

Change is actually a Letting Go energy.

You are Letting Go of the old way of doing things or the old way you needed things to be done.

This is a powerful message to the universal creative life force. It is saying, “I want more, I want different, I want change!”

The energy of change will attract more energy just like itself, and soon, as you become more comfortable with the feeling of change, it can start to bring really big changes into your life.

Open the doors for the energy to come through, and it will bring with it more surprises than you can even imagine.

This is what I want for you, and it’s what you’ll learn in my book Self Love For True Love. Starting on page 42, I’ll teach you all 7 ways to let go of things that don’t serve you and are keeping you stuck without your Soulmate. These are changes that are much deeper than the superficial (but also important) changes I’ve alluded to in this newsletter.

These deeper changes are what I call a “change reaction” with a HeartShift.

A HeartShift is a change of heart—a recalibration in the energy frequency of your heart energy which creates your perspectives and, in turn, shifts your thoughts and the choices you make. I’ll show you exactly how to create a HeartShift.

It starts with the desire to experience something new—something other than what you have experienced so far.

To let go of old routines and habits that don’t serve you, you need to shift your energy so that you no longer need to hold on—and it is an energy shift that allows you to do that.

Experience Your Own HeartShift Easily

Holding on to anything is holding on to the past and holding on to the pain. That energy is stuck and slow and dense.

It’s old and outdated and totally incapable of helping you (or being available) to create the life you want right now!

Being energy however, it follows rules, and you can change it at the snap of your fingers—once you know the rules. When you do, you will start to see the results of that direction change immediately.


Marcy Neumann

P.S. A change re-action is creating a change in the way that you react and in the actions that you take.

In other words, by letting go of the energy that is holding you down and leaving you feeling less than inspired and hopeful, you re-align, re-move your obstacles, and re-direct your energy, thoughts and choices into re-action and re-claiming your birthright for happiness, fulfillment and LOVE!

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